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(   Man freed after spending 29 years in jail for breaking a window   ( divider line 49
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2003-01-29 03:15:55 PM  
dude, that sucks.
2003-01-29 03:17:01 PM  
"Only the good die young."
2003-01-29 03:17:06 PM  
"The maximum penalty for the crime is three months in prison or a $20 fine."

And he was in for 29 YEARS!
2003-01-29 03:17:14 PM  
But it was one hell of a window!!
2003-01-29 03:17:59 PM  
Hey!! 29 years of my hard earned tax dollars to support this lowlife?!?!

Shoulda hooked him up to ole sparky!
2003-01-29 03:18:04 PM  
2003-01-29 03:18:16 PM  
is that too long???
2003-01-29 03:18:40 PM  
breaking mirror = 7 years bad luck
breaking window = 29 years bad roommate
2003-01-29 03:18:47 PM  
Here comes the story of the Hurricane. . .

2003-01-29 03:18:55 PM  
If you're gonna do the crime, you gotta be prepared to do the time.
2003-01-29 03:18:59 PM  
Maybe it was a really really special window.
2003-01-29 03:20:36 PM  
/Dylan too.
2003-01-29 03:21:26 PM  

Ahh Won, din' I? Ahh won.
2003-01-29 03:21:50 PM  
Now bring me prisoner 24601
Your time is up
And your parole's begun
You know what that means.

Yes, it means I'm free.

No! It means you get
Your yellow ticket-of-leave
You are a thief.

I stole a loaf of bread.

You robbed a house.

I broke a window pane.
2003-01-29 03:22:20 PM  
Man, 29 years for breaking a window. I guess for all these illegal MP3's I'm getting life.


Hopefully they won't find my MacGyver episodes from Kazaa, I'd get the chair.
2003-01-29 03:24:52 PM  
I bet he won't be busting any more windows.

2003-01-29 03:25:29 PM  
Hopefully they won't find my MacGyver episodes from Kazaa, I'd get the chair.

Yes. Yes you will. but not for downloading them.

YOu should die simply for wanting them in the first place.
2003-01-29 03:25:48 PM  
Pfft. All you damn liberals complaining need to realize how easily you can replace "window" with "dude" and "breaking" with "killing."

/fake troll
2003-01-29 03:27:27 PM  
If he was a catholic priest and molested an alterboy, he would have gotten less time (if any at all)
2003-01-29 03:27:28 PM  
I bet he won't be busting any more windows

Hell, if I were him, I'd be finding the original judge's house and use his face to bust every last farking window in the place.
2003-01-29 03:27:32 PM  
"His human rights were completely ignored and abused by the judicial authorities," Ms Anderson said, adding that Nettleford had now fully recovered from his mental condition.

niiiiice... just in time for senility.
2003-01-29 03:30:37 PM  
Jamaican prison is "terrible and wicked" - well I'll be dipped!
2003-01-29 03:33:16 PM  

2003-01-29 03:34:25 PM  
I met a guy who got busted at the airport in Kingston with a pound of pot. He spent six months in jail there smoking ganja (warning... that was the good part, the rest of his expierience sucked ass and cost him/his family about a hundred grand)
2003-01-29 03:35:25 PM  
that'll learn those kids to stop playing ball in my yard!
2003-01-29 03:35:47 PM  
2003-01-29 03:36:02 PM  
What an asshole. They should have charged him rent. Wasting our tax money like that and he wasn't even convicted.
2003-01-29 03:42:27 PM  
I've been to Jami-land. What a shiathole. We should spare the earth and drop a nuke on it.
2003-01-29 03:43:24 PM  
Lucky for him he's not in Texas or they probably would have executed him years ago.
2003-01-29 03:44:35 PM  
true but in Texas, you become a celebrity if you are killed
2003-01-29 03:45:10 PM  
2003-01-29 03:45:17 PM  
Warden Brubaker is getting things cleaned up. It's just a good thing he was set free before he could disclose the location of all the unmarked graves of inmates. And before he was run up the flag pole.
2003-01-29 03:47:19 PM  
Hey!! 29 years of my hard earned tax dollars to support this lowlife?!?!

You've been paying taxes in Jamaica for 29 years?
2003-01-29 03:54:46 PM  
MacGyver would have gotten out of prison by building a working helicopter with only an empty tube of toothpaste and a pillow.

2003-01-29 04:00:25 PM  
01-29-03 03:27:28 PM CanuckGuy
I bet he won't be busting any more windows

Hell, if I were him, I'd be finding the original judge's house and use his face to bust every last farking window in the place.

2003-01-29 04:06:09 PM  
yeah, this is just plain wrong. NO AMOUNT of money will make up for him losing all that time. damn, 77? he's 'bout dead as it is. Jamaica sucks and i'm not afraid to say it!
2003-01-29 04:13:17 PM  
>>Hey!! 29 years of my hard earned tax dollars to support this lowlife?!?!
>You've been paying taxes in Jamaica for 29 years?

Maveno smokesalot...
2003-01-29 04:16:15 PM  
I think the only thing mcguyver would be working in a jamaican jail is a tube of KY. And a sore arse!
2003-01-29 04:31:48 PM  

Yes. I smoke & buy, therefore the funds I am spending on my ganja support the terrorists in Jamaica.. err..I mean pay the taxes in Jamaica..

uh oh... I feel like I'm becoming pregnant!!
2003-01-29 05:24:39 PM  
Upon his release last April, Mr Nettleford complained about years of abuse in prison, saying conditions were "terrible and wicked".

Ya Mon, but evvy ting be irie now.
2003-01-29 05:31:04 PM  
The guy was found incompetent to stand trial and was supposed to be held until he randomly got over it? No mention of treatment, nothing?

I'm all in favor of punishing crime. I think punishment is a better deterrent that rehab for criminals, but I'm for treating chem depenedent (once or twice but not forever) and treating those who are nuts.

You can lock them up forever but not in a regular prision. There's no purpose.
2003-01-29 05:41:21 PM  
And now he wants a free ride? Jeez, that's the problem, I tell ay. These people lie around on their asses in proson, and then an apology isn't good enough, no, they want money.

He wouldn't have had that much money by now if he'd ben free - he'd have had to spend it on rent and food.

Besides, how much is freedom worth? Minimim wage for 29 years?
2003-01-29 07:09:04 PM  
heh the first thing I thought of when I saw this headline was Jean Valijean.. Glad Im not the only one
2003-01-29 07:20:59 PM  
So What Cha in here fo mon? "Puff! Puff!"

Breaking a Window Mon! "Puff! Puff!"
2003-01-29 10:41:29 PM  
Even Valjean only got 19 years. (Five years for what you did, the rest because you tried to run.)
2003-01-30 08:11:15 AM  
I wonder how many windows that jamacan jail had...
2003-01-30 11:10:19 AM  
Let's put the FARKING judge in prison until he shows improvement.
2003-01-30 11:13:03 AM  

He would have been sent to a larger parish.
2003-01-30 12:44:13 PM  
jamaican years mon, smoke de ganga an it be long time, mon...
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