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(KOTV)   Man discovers woman being sexually assaulted, shoots and kills the attacker   ( divider line
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24670 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Jan 2003 at 9:01 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-01-27 02:31:24 PM  
That was a poorly written article. Not enough details. Were the victim and assailant in a car? Did the shooter fire before or after the perp tried to run him (them?) over? Is the woman OK? What were the relationships, if any? Enquiring minds want to know.
2003-01-27 02:37:31 PM  
"Hey you, get your damn hands off her."
2003-01-27 02:50:11 PM  
It's pretty sketchy, yeah, Yosarian, but the article does mention that the shooter fired after the perp tried to run them (she got away from the guy, I take it?) down.
2003-01-27 03:05:34 PM  
Hardly enough information in the article to comment on, but if it shakes out like the headline implies then this guy is for sure a HERO.
2003-01-27 03:08:17 PM  
Did the hero just happen to be packing heat for a stroll downtown?
Either way - Goodbye psycho rapist/murderer. Good riddance.
2003-01-27 03:14:47 PM  
and thus the "cars are more dangerous than guns" arguement falls appart for the pro gun nuts.
2003-01-27 03:21:51 PM  
That's a fallacy too though, Just_Another_Arsehole. Knives are more dangerous than guns. Haven't you ever heard of cops being stabbed to death, with a gun still in the holster?
2003-01-27 04:34:17 PM  
Hero? This guy was an asshat. Why do men always seize every opportunity to keep women down? If she'd needed his help, she would've asked for it,...hello...
Women are stronger than you know & have suffered in a male dominated society long enough. Now a woman has to deal with 2 indignities at once?? WTF. When God created man She was only kidding.

[/channeling Helen Reddy]
2003-01-27 04:35:17 PM  
and thus the "cars are more dangerous than guns" arguement falls appart for the pro gun nuts.

I have a gun that turns into a car. Most. Deadly. Weapon. Evar.
2003-01-27 05:58:50 PM  
Sounds like a case of self-defence, as well as protecting the poor woman. Give the guy a medal!
2003-01-27 06:54:05 PM  
01-27-03 03:08:17 PM Yosarian
Did the hero just happen to be packing heat for a stroll downtown?

Well, I usually pack heat for a stroll downtown. But that's just me. Anyway yeah the details on this is sketchy at best. If he shot and killed someone trying to run them down yes he's a hero. Otherwise...well, we just don't know. As far as finding someone sexually assaulting someone and don't know the full details? Well, sometimes it is just better to dial 911 and leave this up to the National Guard.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-27 06:55:21 PM  
Hmm, that HTML didn't come out too well...
2003-01-27 07:24:35 PM  
If only we all could carry weapons and shoot at criminals. Every man and women who do not have criminal records, show proficiency with a weapon, and are willing to carry a firearm, should be allowed to carry a weapon. there would be blood everywhere, but it would be the blood of people we don't really need around anyway.
2003-01-27 07:24:59 PM  
Bump Interesting and inspiring post...
2003-01-27 09:05:05 PM  
If that woman was stupid enough to get into a car driven by a drunken stranger then she deserved to be raped.
2003-01-27 09:05:20 PM  
He scores! He shoots!

Damn that was backasswards...
2003-01-27 09:06:03 PM  
Actually we should just incorporate Krav Maga training into our school systems so attackers would think twice before attacking or atleast think about it while laying in a hospital bed.
2003-01-27 09:06:08 PM  
So, the car ok?
2003-01-27 09:06:20 PM  
I hate media stories that start out this way: "A Tulsa man shoots and kills another man who police believe was sexually assaulting a woman."

1) It happened in the past
2) Is that even a complete sentence? (isn't it a fragment?)

2003-01-27 09:06:27 PM  
Of course, the woman was a [image from too old to be available] for getting in the car in the first place...
2003-01-27 09:06:48 PM  
While I won't shed any tears about some perv getting dusted, what the fark was the woman thinking asking for a ride home with somebody who's already drinking before noon?
2003-01-27 09:07:01 PM  
The way the headline listed it was all there was to it the man would go to prison in my state. You cannot use deadly force to stop sexual assault here. However, as soon as the guy tried to run him down and then did it again he was in the clear to shoot.
2003-01-27 09:07:04 PM  
The shooting is condoned because he was in imminent danger of being squashed.
2003-01-27 09:08:21 PM  
I'd hit it.
2003-01-27 09:08:40 PM  
With power comes responsibility. I don't know that I'd want Americas youth having that kind of knowlege under thier belts, call me a cynic.
2003-01-27 09:08:48 PM  
I'm so surprised this happened in Oklahoma.
2003-01-27 09:09:31 PM  
guns don't kill people, bullets kill people. Guns just get the bullet to their target

either way, one less rapist got riddance
2003-01-27 09:09:32 PM  
His family said he goes to church did they happen to say the church of SATAN?
and just because he does go to church and has a family i guess he could never rape someone.
well all the rapist's and murder's who go to church and have family's should be let out of jail.

