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20580 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Jan 2003 at 4:51 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-01-29 05:14:08 PM  
surprised by violence at a school that needs security officers??
2003-01-29 05:14:10 PM  
Those hooligans in Oakland are bad role models.
2003-01-29 05:14:39 PM  
Where are the Guardsmen that were at Kent State??

Their services were needed here.
2003-01-29 05:14:41 PM  
I wanted to riot when they started to make us students tuck in our shirts
2003-01-29 05:14:59 PM  
over farking SCHOOL SCHEDULES! I mean, come ON!!! There's PLENTY of better things to riot over! How 'bout the drug war...
2003-01-29 05:15:26 PM  
Maybe this should have a DUMBASS tag. The flashing NEWS tag just doesn't fit.
2003-01-29 05:15:37 PM  
HAHAHA...the school that the article mentions, El Paso Montwood, is the State President for the Texas Association of Student Councils!! Looks like its a full on revolt.
2003-01-29 05:15:42 PM  
Why in the hell would you protest block scheduling? 2-4 days to do homework! Plenty of time for electives!

block schedules = the best
2003-01-29 05:16:10 PM  
why's my post get changed? i never typed in boobies...

2003-01-29 05:16:15 PM  
yeah! down with learning!
2003-01-29 05:16:44 PM  
"The students were protesting a switch to block scheduling, which means longer classes, said spokeswoman Minerva Baumann."

Oh boo-hoo. These kids need to grow the fark up
2003-01-29 05:17:13 PM  
I'm glad these young people are focusing on the pressing issues confronting society.

2003-01-29 05:17:19 PM  
Man, I didn't think high school students had it in them. When I first saw the article, I assumed (yeah, yeah, I know, when you assume you make an ass out of you and me - thnx Bro. Patrick!!) it was going to be college students protesting the war.
2003-01-29 05:17:44 PM  
They obviously need more education. Like their parents foot teaching their ass a lesson.
2003-01-29 05:18:00 PM  
Jeez!!! These kind of news make even a liberal like me think that maybe reviving the draft may not be such a bad idea.
Farking A.
2003-01-29 05:18:33 PM  
"What are you rioting against, Johnny?"

"Whaddya got?"

/21st Century Brando
2003-01-29 05:19:54 PM  
What a bunch of morons. Longer classes. That's really tough. God knows, out in the real world, you only have to work when you feel like it.

I cannot beleive the crap that goes on these days. I guess I'm an old codger, but in my day, if you lipped off to a teacher, you got backhanded... literally.

Man, this type of crap just makes me want to vomit.
2003-01-29 05:20:09 PM  
i think this has more to do with high schools being run more like prisons and less like learning institutions. back a person into a corner and they'll show you some claws, i don't care how old you are.
2003-01-29 05:20:45 PM  
Dude, that's the stupidest reason to protest something, longer classes, cry me a river, wait until you get to college with 2-3 hour lectures and 6 hour labs.
2003-01-29 05:20:58 PM  
No one wanted to sit next to the smelly kid in class for that long.
2003-01-29 05:21:28 PM  
I had block schedule in high school and it was the best thing ever. Longer classes, but you only had to go to class every other day.

Dumbass tag, please.
2003-01-29 05:21:43 PM  
You have to be fricking kidding me! A walk out over BLOCK SCHEDULES? What a bunch of cry babies! Good lord, what is it with people always looking for a reason to be "the victim"? Oh poor babies! Classes will be longer! WAAAH! If you'd pull your heads out of your arses you'd see that it's to your benefit! Jeez!
2003-01-29 05:21:56 PM  
I for one am glad to see that high school students still have a good enough appreciation of important issues to get active and publicly air their views. Oh, they were just whining about longer classes? Never mind.
2003-01-29 05:22:00 PM  
Throwing rocks is only acceptable if you are Palestinian. Not Mexican.

(ducks and runs)
2003-01-29 05:22:07 PM  
Idiots. My old high school used block scheduling, and I loved it. That way we only had 4 classes per day instead of 7.

We had days seperated into "Blue" and "Gold" (school colors), which would alternate every other day. So, you only had each class every other day. Gave more time for homework. It was great.
2003-01-29 05:22:40 PM  
F*CK! I was hoping this was a protest against Bush(they saw his SOTU address, perhaps?) but it turns out it's just a bunch of slackers demanding their right to remain stupid by protesting the school's attempt to -GASP!- actually give them an education.

