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(   Radio station fined for contest where people sit on block of dry ice. Skin grafts ensue   ( divider line
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4971 clicks; posted to Main » on 24 Jan 2003 at 10:58 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-01-24 11:00:55 PM  
2003-01-24 11:01:12 PM  
2003-01-24 11:02:24 PM  
although the radio station promoted the stupid stunt, i still think the contestants(fools) deserve what they got.
2003-01-24 11:03:56 PM  
I once got blind drunk on tequila and held a piece of dry ice in my hand on a bet.

The scar still hurts like a beotch.
2003-01-24 11:04:37 PM  
What is worse is the fact that, for all ther troubles, the "prize" was probably tickets to witness *NSYNC.
2003-01-24 11:05:47 PM  
But who won?
2003-01-24 11:06:38 PM  
I got beat to it but only one person can be Weeners...
[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-24 11:07:29 PM  
The stupidity of the general public never ceases to amaze me.
2003-01-24 11:07:50 PM  
Ah. Typing in 'f*rst to post' turns into Weeners...
2003-01-24 11:08:47 PM  
Dry ice is fun to play with if you don't sit on it. If you drop it in acetone, you can use it to liquify ammonia.
And then you can dissolve potassium metal in the ammonia and turn it blue.
2003-01-24 11:09:53 PM  
cheating always pays.
2003-01-24 11:10:34 PM  
Can we get an ASSinine tag?

Seriously, if the people are dumb enough to do something like that then gety get what they asked for. Wasn't there a radio show that this dude got free tickets for shooting himself in the foot? I want to say people also subjected themselves to a taser for tickets, too, but I can't locate a news link.

They're cattle. Herd them, shoot them, sit them on blocks of ice. Asshats.
2003-01-24 11:10:37 PM  
Dry ice is one of the best things about getting an Omaha Steaks package in the mail. Good times.
2003-01-24 11:12:32 PM  
Adkins escaped serious burns because she was wearing padding during the contest

She cheated!
Does she get penalized or something?
2003-01-24 11:13:21 PM  
I once held a piece of dry ice next to my forearm. It shrunk a hole about .25 inch deep, it looked really weird and now I have a nice scar ;) We also used to drop small pieces of it into our beer bottles and drink it, thinking about it now it would not be fun if one of us accidentally swallowed it :/
2003-01-24 11:13:46 PM  
Wait until that station's Russian Roulette contest gets through the courts. That fine will be outrageous.
2003-01-24 11:15:27 PM  
I would call them an asshat, but I'm afraid they might then try to stick their heads on some dry ice. So I'll leave it at that. But just wondering if the hookers will give me some action if I offer them some dry ice.
2003-01-24 11:16:03 PM  
Retards. although i give kudos to adkins. good thinking on the padding. asshats.
2003-01-24 11:17:42 PM  
They should bare their bottoms on page 3 of The Sun.
2003-01-24 11:22:29 PM  
2003-01-24 11:22:46 PM  
"....and permanent scars was today fined STG15,000 ($A41,300) by the courts. "

WTF is STG15000 ...and $A41300 doesn't clear things up for me....
2003-01-24 11:26:01 PM  
I think they (the contestants) should be sued by the public for any potential damage the human gene pool may incure due to them breeding with other humans.
2003-01-24 11:26:58 PM  
10 weeks in the hospital for skin grafts! Fark that! Of course, it's their fault.
2003-01-24 11:27:21 PM  
One word....


2003-01-24 11:27:50 PM  
Thankfuly they had a printer handy...
2003-01-24 11:30:24 PM  
Those contestants all turned out to be half-assed.
2003-01-24 11:33:46 PM  
These people literally had their asses handed to them.
2003-01-24 11:34:03 PM  
Needs the 'NUMBASS' tag...
2003-01-24 11:37:00 PM  
WTF is STG15000 ...and $A41300 doesn't clear things up for me

STG could be sterling. $A means Australia dollars.
2003-01-24 11:39:50 PM  
*lafs* at NUMBASS!
2003-01-24 11:41:53 PM  
I've seen this story a few times today and it's not clear to me if the contestants were told it was ice or dry ice they'd be sitting on. If they were lead to believe it was H2O then a 15K fine isn't enough and someone should be doing time. There's a big difference between an endurance contest and negligence due to ignorance of the laws of physics.

