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(Orlando Sentinel)   Having solved all other crimes, Kissimmee police to issue $49.50 tickets to jaywalkers. All in the name of safety, of course. Bonus: Detective Clueless claims people in New York City don't jaywalk   ( divider line
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2009-02-01 12:13:56 PM  

/New Yorker
2009-02-01 12:14:28 PM  
Can I buy a 3-day or 5-day 'street-hopper' pass?

/with Mickey ears?
2009-02-01 12:14:54 PM  
I actually prefer to jaywalk on occasion, so I only have to look two ways - and not at all the other cars in turn lanes, etc.
2009-02-01 12:16:16 PM  

On the other hand, my most distinct memory of Germany is seeing all the people waiting for the green light on sidewalks, with no cars around for miles. When I crossed I got some weird looks. Kinda explains the 1930s-40s...

Come to California if you ever want a reminder how Germany was like.

/Grew up crossing busy streets back east. If you couldn't make it in one go, then you ran to the double yellow and stood there for the next break in traffic.
2009-02-01 12:17:55 PM  
gotta' make up for the taxes that the rich aren't paying because of Shrub's tax cuts for his rich friends.
2009-02-01 12:29:37 PM  
We don't jaywalk. We walk wherever the fark we goddamn please.
2009-02-01 12:34:58 PM  

Tunney: Can someone explain the point of jaywalking laws to a curious Brit? Is it a public safety thing? Plenty of countries seem to do OK without such a law.

Well, places like Canada, Singapore, Australia, and Germany have them as well. The intent is both for public safety and to help smooth traffic flow by keeping pedestrians from randomly interfering with motorists. Generally, countries that have reasonably well-run road systems have them, while places known for snarled and chaotic traffic like France and the UK do not.
2009-02-01 12:36:38 PM  
Kissimmee...Orlando's white trash cousin.
2009-02-01 12:36:51 PM  
People who can't wait for the light (when there is one) to cross a farking street drive me crazy! Around UMass Amerhst (I'm a grad student) there are college students jaywalking everywhere in the damn city. I don't mind so much the road-crossing on campus, because none of those crosswalks are metered (though for traffic flow some crossing guards between, say, 9 AM and 4 PM would be nice). It's the way they assume they can cross wherever they like whenever on the busy town streets. At night. Wearing all black.

Jaywalkers never think they might be cutting someone off that's been waiting for a chance to make their farking left turn for twenty farking minutes during rush hour.

/rant off. I feel better now.
2009-02-01 12:39:45 PM  
It could be that the law says something like, 'jaywalking shall be punishable by a fine of less than $50' or something like that.

On some offenses in some states, a fine of, say, $1000 might constitute a felony. So if they want to hammer you for it but not felony-level, they may fine you $999. Could be.

/or not
2009-02-01 12:44:59 PM  
I live in Seattle and I jaywalk all the time. I've saved hours of pointless waiting this year alone.

/ I'm the only one who does it though.
// From Chicago
2009-02-01 12:48:57 PM  

mikaloyd: Make it legal to hit idiots who are jaywalkers with a car.

That'll make em stop, or at least weed out the sqirrelyest ones

It is legal in Arizona. They may try you for manslaughter, but it shouldn't (who knows what kind of jury you'll get, or DA) be upheld. I had a cop tell me in the one driving class I had (for a ticket) that if they were jay walking you didn't have to even slow down.
2009-02-01 12:55:53 PM  
I now live in the NYC suburbs. It is actually safer for me to jaywalk from my bus stop and cross between traffic lights right into my development, as their are lights in both directions that stop traffic and I can easily time it. Legally I'm supposed to cross at the light 1/4 mile up the road and, assuming someone doesn't make the right on red into the crosswalk (or cause a chain reaction when a car does stop and someone in back of the line doesn't) walk along the non sidewalk road and hope no one decides to take a shortcut in the shoulder.

/amazing how many bus stops there where it is not safe to cross the road
//whole thing is retarded
2009-02-01 12:57:30 PM  

Barbecue Bob: How 'bout we hire less police rather than make up new crimes to police.

/Just an idea...

