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(Sun Sentinel)   Two charged - in Bahama - for eating barbecued iguana.   ( divider line
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2009-02-08 05:53:42 PM  
No comprende, it's a riddle.
2009-02-08 05:54:43 PM  
I understand just a comprende, it's a riddle
2009-02-08 05:55:44 PM  
2009-02-08 05:56:32 PM  

/now we're even.
2009-02-08 06:08:50 PM  
What does he say?
2009-02-08 06:20:10 PM  
I'm on a Mexican radio!
2009-02-08 06:20:38 PM  
. . . the US inflation.
2009-02-08 06:20:39 PM  
I wish I was in...

Oh wait, no I don't.
2009-02-08 06:20:46 PM  
I hear the talking of the DJ
Can't understand just what does he say?
2009-02-08 06:21:21 PM  
These men are part of a lizard oriented organized crime ring. Their boss is a mysterious figure known as the Iguana Don!

/Talk about the US inflation!
//The other lyrics were taken.
2009-02-08 06:22:04 PM  
I feel the hot wind
On my shoulder
And inside my

2009-02-08 06:22:12 PM  
It tastes like Chicken!
2009-02-08 06:22:24 PM  
Wash it down with some Nuka Cola
2009-02-08 06:23:27 PM  
I wish I was in Tijuana
2009-02-08 06:24:45 PM  
Can't understand just what does he say?
2009-02-08 06:25:08 PM  
Mexican Whoa-O Radio

+1 subby
2009-02-08 06:25:43 PM  
I'm on a wavelength far from home.
2009-02-08 06:26:18 PM  
Did they do it because someone called them and asked them to?

/too subtle?
2009-02-08 06:26:51 PM  
I was a PFC on a search patrol, hunting Charlie down

/Wait, wrong country...
2009-02-08 06:27:42 PM  
Was it on a stick?
2009-02-08 06:27:46 PM  

I buy the product but never use it.
2009-02-08 06:29:11 PM  
Hey, has anyone else noticed that the headline is referencing the song "Mexican Radio" by Wall of Voodoo?
2009-02-08 06:35:14 PM  
i140.photobucket.comView Full Size

2009-02-08 06:35:25 PM  
Is there only one Bahama now?
2009-02-08 06:35:31 PM  
I wish I was in Tiawanna . . .

/ no I didn't spell it wrong
// her mother did!
2009-02-08 06:35:50 PM  

VRaptor117: Hey, has anyone else noticed that the headline is referencing the song "Mexican Radio" by Wall of Voodoo?

Now that was funny.
2009-02-08 06:36:01 PM  
I'm on a wavelength far from home.
2009-02-08 06:37:58 PM  
Stile4aly: Final Fantasy or Dragon Warrior


markdamonhughes.comView Full Size
2009-02-08 06:40:06 PM  
I understand
Just a little

/Stan is touring soon
//one of the best, he is.
2009-02-08 06:40:28 PM  
oops, wrong tab
2009-02-08 06:41:36 PM  
Link to the video (new window) for the totally confused.
2009-02-08 06:41:47 PM  

lordargent: Stile4aly: Final Fantasy or Dragon Warrior


Jebus, now that's old school.

/thought I was old school
//finishing up a game of Civ2 this afternoon
2009-02-08 06:41:56 PM  
Jenny says, "turn off the video".

/wait, what?
2009-02-08 06:42:10 PM  

LaChanz: No comprende, it's a riddle.

and so tasty, on the griddle!

/no one's dug up the photos yet?
2009-02-08 06:45:32 PM  
wallofvoodoo.comView Full Size

/yeah, it's hot, ask the lizard if you don't believe me
2009-02-08 06:51:18 PM  
Pollo de los arboles, muy sabroso.
2009-02-08 06:54:22 PM  
I guess I'd like if the article reported more on whether they knew they were killing endangered species. While not a good excuse, it makes a difference in my opinion of them depending on whether they were doing it purposefully, or just thought it would be a lark to eat an iguana. And at least they were eating it, not killing for sport or trophy.
2009-02-08 06:54:47 PM  
did they go their specifically to eat an lizard?
couldn't they have bought one from a pet store?
2009-02-08 06:56:42 PM  
wish i was in tijuana...
2009-02-08 06:57:59 PM  
All we hear is radio BBQ
Radio BBQua
Radio BBQ
All we hear is radio BBQ
Iguana Someone loves eating you

/doesn't quite work out, but it's still fun
2009-02-08 06:58:17 PM  
Judge: Why did you eat the endangered iguana?
Defendants: We were starving.
Judge: What did it taste like?
Defendants: Like a rare spotted owl.
2009-02-08 06:58:18 PM  
Beautiful, subby. Awesome taste.
2009-02-08 07:00:05 PM  
If BBQ is a crime, then lock me up.
2009-02-08 07:00:24 PM  
The first concert I ever saw was Wall of Voodoo opening for Oingo Boingo so I am really getting a kick out of these responses.

For real this time!

/Salt Lake "Cow Palace"
//whole venue smaller than most arena stages
2009-02-08 07:01:00 PM  
WOODY: "Grapefruit sections, two poached eggs, cinnamon toast, regular coffee."

(Cook piles a heap of lizard meat on Woody's tray.)

WOODY: "Perfect."
2009-02-08 07:01:34 PM  
Another Facebook-related crime.

/+1 submitster
2009-02-08 07:04:46 PM  
damn you Subby, now that song is stuck in my head

/at least it's a good song
//unlike, say, Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
///and then something happened and something else happened and this song will go on FOREVERRRRRR
////yes, I know I'm a dick
2009-02-08 07:05:49 PM  

VRaptor117: Hey, has anyone else noticed that the headline is referencing the song "Mexican Radio" by Wall of Voodoo?

It is?

Oh, NOW I get it.

/returns to thoughts of the US inflation.
2009-02-08 07:06:13 PM  
Listen, we can't ALL be on a Mexican radio. Things just aren't that big, you know? I propose we all sit down and figure this one out as adults.
2009-02-08 07:10:18 PM  
This is bad news...for Bahama.
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