BillyWilly: STG=Pounds Sterling A$=Australian Dollars
2003-01-24 11:43:31 PM  
I think it's hilarious that the 16 year old was the cheater.
2003-01-24 11:43:36 PM  
and a new liposuction technique is born. just freeze it off!
2003-01-24 11:43:48 PM  
Ok, so $A41300 is Aussie? That equats to about $4.00 US?
2003-01-24 11:44:26 PM  
DoH! equats=equates
2003-01-24 11:50:00 PM  
The "Dry Ice Death" is a good way to theoretically remove someone from this planet. I have always wondered if it would much can go wrong, and I am unfamiliar with what happens to a person if and when they become oxygen deprived due to breathing mostly carbon dioxide. A friend of mine in the catering business once said that when he worked in the dry ice locker cutting slabs for catered food transport, there was always a buddy system; workers would get dizzy if they stayed in the locker too long...then they would get tired, and then pass out--overcome by the CO2. And he always said being on the floor of that place would be lethal. It got me thinking about this method.

And one time, I saw a special about this unusual place in Africa that was near volcanic/geological activity. It was a crevice in the earth that expelled CO2. Animals that would get caught in the low lying pits and sunken areas would die...Then larger predators would smell the decaying animal, go into the depression, and die themselves...then the scavenging birds would go in and die...and the cycle would repeat until nothing came and the meat decomposed and was taken away by insects or more tolerant scavengers. Anyways, here..

This presumes an awful lot. You need access to the person's home. But after that, all you have to do is:

1) Sneak into someone's bedroom while they are sleeping, after turning off their air coonditioning.
2) Lay out five to ten deep dish metal tray containers on the ground, along the sides of their bed
3) Fill each container half way with warm water
4) Spread about 20 lbs. of dry ice into each container (for 12x20 room)
5) Leave the room, making sure beforhand to seal (air tight) any openings--doors, closets, low windows, floor vents-- beneath the elevation of the sleeping person's nose and mouth.
6) Wait patiently for three hours as pure Carbon Dioxide fills the room from bottom to top. Make sure one airway exists in high spot of the room (upper vent works, but open window above elevation of victim is ideal.) The open airway is needed to facilitate the displacement of oxygen in the room.
7) After alloted time, carefully air out the room, then retrieve your metal pans (try to place padding like towels underneath the pans to prevent carpet markings).
8) Empty water from pans into victim's bathtub.
9) Retrieve all tape and seals for doors, windows, etc.
10)Try not to leave forsensic evidence at the scene.

This little method is for entertainment purposes only, of course. I never have worked out the exact correct amounts of dry ice needed...
2003-01-24 11:55:29 PM  
...for Nothing But Net:

[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-24 11:58:31 PM  
haw farkin haw!
2003-01-25 12:07:48 AM  
n1 b0rg9
2003-01-25 12:10:22 AM  
"Adkins escaped serious burns because she was wearing padding during the contest."

Cheaters never win? Huh?...
2003-01-25 12:12:12 AM  
Fark fark. I tried to link this article at 1500 CST US. It comes up now.
2003-01-25 12:12:16 AM  
Is the FBI at your door yet?
2003-01-25 12:13:52 AM  

If they sleep in a master bedroom that is attached to a master bathroom why not just put the dry ice in the bathtub to start with?
2003-01-25 12:16:05 AM  
oh, and aussie money is worth approx half of US money. of course the exchange rate keeps changing so I'd have to look it up for today. but I'm lazy.

so I won't
2003-01-25 12:23:47 AM  
im surprised only 3 dumbasses showed up
2003-01-25 12:47:36 AM  
Adkins escaped serious burns because she was wearing padding during the contest

She cheated!

Does she get penalized or something?

she was in the woman's division of the contest. :)

2003-01-25 12:53:41 AM  
If you put dry ice in metal pans they make a loud screeching noise, would wake everyone up.
2003-01-25 12:55:05 AM  
Hmm... how smart do you have to be in order to sit on dry ice for so long that you suffer serious burns?

What dumbasses. My consolation is the certainty that these morons will soon be parted from their money, as the saying goes.
2003-01-25 01:01:01 AM  
Obviously, legislation is needed to control who has access to dry ice.

A few laws and a few billion dollars should protect the public from this dreadful menace.
2003-01-25 01:02:24 AM  
If anything, the government/hospital insurance should sue these retards for the cost of medical care for what are, after all, self-inflicted wounds.
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