Rather a good idea. It won´t fly tho.
2009-02-01 12:59:11 PM  
That should boost Florida's declining tourism in this recession.
2009-02-01 01:03:03 PM  
The route my GPS sends me into certain parts of Baltimore sends me down this stretch just past Govans where crosswalks are irrelevant. People just walk in front of cars. I support citations for those people.
2009-02-01 01:08:25 PM  
The dude got lucky. I got a $80 ticket for jaywalking in Texas...
2009-02-01 01:11:00 PM  

I honestly do not see such a problem from ticketing people, It is a law, and raising public awareness to the issue could help prevent loss of life and injury, however I think the public interest would be better served if another option were used rather then a Cash fine, perhaps a certain number of community service hours, or maybe the fine with an option to serve community service hours rather then pay the fine.
2009-02-01 01:14:48 PM  

Phaid: Well, places like Canada, Singapore, Australia, and Germany have them as well. The intent is both for public safety and to help smooth traffic flow by keeping pedestrians from randomly interfering with motorists. Generally, countries that have reasonably well-run road systems have them, while places known for snarled and chaotic traffic like France and the UK do not.

2009-02-01 01:24:53 PM  

/also, in after godwin
2009-02-01 01:25:38 PM  
What kind of ignorant idiot thinks people in New York don't jaywalk?

People will support a law against absolutely anything. Oh, you're different from me? BAN!
2009-02-01 01:32:06 PM  

UnrepentantApostate: People who can't wait for the light (when there is one) to cross a farking street drive me crazy!

Wait for the light? *brain explodes*

no one in NYC waits for the light, we just wait for a gap in traffic. Just like the cars don't wait for the pedestrians, they just carefully but assertively needle through them. The point is, we don't really do waiting well, unless our lives depend on it.

And cops don't care, unless you are being reckless about it. the only jaywalking ticket I ever witnessed involved a crazy guy running in the middle of the street against traffic punching the hoods of cars as he ran
2009-02-01 01:38:31 PM  
That makes me think the people in florida don't know how to drive...hmmm, that's the ticket.

The problem with Kissimmee is that most of the people driving around there are NOT from Florida. They're tourists (the main highway through Kissimmee goes straight into Disney World).

As noted above, people have a bad tendency to try and walk across this highway. In busy 60 MPH traffic. Day or night. Oops. No, that motor home carrying the Johnson family from Minnesota can't swerve around you.

(On the other hand, the dumbest jaywalkers I've seen were the ones in Philadelphia. They just walk right out in front of whatever traffic is there, and not only do they not look, they're universally startled when the drivers honk at them. "Where did those cars come from? It's a large city in the middle of the day - who would expect traffic?")
2009-02-01 01:41:00 PM  
It's a social contract, people. Pedestrians wait for crossing signals, and drivers do not drive while the crossing signal is on.

When there are no signals, just try and be polite. I'm not going to ding you for being a little assertive in those situations.

As for jerk pedestrians: remember, the car will do a hell of a lot more damage to you than you will to it. Sure, you'll get a big money payout if you get hit by a car, but how much can you enjoy it if you are dead or a quadraplegic?
2009-02-01 01:42:50 PM  
They can write all the tickets they want. Doesn't mean people will pay them. Me, if I were a tourist I'd toss it in the trash and move on. They could never collect. That and they'd loose a lot more money in lost revenue from pissed off shoppers.

Besides - If there is no traffic, what's the point of having to walk a another 75 yards to some crosswalk and back to cross the street.
Hell - here the closet crosswalk may be a half mile away.
2009-02-01 02:21:49 PM  
boston.comView Full Size
2009-02-01 02:30:57 PM  
"As an example of how hopeless California is, when I first got there, a policeman gave me a ticket for jaywalking. You have to understand the kind of people that live in California. They are willing to stand, passive and inert, on a curb, when absolutely no traffic is coming, or maybe just a little traffic that could easily be dodged. They simply stand there obediently and wait for an electric light to give them permission to proceed. I couldn't believe this cop. I laughed at him. The ticket cost me about twenty dollars in 1966. Since that time, I figure I have jaywalked an additional thousand times or so without being caught. fark that lame-ass cop! I've managed to pro-rate that ticked town to about two cents a jaywalk
- George Carlin
2009-02-01 02:46:57 PM  
bmr68: [image]

Look at the very bottom of that image.

lordargent.comView Full Size

seesaw swingin' with the boys in the school
and your feet flyin' up in the air
singin' "hey diddle diddle"
with your kitty in the middle of the swing
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like this!
2009-02-01 02:53:01 PM  
Surprised that this (pops) wasn't done yet.
2009-02-01 03:01:11 PM  

what_now: I got hit by a car while walking in a crosswalk, with the light. It may have been karma from the four years I spent as a BU student, wandering blithely around Commonwealth Avenue.

I've been missed by an inch about three times in the crosswalk with a clear red light. I gave up and started jaywalking, it's safer for me. In my hometown, there tends to be one crosswalk at a four way stop. That was hilarious. When I'm in NYC, I just cross with a group of people most of the time. The people and the drivers both ignore the lights.