IMHO, if you're not retarded or you don't have something like ADHD then you deserve ZERO special treament.
2003-01-29 05:22:57 PM  
I don't like block schedules myself. Always ended up forgetting what day it was and if it was a block or b block. Smoked too much frop in highschool.
2003-01-29 05:23:08 PM  
This is pitiful. These kids need a couple good sessions of wall to wall counseling. Longer classes? Shesh.
2003-01-29 05:23:50 PM  
Oh dear god no---not longer class times...
what does that bring the texan average to, 20 minutes/day?

they would be better off dressing up as wild game and going hunting out in the woods en masse.

2003-01-29 05:23:52 PM  
For the benefit of those smart enough not to visit El Paso.
Cause and effect relationships at work:

El Paso is Juarez, Mexico.
Juarez, Mexico is toilet.
Kids is turds(forgive my english for literary license)
2003-01-29 05:24:32 PM  
A violent protest ? Did the Raiders lose ANOTHER football game ?
2003-01-29 05:24:47 PM  
I'm sure this had more to do with the chance to throw rocks and bottles than scheduling.
2003-01-29 05:24:52 PM  
Why in the hell would you protest block scheduling? 2-4 days to do homework! Plenty of time for electives!

block schedules = the best

I never had them, but everyone I knew who had it, loved it. I wanted it in high school. The longer classes help to prepare better for college. But do people in Texas go to college?
2003-01-29 05:25:21 PM  
back a person into a corner and they'll show you some claws, i don't care how old you are.

how does this relate to this situation? changing class schedules is ... uh ... really threatening?

2003-01-29 05:25:33 PM  
shut the fvc|< up and eat yo big ass biscuit.
2003-01-29 05:25:54 PM  
Those high school kids will grow up to be whiny college kids. Wonderful.
2003-01-29 05:26:39 PM  
Nlamartina: Speaking from experience, I assure you its not. You lose about a week for each class. It is nerve wracking to sit in the same class for 2 hours, and you're really only productive during the first hour. Some colleges now will not accept you if you came from a school with block scheduling. Block scheduling is not cool.
2003-01-29 05:26:43 PM  
This title made it seem like it was an anti-war protest, that would be the only type of newsworthy story
2003-01-29 05:26:56 PM  
Block scheduling sucks! I speak from experience. You have to sit and stare at an incopetent fool for 2-4 hours, and the teachers don't know how to fill that much time. It just costs less for the school.
2003-01-29 05:27:47 PM  
Block scheduling would have rocked back in HS. I think my district changed over shortly after I graduated.

These poor kids. God forbid they actually get SOMETHING relatively college-preparatory in high school.
2003-01-29 05:27:59 PM  
At least they get education. Boo-friggin'-hoo.
2003-01-29 05:28:11 PM  
God forbid they want a real education.
2003-01-29 05:28:16 PM  
The longer classes help to prepare better for college. But do people in Texas go to college?

Why would they want to? Texas' favorite son, George Bush Jr, never went to collage and now he's president! He has set a preceedent!
2003-01-29 05:29:20 PM  
2003-01-29 05:29:23 PM  
I loved block scheduling. Had it in high school, and it was much easier than normal scheduling (plus I seemed to understand more...).

As for this...where is Charles Whitman when we need people killed? Oh...right...dead.
2003-01-29 05:29:43 PM  
Ladies and gentlemen, the future of America.
Can't wait to see what happens in ten years when someone makes decaf by mistake at the office. If that ain't reason for riotin' I don't know what is!
2003-01-29 05:30:06 PM  
See, folks? This is what happens when you start banning games like dodge ball and tag in schools. Kids are gonna biatch more and more with that stuff.

"Like, oh no!! We're gonna have to sit in class for 30 minutes more a day! Oh. I am unhappy now! I can't be unhappy!"
2003-01-29 05:30:39 PM  
I was told that Bush had better grades in school than Al Gore. Don't know the truth behind that though...
2003-01-29 05:30:39 PM  
What else do you expect? I bet it happened like this:

Popular Kid 1: "Hey! This sucks! I don't wanna stay in class an extra hour! I think we should just walk out on protest"

Kid walks out, followed by the rest of the school, following that kid cause he's popular...or something.

Freakin High Schoolers. They just don't get it.
2003-01-29 05:30:54 PM  
Doctor Nick

Alright -- since you brought it up, you have to put up. Name the colleges that don't accept block schedule high school graduates.

I've got a feeling that's more urban myth than fact.
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