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15263 clicks; posted to Main » on 30 Jan 2003 at 3:25 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-01-30 10:29:45 AM  
The company that made the mistake sent a cleanup crew immediately to Jack's Nile Road home. In addition to removing all her possessions from the basement, crews have taken out the wall paneling, the tile and the carpet. Jack, 38, and her 9-year-old son, Bradley Nelson, are splitting their time between relatives' and friends' houses and local hotels.

Sounds like a Trading Spaces episode! Where's Amy Wynn?
2003-01-30 10:41:25 AM  
This happened in my hometown (West Salem, WI). They converted away from fuel oil and the contractor never capped the pipe like he was supposed to. It was a small town and without prompting the local heating oil guys showed up in October without prompting and proceeded to pump their basement full of oil.
They were nice people but older and couldn't live there anymore from the fumes. It sucked for me because they generated a lot of lawn mowing and shoveling money for me. They had a German Shepard that was kicked out of police dog training because he was too aggressive. I hated that dog.
2003-01-30 02:41:38 PM  
Wow, I learned something today. I had no idea that people had tanks of heating oil in their basements. Guess that's what I get for growing up in the deep south.
2003-01-30 03:28:04 PM  
I'm quite surprised this didn't get the
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2003-01-30 03:28:45 PM  
All the houses for sale have that heating oil shiat... No thanks too expensive....

and Yes Amy Wynn covered in oil would be rather saucy.
2003-01-30 03:29:34 PM  
Black Gold, Texas Tea, Maryland Mud.
2003-01-30 03:29:52 PM  
Dumbass for who?

I can't believe anyone would have a setup where they have an open oil pipe leading into their basement, uncapped. I think that's what we call a "recipe for a disaster". Don't know whether that particular gem was the homeowner's fault or the contractor, but...
2003-01-30 03:29:54 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

"Ach! me retirement grrease!"
2003-01-30 03:29:59 PM  
"Obviously, there is a big problem here," said MDE spokesman Richard McIntire.....

understatement of the day.
2003-01-30 03:30:10 PM  
So now Captain Joseph Hazelwood is delivering heating oil ?

[image from too old to be available]

2003-01-30 03:31:24 PM  
Upon learning she had oil in her basement, the White House called Jack and demanded she surrender her weapons of mass destruction immediately or suffer the consequences.
2003-01-30 03:31:45 PM  
At first I was thinking, "Bully for them! Looks like they'll be heating their home for free the rest of the winter."

Then I read the stuff is about waist-deep in their basement.

Uh.... OK. Bad.
2003-01-30 03:33:41 PM  
cleaning up the damage can cost tens of thousands of dollars, and homeowner's insurance doesn't cover it.

can't see why it would cover it.
2003-01-30 03:33:55 PM  
McIntire says Jack can't be blamed for the problem. He says the homeowner who converted the heat should have removed the pipes.

Wow, and they're stepping up to the plate and taking care of it!? They're not trying to blame the current homeowner?

This surely didn't happen in America. It's got to be a misprint.
2003-01-30 03:34:29 PM  
Further evidence of the need to go to war for oil.

[/flame] - Please don't hurt me ;-)
2003-01-30 03:34:59 PM  
Missed opportunity. House on fire = New House plus lost wages, damages and suffering.
2003-01-30 03:35:06 PM  
Hey, I'm from Baltimore. I'm glad I don't have oil pipes sticking out of my house. Man, what a mess. I once spilled about a cup of Canola oil and that was a pain to clean up. I can't even imagine.
2003-01-30 03:35:14 PM  
Since it fell to the bottom of the rejected queue, here is Trading Trailers

Amy Wynn vs the chick from the Miller catfight, in oil. Who wouldn't want to see something like that?

(I've never lived in a house with a basement, much less one that required heating oil. What a bummer for all concerned!)
2003-01-30 03:37:14 PM  
But does she get to keep the oil?
2003-01-30 03:37:38 PM  
Whew, I'm just glad I had my raw sewage pipes capped.
2003-01-30 03:37:43 PM  
Fuel oil is flamable (of course) but it's not very combustible.

Im not sure Im using the right terms, but what Im trying to say is it burns slowly, and very rarely is there an explosion even though people tend to be careless with it.

2003-01-30 03:39:58 PM  

There you go! That's the American spirit we've all come to know & love.
2003-01-30 03:43:08 PM  
This can't happen unless 2 people F-up big time. First -Who ever took the tank out an left the fill pipe without capping it. Second - The driver. There are two pipes leading out of the home, a fill and a vent. When you fill the "fill" pipe air rushes out the "vent" pipe. It usually has whistle you can hear 3 houses down. Most good drivers can even tell by the pitch of the whistle how full the tank is and slow the feed down before before it reaches the top.

The good news for the homeowner is it is very hard to burn fuel oil. It needs to be turned to mist to burn. If you put a torch to it as a liquid it will burn, but if you take the torch away it goes out.
2003-01-30 03:44:56 PM  
BigTuna: Maaaany people up North have either in-house or underground oil tanks. Some states, like NJ, are making people exhume the underground ones because of leaking tanks.

