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(Yahoo)   "Hi, my name's Bob, and it's been 3 weeks since my last kebab"   ( divider line
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12567 clicks; posted to Main » on 30 Jan 2003 at 3:48 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-01-29 11:38:25 PM  
Anyone who wonders if fast food is addictive need only to go out in public and observe the general population.
2003-01-29 11:51:16 PM  
Bob. Bob had biatch tits.
2003-01-30 12:10:16 AM  
I feel bad for the mice.
I think I'll eat a burger in their honor.
2003-01-30 01:45:55 AM  
Shanrick I'm more inclined to see rampant obesity as proof that the general population is extremely lazy and cheap.

The average American would rather spend $1.98 on two whoppers and sit on their asses watching "joe thousandair" than cook a healthy meal and exercise occasionally.
2003-01-30 02:16:05 AM  
But, Aqueduct_Pocket, what about the super-size Diet Coke. Doesn't that balance it all out?
2003-01-30 03:52:39 AM  
Hi Bob!
2003-01-30 03:54:58 AM  
wtf can i get a fast food kebab?
2003-01-30 03:55:40 AM  
thank god. I had all this guilt because I thought being fat was somehow my fault.

[goes to the all night jack in the box]
2003-01-30 03:55:59 AM  
i love kebab's. Oh, and i eat all the time and can't get pass the 130 mark. wtf?
2003-01-30 03:58:06 AM  
no, I"M BOB!
2003-01-30 03:58:31 AM  
So far it's been the rule of three: 3 Scaries, 3 Yahoo! links.
2003-01-30 03:59:18 AM  
Its been ages since I had a kebab.
2003-01-30 03:59:24 AM  
"Highly palatable foods and highly potent sexual stimuli are the only stimuli capable of activating the dopamine system with anywhere near the potency of addictive drugs,"

So both McDonalds and boobies are addictive?
2003-01-30 03:59:36 AM  
New Scientist: My Mom always said you are what you eat, last time I check she ain't no scientist.
2003-01-30 03:59:57 AM  
dammit...i haven't had a kebab since i left germany in august. i have to settle for gyros at georgia's gyros. they're actually pretty good, but they aren't made from meat that was cooked on a's just not the same.
2003-01-30 04:00:02 AM  
Irockalot: Do you mean cholesterol, systolic, or heart rate? If it's any of these, LEAVE THE KEYBOARD, AND GO SEE YOUR DOCTOR!
2003-01-30 04:04:51 AM  
As I was one of the scientists conducting this study, I would like to say we didnt test that many kebabs, but the ones that were tested contained mostly meat. The more meat content, the more "addictive" properties the kebabs contained.
2003-01-30 04:07:15 AM  
Shut up, Ace. It's way past your bed time.
2003-01-30 04:12:31 AM  
Pootie says Nettatai Baddy to all those Bad Time Burgers!

And remember: Don't drink malt liquor, 'cuz you don't need to! Sah da tai!
2003-01-30 04:12:47 AM  
Fast food is addictive. Declare a minimum age to eat it then put a $5.00 tax on it. /sarcasm
2003-01-30 04:13:13 AM  
i have no interest in junk food - i've had then and they are tasty but i prefer food made with a bit of effort - steak and shiate.

fast food is for lazy slobs.
2003-01-30 04:23:41 AM  
thank god I'd rather be addicted to Subway.. .

anyone else heard something about a McDonalds BUCKET of fries?

2003-01-30 04:26:48 AM  
Kebab is good.

*Misses Turkish food*
2003-01-30 04:27:34 AM  
I travelled all over Europe during the summer, and trust me, they have Kebob stands EVERYWHERE. It's like the #1 fast-food item... when all the typical fast-food joints close, there's always a Kebab stand to be found.

Very handy when you're stumbling home from a club at 4AM!!!!

2003-01-30 04:28:19 AM  
I've been eating a lot of burgers lately. But I think it's because I just like using my Lean Mean Grilling Machine (TM)
2003-01-30 04:30:22 AM  
For Wldncrzy14
2003-01-30 04:31:07 AM  
unfetchable? WTF?
2003-01-30 04:33:48 AM  
How about this time?
[image from too old to be available]
Farking filter screwed me.
2003-01-30 04:34:39 AM  
My name is Purple_Jack and I'm a Farkoholic.
2003-01-30 04:35:40 AM  
Rotating spindle, loaded with meat. An onion and a tomato at the top.

