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(Local6)   Pot found growing on Baptist church roof   ( divider line
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9544 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Jan 2003 at 10:26 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-01-29 10:29:14 AM  
Cannabis from Heaven...
2003-01-29 10:29:55 AM  
ahhhhhhh, the Burning Bush.
2003-01-29 10:30:26 AM  
Appealing to a higher power.
2003-01-29 10:30:31 AM  
Trying to achieve a higher plain?
2003-01-29 10:30:32 AM  
unholy? ok sure, for now it's illegal, but when did it become a sin to smoke pot?
2003-01-29 10:30:35 AM  
God is perfect
Man is not
Man made beer
God made pot.

/bathroom wall, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, Shafer Hall, 4th floor 1990-1992.
2003-01-29 10:31:06 AM  
I'd actually goto church if everyone smoked weed during the service.
2003-01-29 10:31:11 AM  
"Closer My God to Thee..."
2003-01-29 10:31:34 AM  
"removed the unholy contraband."

What makes it 'unholy' exactly?
2003-01-29 10:35:14 AM  
Sounds like that church needs to do some weeding. They're infested with heathens!
2003-01-29 10:36:12 AM  
If it was a Catholic Church, you could've gone to high Mass or vice versa.

Thanks, folks, I'll be here all week. Don't forget to tip your waitress & drive safely.
2003-01-29 10:37:20 AM  
removed the unholy contraband."

Praise be to Glaxo-SmithKline-Beetcham. For all good works are performed through them, in the form of little colored pills.
2003-01-29 10:37:24 AM  
The Lakeview Rastafarian Baptist Church?
2003-01-29 10:37:51 AM  
Anyone else watch the SOTU high?
2003-01-29 10:38:04 AM  
In the name of the Father, Son, and the holy crop of ganj growing on the roof.
2003-01-29 10:38:42 AM  
On the Third Day, God created weed. And it was the dankest shnizzit...
2003-01-29 10:39:59 AM  
LawTalkingGuy: Did you go to Penn?
2003-01-29 10:40:38 AM  
Its a miracle!!!

damn I want some of that satan weed right now..
2003-01-29 10:40:53 AM  
Imagine passing blunts around during a service? How cool would that be? I think there would be a lot more congregation there if they did...
2003-01-29 10:41:23 AM  
Pot and Baptists? Should be

At least if it was a Southern Baptist church anyway. I know that if I had to live with the dogma that they have I'd be toking all the time. They make Catholics look like atheists.

2003-01-29 10:41:28 AM  
Sounds like my kind of church; services at 4:20.
2003-01-29 10:42:44 AM  
Should have been
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2003-01-29 10:42:49 AM  
Not ?
2003-01-29 10:42:49 AM  
OMFG, that link was hella lame. But there's another story about a Russian law firm that's planning to sue the makers of the character Dobby from the latest Harry Potter movie. They allege that Dobby was created to look like president Putin.
2003-01-29 10:42:52 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-29 10:43:31 AM  
img.fark.comView Full Size
2003-01-29 10:44:35 AM  
The Spliff of Christ.

2003-01-29 10:47:17 AM  
Lord, we beseech thee to cast this OUT this evil weed.
2003-01-29 10:47:21 AM  
Hot box the confessional.
2003-01-29 10:47:48 AM  
note to self: when growing weed on the church root, dont dangle legs over the side of the building.

Reminds me of when I used to stash my weed under my parents bed
2003-01-29 10:48:02 AM  
oh man some funny shiat in here today! I was almost thinking of joining the baptist church till I realized that they were calling weed unholy. Oh well back to my heathen sometimes pagan existance.
2003-01-29 10:48:43 AM  
We shall now read from the Old Testament:

Matthew, Mark, Luke and Bong
2003-01-29 10:49:32 AM  
How many Baptists does it take to finish a quarter sack?

One, if nobody's looking!

2003-01-29 10:49:53 AM  
Aspinwall turned the plants and some watering and fertilizing equipment over to police last Saturday, one day after the discovery.

I'm guessing that Friday Night Bingo was a little more entertaining than usual.
2003-01-29 10:50:16 AM  
Well, the superbowl ad showed how smoking pot will make you pregnant. So I guess that explains the Virgin Mary.
2003-01-29 10:51:14 AM  
Just had a thought, I kinda thought that somewhare in the bible it said something about using all herb bearing seed or something along those lines. Anyone know exactly what it is my brain is hinting at?
2003-01-29 10:51:46 AM  
The real story is the cops showed up because someone reported a person on the church roof. The priest was startled by the police presence, looked down at them and said "oh my LAWDY LAWDY LAWDY! some HEATHEN bastards have been a growin the SIN WEED in the HOLY PRESENCE of the LAWD".

Since they confess weekly to this guy, the police didn't care to have their secrets spread around and so pretended to be fooled.

It's all right there, between the lines.
2003-01-29 10:52:26 AM  
ahhhhhh, Blessed Mary (Jane)
2003-01-29 10:52:35 AM  
I think it's something like Genesis 1:12 "I have given you all the seed bearing plants and herbs to use." May not be verbatim.
2003-01-29 10:53:26 AM  
How did the preacher know it was pot? Hmmmmmm, maybe he just didn't inhale.
2003-01-29 10:54:09 AM  
Uh... I hate to sound really dumb (but I usually do anyway).

Will pot grow in January, even in Florida? If so, when would it bud? I mean, the days are getting longer, wouldn't that screw up its cycle?

I may be a peckerwood from Appalachia, but we do know that harvest time is always the first week in October.
2003-01-29 10:54:21 AM  
NICU thats pretty close. Think the message is the same anyway if not actually verbatim. Makes me wonder if making pot illegal is a sin and against the bible?
2003-01-29 10:55:17 AM  
Since they confess weekly to this guy

Okay, I may need to brush up on my theology, but aren't Catholics the only ones who have confession?

I mean the priests are supposed to be chaste, so they have to listen to other people's sordid stories to get their kitten-killing inspirations.

2003-01-29 10:55:33 AM  
but what would a heathen like me know? lol
2003-01-29 10:55:47 AM  
I thought the story was going to be that some neighbor was throwing seeds out their window and they grew in the church's gutters or something. This is much more entertaining!
2003-01-29 10:57:15 AM  
Hey is it time for communion yet I got the munchies.
2003-01-29 10:58:16 AM  

take it indoors :P
grow all year around..

just watch to make sure you power consumation doesn't spike significantly... those growing lamps can really eat up the juice.
2003-01-29 10:59:04 AM  
So let me get this straight Fark, it's the day after the STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS, and all we get is news about Jimmy Kimmel and a pot plant?? Wake me when there's some REAL news.
2003-01-29 10:59:15 AM  
Amen to that Cornflakegirl! I'm just going by what High Times tells me.
2003-01-29 11:00:50 AM  
"Will pot grow in January, even in Florida? If so, when would it bud? I mean, the days are getting longer, wouldn't that screw up its cycle?"

Yes, it will (screw up), if grown outdoors. Pot plants continuously produce a hormone that is burned off by sunlight. If you reduce the period of light per day, the hormone builds up and the plant grows buds or pollen, depending on the sex. The plant won't do that unless it's getting <14hrs of light/day, which you might get now but not in a mth or so.
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