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(ESPN)   Kings and Timberwolves agree to four-player deal. Bobby Brown goes to the T-Wolves who are now expected to beat the crap out of Houston   ( divider line
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3147 clicks; posted to Sports » on 19 Feb 2009 at 2:39 PM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2009-02-19 01:34:36 PM  
Ha!! Nice work...

With Bobby's help they will be sure to find the crack in every opposing team's game!
2009-02-19 01:52:49 PM  
Good one, smitty.
2009-02-19 02:41:46 PM  
Main page? Really?
2009-02-19 02:42:08 PM  
Will he still be humpin' around?
2009-02-19 02:42:16 PM  
It's there perogative.
2009-02-19 02:43:03 PM  

agwood18: Main page? Really?

Really, very witty and made me laugh.

/not subby
2009-02-19 02:43:05 PM  
You can bet the refs will be watching Every Little Step he takes.
2009-02-19 02:43:05 PM  

would laugh again
2009-02-19 02:43:09 PM  
2009-02-19 02:43:11 PM  
Or "their" perogative....word czar is on break
2009-02-19 02:43:39 PM  
2009-02-19 02:43:44 PM  
I.... just.... wow....

2009-02-19 02:43:44 PM  
+1 subby.

Best headline today.
2009-02-19 02:44:02 PM  
* snort * excellent headline +1
2009-02-19 02:44:26 PM  

hoohoodilly: Monnesota

Saw that too... I would have thought that snafu would have made for a more FARK worthy headline.
2009-02-19 02:44:29 PM  
came in here to give props to the headline.

well played, sir.
2009-02-19 02:44:50 PM  
Subby, you are a piece of work. I like it.
2009-02-19 02:45:02 PM  
Re-read headline, lol'd.

/retracting snark
//+1 subby
2009-02-19 02:45:14 PM  
Excellent work Subby!!
2009-02-19 02:45:16 PM  
I like you, Mr Submitter. The sun shines from your headline.
2009-02-19 02:45:43 PM  
The New Edition of the t-wolves should be a force now.
2009-02-19 02:47:02 PM  
Too hot to handle, too cold to hold. Nice headline!
2009-02-19 02:47:08 PM  
Very nice, +1
2009-02-19 02:47:22 PM  
+2 interwebs
2009-02-19 02:47:24 PM  
He's gonna make Yao his Candy Girl.
2009-02-19 02:49:36 PM  
Very nice!
2009-02-19 02:50:36 PM  
2009-02-19 02:50:58 PM  
In case they fix it:

i44.tinypic.comView Full Size

Oh, and Whitney reacts to subby's headline:

streetknowledge.files.wordpress.comView Full Size
2009-02-19 02:56:21 PM  
so the most insignificant trade so far makes the front page? aye.
2009-02-19 02:57:02 PM  
That's real black love.
2009-02-19 02:59:39 PM  
Most shocking? Calvin Booth is still in the league.

/Thanks for the W last night, Nitts!
2009-02-19 03:00:06 PM  
icanhascheezburger.files.wordpress.comView Full Size
2009-02-19 03:00:57 PM  

hoohoodilly: In case they fix it:

I'm too lazy to cap this myself, but you should get the whole title bar title.

"Sources: Monnesota Timberwolves dealing Shelden Williams, Bobby Brown to Sacramento Kings for Rashad McCants and Calvin Booth - ESPN"

The story gets it right: Williams and Brown to the T-Wolves, McCants and Booth to the Kings.
2009-02-19 03:01:53 PM  
I nearly soiled myself, reading the headline.

very good +1
2009-02-19 03:02:50 PM  
2009-02-19 03:08:14 PM  
God it must suck to be a Kings fan these days.

Oh shiat... I'M a Kings fan. My bad.
2009-02-19 03:09:18 PM  
Only headline to literally make me laugh out loud all week. Hearty +1!
2009-02-19 03:16:02 PM  
*The OKIEBOY headline seal of approval:
i147.photobucket.comView Full Size
2009-02-19 03:20:17 PM  
Bobby Brown shoots too quick.
2009-02-19 03:21:50 PM  
What a fetching young man.
2009-02-19 03:22:00 PM  
Is his car still fast, his teeth still shiny?
2009-02-19 03:33:21 PM  
I don't know why I get So Emotional, baby. I guess I need to take it Step by Step.
2009-02-19 03:39:31 PM  

Cygni: God it must suck to be a Kings fan these days.

Oh shiat... I'M a Kings fan. My bad.

So YOU are the other one. Here I thought I was an island. A man alone in his fandom for a once great team.
2009-02-19 03:46:53 PM  
Laughed? Oh ... I laughed!
2009-02-19 03:48:54 PM  

The_Six_Fingered_Man: Cygni: God it must suck to be a Kings fan these days.

Oh shiat... I'M a Kings fan. My bad.

So YOU are the other one. Here I thought I was an island. A man alone in his fandom for a once great team.

Since Malice in the Palace, I will join your throng. Hard to win with a bunch of white boys and Danny Granger. Besides, the Kings were fun back in the day of Vlade and C-Webb. They also got tragically railroaded in that series against the Lakers.
2009-02-19 03:52:00 PM  
Headline of the Year nominee
2009-02-19 03:55:47 PM  
45 comments and nobody's making fun of Sheldon Williams' god given facial features, to which he can do nothing about? You're letting me down Farkers!!
2009-02-19 04:37:04 PM  
Oh Mr Subby, you get one of these!
lh4.ggpht.comView Full Size
2009-02-19 04:40:01 PM  
Man... see, now that's a good greenlight gag.

/they used to all be this funny
//fark, not as funny as it used to be :(
2009-02-19 04:43:41 PM  

reggiemiller: Bobby Brown shoots too quick.

But they say he's the cutest boy in town.
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