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(NCBuy)   Parkay margarine looking for the best cheesy pick-up line. Winner gets $10,000. What's your best?   ( divider line
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2003-01-30 10:47:02 AM  
french accent
"Want to go to my car and Parkey?"
/french accent

get it? Wanna park? like make out?
I gots nothing.
2003-01-30 10:48:15 AM  
"butter my bread, baby?"
2003-01-30 10:50:15 AM  
Nice shoes, wanna fark?
2003-01-30 10:50:22 AM  
"Honey, I wish I was you... so I could make LOVE to me!"
2003-01-30 10:52:08 AM  
"Whats a half decent girl like you doing in a nice place like this?"
"You'll do"
2003-01-30 10:54:02 AM  
I'll give you some cheese if you have sex with me.
2003-01-30 10:55:12 AM  
Can I butter your buns?
2003-01-30 10:55:36 AM  
"Do you wash your clothes in Windex? Cuz I can see myself in your pants..."

2003-01-30 10:55:57 AM  
Here is teh cheese:
"Can I have a quarter?"
"My mom told me to call when I found the woman of my dreams."
2003-01-30 10:56:19 AM  
Margarine: it kind of looks like the word "Marijuana"
2003-01-30 10:56:56 AM  
But this is my favorite:

"I lost my phone number. Can I have yours?"
2003-01-30 10:59:58 AM  
Are you a General in the Army?

Because you've got my Privates'standing at attention.
2003-01-30 11:00:52 AM  
Your father must have been a thief, because THAT'S MY MISSING WATCH!
2003-01-30 11:01:16 AM  
"I'm a little nervous, but I just had to tell you your eyes are beautiful--they're as blue as pimming swools."

2003-01-30 11:01:22 AM  
-Are you a General in the Army?

-Because you have my Privates standing at attention.

*now with voting
2003-01-30 11:02:09 AM  
Mind if I slip into something a little more...

2003-01-30 11:02:21 AM  
"They call me Cool Whip. Because I'm white and smooth."
2003-01-30 11:03:19 AM  
"Hi. I couldn't help but're one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. My name is _______."

Simple and direct for max effect, gents.

Ladies, this one was used on me:

"So, am I yours for tonight?"

2003-01-30 11:03:34 AM  
Mind if I slip into something a little more...


Voting Enabled. Mods, please delete 11:02:09AM post
2003-01-30 11:05:46 AM  
They call me cheesediack. Guess why.
2003-01-30 11:06:42 AM  
No, I'm not happy to see you. That's really a stick of margarine in my pants.
2003-01-30 11:10:38 AM  
"I like that 'M' on your sweater -- how's it look as a 'W' ?"

2003-01-30 11:12:53 AM  
Have you ever tasted a sweeter d!ck than mine?
2003-01-30 11:19:24 AM  
Cmon, no one has posted this one yet, so I feel it is my obligation:

"If I told you that you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?"
2003-01-30 11:21:04 AM  
Im Pretty, Your Pretty,
Lets go home and stare at eachother.....
2003-01-30 11:22:11 AM  
ironbar : you watch that 70's show?
2003-01-30 11:23:14 AM  
Nice ass. Can I wear it as a hat?

Say, yer finer'n a new set a snow tires...
2003-01-30 11:23:40 AM  
Only works on Halloween, and only if shes NOT wearing a costume:

"Let me guess, a pregnant hooker?"
2003-01-30 11:25:39 AM  
Only works on Halloween, and only if shes NOT wearing a costume:

"Let me guess, a pregnant hooker?"

/voting this time
2003-01-30 11:25:45 AM  
"D'yu like chicken pet? Suck me cock, it's fowl." - Sid the Sexist again.
2003-01-30 11:28:20 AM  
Do you have any Native American in you? No? Would you like some...
2003-01-30 11:28:23 AM  
Lick me where I pee!
2003-01-30 11:28:35 AM  
Do you have a keg in your underwear?

'Cause I wanna tap that ass.
2003-01-30 11:29:59 AM  
a few of my favorites:
1. Bond, James Bond
2. Is it cold, or are you smuggling Tic Tacs?
3. Either way I'm going to have you tonight, so you might as well be there too.
4. I'm sure you didn't mean to turn me on with those huges tits, but it's too late now.
5. Am I cute enough now, or do you need a few more drinks?
6. Walk over to a table of ladies, pull out your schlong, and ask- Hey Petey, see anyone you recognise?
7. Chicks dig my colored underwear

I have nothing else, vote for one
2003-01-30 11:30:11 AM  
01-30-03 11:19:24 AM NICU8697
what about -
"My hovercraft is full of eels!"
2003-01-30 11:30:33 AM  
You have the right to remain silent...
2003-01-30 11:31:08 AM  
So what's it ginna be, your place or my car?
2003-01-30 11:33:33 AM  
Can I have a massage?
Now around the front...
2003-01-30 11:33:38 AM  
"hi, i've lost my teddybear. will you sleep with me?"
2003-01-30 11:34:10 AM  
Your place, or my face?
2003-01-30 11:35:19 AM  
Excuse me, I'm with the F.B.I.; I'm a Female Body Inspector. Do you have a permit for those?
2003-01-30 11:36:14 AM  
Is there a reason you're looking at me? Perhaps it's because I'm a farking stallion.
2003-01-30 11:38:02 AM  
This one came from my brother, who kind of has that mean biker look.

Walk up to a pretty girl and in a gruff voice say, "You see this face? (pointing to your own face) Well, it's leaving in five minutes, and you'd better be on it!"

Pretty much worked on my sister-in-law, which is kind of sad anyway...
2003-01-30 11:40:33 AM  
You wanna go out sometime? You know, out back?


2003-01-30 11:43:22 AM  
"The dick ain't suckin' it's self!"

not mine, but a good one.
2003-01-30 11:44:17 AM  
Do you have a little penis in you? Would you like som....DOH! wait a sec that's not the line.....
/I got nothin
2003-01-30 11:44:18 AM  
"The dick ain't suckin' it's self!"

not mine, but a good one.

/dammit voting
2003-01-30 11:51:36 AM  
have fun with this:

Pick-up Line Generator

"Forgive me if this is the booze talking, but has anyone ever told you that there must be more to you than your beaver?"
2003-01-30 11:53:10 AM  
"I'm Drunk"
2003-01-30 11:53:40 AM  
It's time to bone.
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