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(MSNBC)   Oakland fans don't care that Raiders lost, riot anyways   ( divider line
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12414 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Jan 2003 at 10:10 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-01-27 10:05:40 AM  
what a bunch of asshats.
2003-01-27 10:11:22 AM  
What a bunch of crybaby loser poopeaters.
2003-01-27 10:15:31 AM  
As I suspected... they were gonna riot no matter what.
2003-01-27 10:15:51 AM  
Explain to me how torching your own city shows your love for it? Is this like "OJ Syndrome"?
2003-01-27 10:16:05 AM  
From what I saw on the news it was mostly teenage african-american kids who were looking for any excuse to riot.
2003-01-27 10:16:43 AM  
Like no one saw that coming.

Assbag Raider fans will riot either way.
2003-01-27 10:17:30 AM  
Can't we all just get along?
2003-01-27 10:17:37 AM  
*watches Smegma dangle flamebait from stick*
2003-01-27 10:17:47 AM  
2003-01-27 10:18:01 AM  
It's not weather you win or lose, it's how much stuff you damage after the game....
2003-01-27 10:18:52 AM  
Did anyone NOT see this comeing? Seams like oakland/la/Cali. riot if it's a monday they're not happy with
2003-01-27 10:18:55 AM  
I tried to post an article that suggests an alternative to Oakland fans being a bunch of whiny biatches. Something about politics in Colombia? I guess Raider fans are pissed about the rising cost of coke.
2003-01-27 10:18:59 AM  
On the news lastnight as well, the newscaster said something like they are not doing all these actions because the Raiders lost, but rather because the Raiders actually got to the Super Bowl. Man, thats some great logic right there, burning buildings and cars to celebrate gettign to the Super Bowl.
2003-01-27 10:19:12 AM  
Raider riot! I wonder if biker gangs are involved.
2003-01-27 10:19:32 AM  
Hey, at least they're not fair weather fans.
2003-01-27 10:19:35 AM  
nothing like the post superbowl drunken riots
2003-01-27 10:19:36 AM  
Anybody else remember the superbowl parade in Dallas? Sounds like the same idiotic young men. Don't these people work?
2003-01-27 10:19:42 AM  
I've never understood these people that go out into a city and fark shiat up b/c of what happens in a sports event...
2003-01-27 10:19:43 AM  
Seems like they riot at the drop of a hat over there. I'm starting to think that the rioting after the Rodney King verdict wasn't such a big deal. It's merely common.
2003-01-27 10:19:50 AM  
Just think how bad it would have been if the Raiders had actually won that game.
2003-01-27 10:20:25 AM  
God bless OakTown

/goes back to being pissed about the BS Marijuana = teen pregnancy commmercial...
2003-01-27 10:20:45 AM  
When asked what sound the police car made, Bubb Rubb responded:
[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-27 10:20:47 AM  
Meanwhile, Tampa Bay fans got righteously sloshed, and probably won't be at work today.

Gotta love the difference in mindsets.

That's why I loved it when the Rams won the Super Bowl in 99. You have to love it when a city that isn't used to winning takes it, and still has their shiat together enough not to burn the whole damned city down.

Another reason why the Red Wings shouldn't win another Cup. Like THEY need an excuse to torch anything.
2003-01-27 10:20:53 AM  
Oakland Whiners!

Your fans suck, no riots in Tampa!
2003-01-27 10:21:02 AM  
Would the viloent destruction of the world be triggered if Oakland lost the super bowl at the same time that a soccer match ended poorly in Wembly Staduim?
2003-01-27 10:22:40 AM  
What a shock that people in Oakland know how to riot....
2003-01-27 10:22:46 AM  
"Meanwhile, Tampa Bay fans got righteously sloshed, and probably won't be at work today."

It's quiet as a tomb in my office today. I feel like hell, stayed up way too late last night.
2003-01-27 10:22:48 AM  
Raider Fans just showing their diehard devotion to the team. Win or lose, they support the Silver and Black.
2003-01-27 10:24:14 AM  
See, this is why I like Michigan; we're never gonna get to the superbowl, so no riots. We have plenty of gang murders, though.