In Sacramento, I tried to not jaywalk, but frequently that meant walking half a mile in the wrong direction to cross a street just to walk a half a mile back to where I needed to be. Kind of a waste of time, especially when there were divides in the middle of the highways that I could easily wait at and stay out of the way of people driving.
2009-02-01 03:13:40 PM  
It's a good thing I live down the road in Saint Cloud.

...Of course, the SCPD can be really anal themselves with traffic violations. Ain't been caught yet, but you'd better not speed down Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway if you don't want a ticket.
2009-02-01 03:34:33 PM  
Ticket price went up today by $10 to $59.50 along with most other fines (some did not change).
2009-02-01 03:55:37 PM  
Driving through china town, in San Francisco, was a new experience for me. Every jaywalker, though they appeared to be unaware of me and my car, ended up directly in front of my bumper as our paths would cross. It could be interesting to vary the speed radically to watch their reaction.

We were taught to look both ways before crossing. I'm not quit sure where their heads are at.
2009-02-01 04:05:25 PM  
From what I've been given to understand, "jaywalking" is *not* crossing against the signal, it's turning 90 degrees from one street to another without touching the sidewalk or curb. You're making a "J" shape across the intersection.

I could see ticketing for crossing against the signal, but ticketing for jaywalking is ridiculous.
2009-02-01 04:19:57 PM  

munchkinette: It's just tempting fate. Who HASN'T wanted to mow down a bunch of Disney-zombies?

I want to everyday.
2009-02-01 04:41:16 PM  
Everyone definitely does jaywalk in NYC and NJ. The cops could not give a shiat less...they have more important things to do (supposedly). In Las Vegas however you will more than likely get arrested for jaywalking. Yes I know...I had that same reaction too.
2009-02-01 04:44:51 PM  
Kissimmee is a shiathole. Anyone planning an Orlando vacation is advised to stay away from Kissimmee. The overzealous police force loves to ticket tourists for stupid things.
2009-02-01 10:37:18 PM  

Can someone explain the point of jaywalking laws to a curious Brit? Is it a public safety thing? Plenty of countries seem to do OK without such a law.

Well, I live in the Tampa Bay general area of Florida. -Our- jaywalkers just barrel out into the middle of the road, many not bothering to look left -or- right to see if anything huge is coming along to smoosh them. I highly support ticketing that behavior.

Contradictorily, I don't support careful jawywalking. Our intersectins are scary. Someone crossing an empty section of road two hundred yards from Ping Pong the Traffic Nightmare should -not- get a ticket. Jo-Jo the Blinder Zombie should.
2009-02-01 10:38:32 PM  
God, my fingers hate me. Re: the previous comment, careful and well-thought out jaywalking should -not- be ticketed.
2009-02-01 10:46:53 PM  
Are you supposed to give them the ticket after they get hit?

That actually happened to somebody at my school once.
2009-02-02 06:53:52 AM  

GaryPDX: Gee, never saw that coming. I know I know, they have a horrendous jaywalking problem, it's a public emergency, right?

We do, actually. We have a six lane highway running through town and a bunch of clueless tourists trying to make a mad dash across the road.
2009-02-02 07:40:36 AM  

cirby: Kissimmee isn't that big of a city (50,000), and 220 people hit by cars in one year while jaywalking? That's insane. Even allowing for most of the accidents involving tourists, it's way too high.

The whole Central Florida area is known for pedestrian and bicycle fatalities - worst in the country, per capita.

...and yeah, jaywalking tickets for idiot-level jaywalking sound like a really good idea, along with plain old traffic enforcement in general. If you don't do something blatantly stupid right in front of a police car, you generally get away with it.

It's tourists. The town itself may have only 50K residents, but I bet you most of the jaywalking injuries are yokels from Omaha running across the road from Medieval Times to Walgreens to get some Pepto-Bismol.

Kissimmee is a tourist hell for families that can't afford to stay at Disney World.
2009-02-02 07:44:21 AM  

pc_gator: Kissimmee...Orlando's white trash cousin.

And that's saying something. Like if Hitler had an evil twin.
2009-02-02 10:05:40 PM  
Ahh, Florida...

I'm not sure if Kissimmee has this or not, but I remember seeing quite a few areas in southern Orlando where sidewalks are fenced off... not really for the safety of pedestrians, but for the convenience of the motorists. This is usually on 6-8 lane suburban superhighways lined with strip malls and gated housing developments.
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