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(Columbiana Man)   Electric Light Orchestra looks in to Diddle death   ( divider line
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8293 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Jan 2003 at 6:09 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-01-29 01:52:55 PM  
Did he turn to stone?
2003-01-29 02:02:48 PM  
The crime was obviously committed by an evil woman.
2003-01-29 02:19:42 PM  
2003-01-29 05:39:35 PM  
Dammit. I'm the fourth one here and all the ELO songs I can remember are already used up.
2003-01-29 06:11:33 PM  
No Mr. Blue Sky for Diddle... :(
2003-01-29 06:11:41 PM  
it was Mr Blue Sky
2003-01-29 06:12:15 PM  
Don't bring me down, Bruce!

Funny headline/story. Acronyms rock.
2003-01-29 06:12:23 PM  
dooooooooh... 12 seconds tooo late
2003-01-29 06:12:50 PM  
2003-01-29 06:13:22 PM  
That's some strange magic.
2003-01-29 06:13:55 PM  
Can't get it out of my head
2003-01-29 06:14:13 PM  
i didn't even know i hated ELO until people started naming all their songs.

thanks guys.
2003-01-29 06:14:18 PM  
Horace Wimp would be proud.
2003-01-29 06:14:30 PM  
It must have been a showdown.
2003-01-29 06:18:41 PM  
Wait a minute, this guy was kicked in the balls with a knife and died instantly?
2003-01-29 06:19:07 PM  
That's some strange magic there...
2003-01-29 06:20:12 PM  
Strangled by the telephone line, obviously.
2003-01-29 06:21:09 PM  
Did they find four little diamonds?

What? It's the only ELO song I know! Gimme a break!
2003-01-29 06:22:26 PM  
Here Is The News.... Another action filled adventure.
2003-01-29 06:22:54 PM  
Well, at least I'm Alive.

2003-01-29 06:23:09 PM  
he is no longer "a livin' thing."
2003-01-29 06:24:16 PM  
Of course if they catch him he will have to do his "Time" but until then he can hold on tight to his dreams about staying free and clear. It must be a Living thing...

2003-01-29 06:24:43 PM  
into, not "in to"
2003-01-29 06:25:22 PM  
Maybe they should check the logs on the "Telephone"
2003-01-29 06:26:18 PM  
Ok, wow, stupid joke
2003-01-29 06:26:23 PM  
Horace Wimp unavailable for comment.
2003-01-29 06:27:24 PM  
If only this tragic event hadn't happened in winter, but in The Fall.

2003-01-29 06:27:35 PM  
Sorry Zoolander I missed your comment there.
2003-01-29 06:28:29 PM  
I loved ELO, in my mind I'm hearing all their old music, it's like I can't get it out of my head. ;)
2003-01-29 06:28:41 PM  
This man just recieved a letter from spain, some sweet talkin woman dumped him. He was just about to go steppin out when
he found out It's over.
Poor chap - he was gonna be the next drummer.

2003-01-29 06:28:44 PM  
But then again, these kinds of things happen All Over The World.

2003-01-29 06:29:19 PM  
01-29-03 02:02:48 PM DslainteC
The crime was obviously committed by an evil woman.

Was she a Sweet Talking Woman or not?

//just made it
2003-01-29 06:29:44 PM  
Do Ya believe the hilarity of the acronym!!

Then they didn't even 'splain it in the article.

I bet Bev Bevan did it.
2003-01-29 06:30:11 PM  
Or in....the Twilight
2003-01-29 06:32:39 PM  
I wonder if they got it on Video? (oh wait, that was just Jeff Lynn...)
2003-01-29 06:40:03 PM  
Man in boat gets bushwhacked?
2003-01-29 06:42:44 PM  
That's nothing. There was this really spectacular murder at the Betchworth Station, and baby, you ain't seen nothing yet.
2003-01-29 06:42:49 PM  
This could be solved if it happened in Sweet Home Alabama.
2003-01-29 06:46:18 PM  
They should be looking for a Wild West Hero...

Great to see that ELO fans are still of my fav groups of all time...
2003-01-29 06:50:01 PM  
Wait! Damn! Uhh...10563 Overture!

/absolutely nothing
2003-01-29 06:50:10 PM  
Confusion. Don't Bring Me Down. It's Over.
2003-01-29 06:51:05 PM  
I need a new drug that don't bring me down, won't spill, repels an evil woman, and lets me walk on a thin line to pass the inevitable sobriety test.

Only on Fark can you combine Huey Lewis & The News and ELO.
2003-01-29 06:52:34 PM  
The Diddle death was caused by someone looking for little red shoes that used to belong to her sister.
2003-01-29 06:55:06 PM  
-25 points to anyone who named a Lynyrd Skynyrd song instead of an ELO song.
2003-01-29 06:56:01 PM  
I heard that he killed the guy by smashing him over the head with a Poker.

Okay, maybe that doesn't work very well.
2003-01-29 06:57:12 PM  
Happen in Alabama? Why, not in my Down Home Town, it wouldn't!
2003-01-29 06:59:25 PM  
You ain't seen nothin yet was BTO, not ELO. :)
2003-01-29 07:00:52 PM  
You're getting warm, Machu.
2003-01-29 07:10:07 PM  
Another Heart Breaks? (pun intended). Wow, this is Out of the Blue.. the killer must be On the run and Diddle is sitting Above the Clouds.. i'm guessing the killer must have been some Poorboy from Old England Town.. the old man should have seen there was Danger Ahead.. it might be an Evil Woman, but either way they'll have to Face the Music..atleast it wasn't Susan..

(Oh, and long live ELO, the second greatest group (or greatest single artist.. depends how you look at it) of all time.. (first is Chicago))
2003-01-29 07:11:38 PM  
Andytimebomb: Did you really think Sweet Home Alabama was ELO? wtf?
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