My dad took an old oil drum, put a barrel into the middle, and hooked up all the necessary electronics (fan, etc.) to heat our entire house with wood. It was set up in the garage.
2003-01-30 03:45:23 PM  
Wow, that stinks!
2003-01-30 03:49:05 PM  
They can clean until the cows come home, but unless they repour the foundation and basement floor, they'll never get the smell out. Hope her lawyer's on the ball.
2003-01-30 03:49:05 PM  
I'm a real estate paralegal, and this happened to a couple that just bought a house. The walk-through went OK. Oil tank was filled after the walk-through and no one realized the problem until the next day when the people went to move in. Talk about a major mess... Dept of Environmental Protection, fire marshall, etc. were all over this like stink on shiat....
2003-01-30 03:50:10 PM  
Law suits a plenty.
2003-01-30 03:50:10 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-30 03:50:29 PM  
I suppose I should have some sort of opinion, but all I can really do is laugh at the image of a basement filled with oil.
2003-01-30 03:51:25 PM  
My Dad was a truck driver. We couldn't afford to
buy heating oil so every night he would steal
15 gallons of diesel from work and bring it home
and pour it in the tank. It was just enough to heat
the house and give us hot water for day or 2.
2003-01-30 03:51:39 PM  
Damn. I could use a new basement.
2003-01-30 03:52:56 PM  
That house has...
[image from too old to be available]

2003-01-30 03:53:20 PM  
I can just picture the driver whistling away while the "tank" is filling with oil. He's just standing there, wondering when he's going to get off work, thinking about when the next episode of the Anna Nicole Show will be on, and jeez this tank is taking forever to fill!
2003-01-30 03:54:18 PM  
Ohhhh, I SEE! It was a huge misunderstanding. Honestly, when you spill a 8 oz can of thick oil on pavement its a mistake. I can see how someone can spill 400 gallons IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BASEMENT.

***Hasn't read the article, using powers of sociology and lack of faith in humans as useful***
2003-01-30 03:54:51 PM  
heh heh, nice one Nightsweat
2003-01-30 03:55:25 PM  
2xHelix If the cows are coming home, why should they clean?- fry them puppies up!

(mmm...basement fried cow...)
2003-01-30 03:56:26 PM  
News Flash - Bush declares war on Teri Jack's house to disarm them of weapons of mass destruction - well she didn't DESTROY any WMD's, did she?
2003-01-30 03:59:21 PM  
As I am the nearby neighbor of this house, let me just say that the smell was nearly unbearable.
2003-01-30 03:59:25 PM  
"I was shocked," the Anne Arundel County homeowner said yesterday. "I cried for a little bit. Then I calmed down and pulled myself together."

Sounds like a Personal Disorder to me.

Seriously, if I walked downstairs right now and found FOUR HUNDRED GALLONS OF BLACK GOLD I would be an instant small businessman. I would be crying too, for different reasons.
2003-01-30 04:00:02 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-30 04:00:27 PM  
Cuddles is still waiting for a nice Breasteses link...

[image from too old to be available]

Won't someone think of cuddles?!
2003-01-30 04:07:50 PM  
Cleaning up the damage can cost tens of thousands of dollars, and homeowner's insurance doesn't cover it.
WHY people bother with homeowner's insurance when it doesn't seem to cover anything.
2003-01-30 04:10:14 PM  
/sound of PA system coming on

Clean up on isle 9

thunk off
2003-01-30 04:11:30 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Come 'n listen to my story 'bout a man named Jed
A poor mountaineer, barely kept his family fed
And then one day, he was shootin' at some food
And up through the ground come a bubblin' crude
Oil, that is, black gold, Texas tea
2003-01-30 04:11:33 PM  
This is hardly amusing. They probably lost tons of possesions, and even thought insurance will cover it, they have to move out while cleanup takes place, and some items are most likely irreplaceable.

cleaning up the damage can cost tens of thousands of dollars, and homeowner's insurance doesn't cover it.

But the insurance that the oil company carries should cover it. Even though the pipe was still there, the driver still delivered to the wrong house. Sounds like they are off to a good start, and hopefully it continues that way.

Bark_atda_moon All the houses for sale have that heating oil shiat ... No thanks too expensive....

Gas isn't much cheaper, and electricity is more expensive. What other reasonable choice do you have? I wish I had gas or oil in my place.
2003-01-30 04:13:07 PM  
Man was that cornfusing. I spent half the article trying to figure out who Jack was.
2003-01-30 04:14:21 PM  
People bother with homeowners insurance because they won't let you get a mortgage without it. At least I couldn't get mine without it (maybe they know something about me?)

This is not the first time I've heard of this happening in Maryland, either. About 20 years ago when my parents converted from oil heat my father built a metal box around the outside pipes to prevent it from happening because he knew two people who had this happen.

I didn't read the link (just recognized Sunspot) so I don't know where in MD this was... I can see it being a lot more common in the city, where the rowhouse/oil pipe association is sometimes hard to tell. A neighbor once got free oil when the delivery guy got the house/oil association wrong (he went left when he should have gone right).
2003-01-30 04:14:30 PM  
"McIntire said most homeowners can move back in eventually, but cleaning up the damage can cost tens of thousands of dollars, and homeowner's insurance doesn't cover it."

Yeah well the OIL compay should cover it. It's their fault. Just cause I have a pipe on the outside of my house that looks like an oil pipe doesn't mean they can just go and pump shiat in there and not be responsible if they make a mistake.
2003-01-30 04:15:45 PM  
Sos: wood

it warms you three times. cutting it, stacking it, and burning it.

nothing beats a wood stove for warmth, but it can be cold inside the house when you've been away for 12 hours.
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