It's a delicate balancing act.
2003-01-27 10:24:46 AM  
Presumably this would make them, in American eyes at least, "football hooligans"?

I mean, obviously in the eyes of the rest of the world they would be seen as "girl-rugby hooligans" but that's beside the point.

"Do you... are you...

Are you aware there are other countries?"
2003-01-27 10:24:53 AM  
Perhaps they are rioting cuz they missed the Miller Lite girls goin' at it again. I did. Anyone else catch it (if there WAS one)?

Oh, and Oakland sux. Boo-hoo!!!!

yuk, yuk, yuk....
2003-01-27 10:25:09 AM  
Oooh, soccer hooligans vs. super bowl hooligans.
2003-01-27 10:25:17 AM  
"Ya call that a soccer riot!? C'mon boys, let's take 'em ta school!"

-Groundskeeper Willy
2003-01-27 10:25:38 AM  
For the record:

1) I am not a teenager;

2) I am not african-american;

3) I do not live in Oakland;


4) I am looking for any excuse to riot.
2003-01-27 10:25:42 AM  
Your team wins the big game, riot!

Your team looses the big game, riot!

This seems to be becoming a trend and may spell the end of sports in this country. Hosting cities wills tart making teams put up a security bond to pay for the rioting of their fans.

Rioting over a game, win or loose, STUPID!
2003-01-27 10:26:22 AM  

"Raider Fans just showing their diehard devotion to the team."

Noooooo...Raider Fans showing their diehard devotion to destruction and mayhem.

Throw the lot of them in jail, and be done with it.

Oh, and throw Bill Romanowski in there as well for good measure.
2003-01-27 10:27:04 AM  
hey, Chastain86

cuz Detroit sustained tons of damage durring the last 3 cups we won...
2003-01-27 10:27:08 AM  
And so the internet message board trend of using "loose" for "lose" begins...
2003-01-27 10:27:36 AM  
Remember theold saying Raiders fans:

You didn't lose, you ran out of time....(thank god, because the score would have been 123 to 21).

Still, it sucks the bucs won.
2003-01-27 10:28:15 AM  
They rioted because they were protesting the poor call by the refs that cost the Raiders the game: the coin toss.
2003-01-27 10:29:42 AM  
Soccer hooligans definitely win.
2003-01-27 10:29:44 AM  
Since the Steelers were the last team to beat Tampa Bay, I think that makes the Steelers the de facto champions.

Accordingly, last night, I threw my toilet out the window, torched my neighbor's car and freaked out on a buncha cops.
2003-01-27 10:29:54 AM  
Football. Fun for the whole family.
2003-01-27 10:30:14 AM  
why dont they kill each other in these riots, thereby erasing themselves from the face of the earth? Stop acting like monkeys people...
2003-01-27 10:30:33 AM  

Pop quiz, asshat:

Which of the following cities has an annual night prior to Halloween where asshat residents burn down buildings for the utter hell of it?

A) Boston
B) Halifax, Nova Scotia
C) Detroit
D) Monkey's Eyebrow, KY

If you answered (C), you are the winner! Pick up your prize, a Limited-Edition Asshat signed by none other than Charlton Heston himself!

Detroit fans are used to winning, and the only reason you don't see rioting every time your team wins the cup is they manage to get it out of their system every Devils' Night.
2003-01-27 10:30:53 AM  
If the police were to shoot a few of the rioters, the rest of them would lose all enthusiasm for it.
2003-01-27 10:31:21 AM  
The white man is keeping us down! Let's riot, over something not even remotely worth rioting over, and burn down all the black owned businesses in our own neighborhood and then fight the cops because they're oppressing us!

Keep it real!
2003-01-27 10:31:35 AM  
The crowd I was watching commercials with (one of them was paying attention to the game) kept going on about how if you shove a Raider with the ball out of bounds, it's now counted as a "tackle."

I just wanted to see the clown commercial again. It was teh funny.
2003-01-27 10:31:47 AM  
Why isn't Bush cracking down on these terrorists?
2003-01-27 10:32:53 AM  
Please refresh my memory. Does rioting ever happen after any other American sports or is it usually just after the Stupid Bowl? I don't remember this happening after any World Series or Stanley Cup Championships.
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