if he was trying to rape her he got what he had coming to him!
2003-01-27 09:10:21 PM  
Was it Robocop?
2003-01-27 09:10:34 PM  
Nice, this seems to be a case of completely justifiable homicide. The shooter has nothing to feel sorry for. I *LOVE* justifiable homicide

Here's what I got from the not-too-coherent article

Victim Woman is screaming
Gun Man sees Rape Man and Victim Woman
Gun Man calls police
Gun Man tells Rape Man to stop
Rape Man hits Gun Man with car
Rape Man tries to hit Gun Man again
Gun Man uses Gun Power
Rape Man retreats to Castle of Death
2003-01-27 09:10:38 PM  
Kudos to the Knight In Shining Armour, but surely stomping the guy's face into the pavement would suffice. That way he can still answer questions (if only by nodding), and then find out from Bubba what it's like to be raped.
2003-01-27 09:11:01 PM  
Me not talk proper

"either way, one less rapist. Good riddance"
2003-01-27 09:11:57 PM  
the poor bastard had it backwards, you're supposed to get the WOMAN drunk, THEN rape her.

seriously though, definately worth the "hero" tag.
2003-01-27 09:12:01 PM  
I'm guessing Faddisphere ain't got no girl babies...what the fark is that? What do we know of what went on between the dead guy and the woman? How many men haven't had one too many and listened to the wrong head? While it doesn't sound like the shooter did a damn thing wrong, and he (and the woman) certainly were less deserving of death.. somebody HAD to die in this tawdry little scene?... TOTALLY farked up!
2003-01-27 09:12:10 PM  
I was under the impression that in all states, a firearm can be used to stop a Felony in progress and/or to protect somebody from immediate potentially deadly harm.

"Good... bad... I'm the guy with the gun."
2003-01-27 09:12:24 PM  
StopArrestingMe: Seeing how Gun Man called the cops before shooting at him, I don't see any reason to blame him at all if things actually went down as this poorly written article described
2003-01-27 09:13:27 PM  
Self-defense cases are rarely this cut-and-dried.

Very poorly-written article though.

As far as calling the police -- it's a necessary step, but if you think the cops are likely to get there in time to stop a sexual assault in progress, well [insert Brooklyn Bridge joke here].
2003-01-27 09:13:36 PM  
Hey Bump:
You're in Winston-Salem? I used to live there when I was studying at Wake Forest. Neat town I think! If you like Mayberry that is. And I do.

Gotta love Pilot Mountain. (Mt. Pilot)

. ~ Pinky ~ .
2003-01-27 09:15:10 PM  
i have an idea!

im going to attempt to rape myself, then shoot myself, and become a hero!
2003-01-27 09:15:16 PM  
stomping the guy's face into the pavement would suffice.

Thanks a lot. I'm having visions of American History X now.

2003-01-27 09:15:42 PM  
CraftyBernado: You should move.
2003-01-27 09:16:01 PM  
Hmm...I'm detecting a bit of a liberal doublestandard, here. So, you shouldn't have a gun unless you are protecting women, or possibly protecting the environment or multiculturalism?
2003-01-27 09:16:49 PM  
It must be hard for anti-gunners to keep track of how many times their beliefs are invalidated every day of the year. Accurate statistics aren't their strong point in the first place.
2003-01-27 09:17:06 PM  
Wireguy: The whole situation is farked up, I agree. We don't know exactly what happened in the car or what the attempted rapist was thinking. He likely thought his own life was in jeopardy once the guy pulled a gun on him and reacted by trying to run him over. He did not deserve death for the attmepted rape, but it became fuzzy once he tried to kill the other guy.
2003-01-27 09:18:19 PM  
Why is Rush Limbaugh's pic above this article? Did he get demoted?
2003-01-27 09:18:20 PM  
Is going to church and having a "family" a get out of jail free card? If you go to church and get shot while raping someone do you still get to go to heaven?
2003-01-27 09:18:47 PM  
Great, some drunk 25 year old waves his dick at a fifty year old woman and gets blown away for it
2003-01-27 09:18:54 PM  
Bondith - Wouldn't a pedestrian have trouble beating up someone who's in a car? Especially if that person was trying to run them over.
2003-01-27 09:19:35 PM  
ArnoldLayne: There's a few hundred Catholic priests who would love that answered for them.
2003-01-27 09:19:38 PM  
One more person dead because of guns! When are we going to ban these evil instruments of destruction?
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