Turning slowly, before the heat. You can taste the sizzle.

A friendly Turk with a big moustache, and a long, razor-sharp knife. And a stack of fresh pitas. And garlic sauce.

And here I am, back in America.

And we have



*sobs into his keyboard*
2003-01-30 04:35:46 AM  
i had some beef kebabs for dinner yesterday,
but i prefer making these.. (and yes, its my pic)
[image from too old to be available]

i have no sense
2003-01-30 04:36:31 AM  
I think Pringles are addictive. That or they're laced with cocaine cause you just cant stop until they're finished.
2003-01-30 04:42:40 AM  
Heroine makes you lose your appetite, shoot up now and get thin!
2003-01-30 04:43:00 AM  
I know they had a place in Chicago - in one of the malls...

I thought the name of the place WAS called Gyros...

But yes those were the best... meat on a spindle...

How can I do that at home? I can find everything but the lamb...
2003-01-30 04:47:20 AM  
I like Sam's Club rotisserie chicken. Cheap and greasy.

Chicken lickin' is lickin' chicken.
2003-01-30 04:47:50 AM  
Dr.Knockboots, that was not kebab.

Very interesting, and (stifles laughter).

Gawd dammit.
2003-01-30 05:02:30 AM  
Looks like Dr.Knockboots is into some strange foreign object insertions. That reminds me that I need to download the Lemmywinks song.
2003-01-30 05:13:46 AM  
that was me and another farker "An Unnecessarily Long Name" that were farking around and said "oh, we'll send this to Fark"
u ought to see all the dumbass pics we have..
now i finally got my webspace figured out, more will come
2003-01-30 05:31:20 AM  
In Nottingham, where I went to university, most of the kebab shops served their kebabs using Naan bread. Down here in London, they all seem to use Pitta bread. Have I stumbled upon an interesting socio-geographico-economic phemomenom(?), or did I just used to go to Skanky kebab shops att college?
2003-01-30 05:33:13 AM  
ClothedSexualTouching, I think ya got brand names crossed up with reality. Or something.
2003-01-30 05:59:50 AM  
hi my names AussieX and its been over 2 years since my last piece of kfc.

(its true :P)
2003-01-30 06:17:25 AM  
Haha, I live in Turkey, fear the kebap...i get doner and adan every weekend maaan
2003-01-30 06:21:46 AM  
Just another wat for pharmaceutical companies to make more money.
[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-30 06:24:19 AM  
01-30-03 05:31:20 AM ClothedSexualTouching

In Nottingham, where I went to university, most of the kebab shops served their kebabs using Naan bread. Down here in London, they all seem to use Pitta bread. Have I stumbled upon an interesting socio-geographico-economic phemomenom(?), or did I just used to go to Skanky kebab shops att college?

TRUE turkish kebap is on pita bread.
2003-01-30 06:26:20 AM  
A good gyro kebab or sandwich might be mentally addictive, indeed.

However, regardless of the obesity of the general population, at least in America and Wales, there's nothing in that disgusting lard that's even remotely addictive.

IMHO, Americans seem to be bent on degrading into large, couch-sitting blobs.

Thanks for playing, Yahoo!. Game over.
2003-01-30 06:27:33 AM  
AussieX: Yes, but you're guaranteed to live another 20 years, now. ;)
2003-01-30 06:29:17 AM  
Covergirl: The bucket of fries is available at the McDonald's in the Pioneer Place shopping mall in downtown Portland, Oregon, among other places. I've never actually seen one of these buckets, and I shudder to think of how they might smell. However, yeah, they exist, and that's decidedly disgusting. :P
2003-01-30 06:29:23 AM  
Saveth yay i can live till 40 now :D
2003-01-30 06:41:12 AM  
My wife is in Turkey right now.. she eats "kebaps/kebabs/" whatever the hell they are over tehre alot.. i guess its a big thang.
2003-01-30 06:48:16 AM  
"New and potentially explosive findings on the biological effects of fast food suggest that eating yourself into obesity isn't simply down to a lack of self-control," New Scientist magazine said on Wednesday

Explosive findings on biological effects of fast food . . . sounds like a way to keep the Kaopectate folks in business.

That said . . . Kebab is AWESOME, and I'm lucky enough to live in a place with an abundance of good Turkish kebab and gyro makers. Tzatziki sauce, anyone?
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