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735 clicks; posted to Main » on 30 Aug 2001 at 2:45 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-08-30 02:48:10 PM  
Just another reason for why I have, and always will vote Libretarian
2001-08-30 02:48:35 PM  
I would agree with their reason except, if I save $ on beer I'm just going to buy more.
2001-08-30 02:49:21 PM  
So more beer for less is a bad thing?
2001-08-30 02:50:38 PM  
So are the Republicans and the Democrats. It's the last luxury tax that hasn't been repealed; they already got rid of the taxes on fur and yachts (watch me run out and buy one of those, just hang on while I turn in a few of my friends). Now it's time for beer and wine to come down. Imagine, once the tax is repealed, the bums on my block can afford their fix in half the panhandling-time. Then they can pass out in the alley by mid-morning and I won't have to have my windshield covered in dirt and spit from one of these squeegee-wielding good Samaritans. Hurrah!
2001-08-30 02:57:34 PM  
just when you think that there is no good left in the world...
2001-08-30 02:58:43 PM  
Libertarians geez I thought all they cared about were books and reading.
2001-08-30 02:58:46 PM  
LIBERTARIAN: the road in front of my house has ptholes in it.

SANE PERSON: so fix it.

LIB: I don't have the money.

SANE: Why?

LIB: spent it all on beer.
2001-08-30 03:00:35 PM  
Heh. My streak of article postings continues.... I'm getting seriously lucky with these lately....
2001-08-30 03:04:29 PM  
"as American as.. ..Labatt Blue"
Isn't Labatt Blue made in Canada?
2001-08-30 03:05:55 PM  
Sure... isn't Canada part of the US? I mean, Canadians pay US taxes, don't they?

Well, don't they?
2001-08-30 03:06:22 PM  
And didn't Canada vote in the 2000 election?
2001-08-30 03:08:42 PM  
God that article was LADEN with bad beer puns. A few I could take but some of those were just baaad.
2001-08-30 03:18:52 PM  
Thirdrail: Books, reading, beer and weed (not necessarily in that order.)
2001-08-30 03:20:20 PM  
God bless them and all of their good works.
2001-08-30 03:25:59 PM  
Ya... I could SWEAR Labatt's Blue was a canuk beer.
Anyway, it's nice to know there are still some good politicians left.
2001-08-30 03:28:12 PM  
LIBERTARIAN: LaBatts is Canadian?


LIB: Will this cost me any money?
2001-08-30 03:35:22 PM  
I guess we all know what party Drew belongs to now.
2001-08-30 03:36:26 PM  
seems like these guys always have good ideas but nobody has the sense to vote for them...or know much about them...

LIBERTARIAN: Let's get rid of these stupid laws which hurt more people than they help.

DEMOCRAT: Let's make laws which will help those less fortunate.

REPUBLICAN: I'm not gonna help nobody, I need a new yacht.

COMMUNIST: Let's have another vodka riot, that shiat's on point!
2001-08-30 03:39:53 PM  
You forgot one:

GREEN: Let's punish those evil businesses and hand over total control of our entire economy to the all-knowing government.
2001-08-30 03:42:36 PM  
Yer, it's the old problem... nobody is going to vote L until the LP is popular. The LP isn't going to be popular until they get votes. Whaddya gonna do?
2001-08-30 03:45:23 PM  
or how about...

ANARCHIST: Piss off!
2001-08-30 03:46:15 PM  
The same thing we do every night Undertoad, try to take over the world!
2001-08-30 03:54:53 PM  
Undertoad: The LP won't be popular until they find the right candidate.

Dear John McCain,

We need you.

The Libertarian Party
2001-08-30 04:03:34 PM  
Absolutely awful beer puns.
2001-08-30 04:09:57 PM  
I'm pretty sure that anyone in favor of the Anti Flag Desecration Amendment would probably be pretty far from the LP... McCain's not a very popular guy among Libertarians, for that, and a number of things....
2001-08-30 04:30:20 PM  
Liberterians = legal pot. And a cut in beer cost... Must be that utopian dream again.
2001-08-30 04:33:15 PM  
God bless the LP.

BTW, breweries pay taxes on the beer they sell to the country where the beer is distributed.
2001-08-30 04:35:02 PM  
Great one, Midgettossa.

About those yacht taxes: the Demos pushed them through in the 80's to spite Reagan. They just about killed American small-boat building, but didn't hurt the rich, who could easily afford to go abroad to get boats.

Wasn't it Walter Mondale who retired from Congress and tried to run a hotel, then realized just how hard it is to run a business these days? There was a great quote, I'll go hunting for it.
2001-08-30 04:39:00 PM  
McCain?? Ya gotta be kiddin' me. Dat boy doesn't know WHICH party he's in.
2001-08-30 04:43:02 PM  
So, many articles do you submit each day? hehe...

One thing I noticed is the alcohol content in beer is higher when you buy it in Canada. What's up with that?
2001-08-30 04:48:03 PM  
Actually, Grav8e, I've only submitted a couple over the entire time I've been a farker.... this is the first one that actually made it through, however. I attribute this to the weird streak of articles posted that I have submitted recently though. It's truly uncanny. Hardly a day has gone by that I haven't had something posted that I submitted.... that is sheer weirdness for me...
2001-08-30 05:09:19 PM  
LP: hey, gimme a beer

sane: whih one?

LP: you mean I gotta pay?
2001-08-30 05:09:26 PM  
I'm in a submission rut these days. I guess my shiat's just not up to snuff with the big wigs 'round here.
Ah well...
2001-08-30 05:11:21 PM  
No, Bugster, it's more like this:

LP: hey, gimme a beer

sane: which one?

LP: you mean I gotta pay the government for beer that a brewery made?
2001-08-30 05:26:48 PM  
Or how about this one?

LP: hey! the steering wheel on my car fell off!

GM: so?

LP: put it back on!

GM: buyer beware, dude.
2001-08-30 05:29:48 PM  
You forgot the next step:

LP: Fine, I'll just buy my cars from someone with better service!

(does so... raises stink about it, GM stock goes down, they lay off more lazy-ass union workers to cover their losses, union goes on strike)

GM: D'OH!!!
2001-08-30 05:35:44 PM  
OTHER LAZY ASS MANUFACTURER: go buy your own steering wheel.

LP: I want you to sell me a car with a steering wheel!

OL: There's no law says I have to

LP: well, there should be!

OL: welcome home...
2001-08-30 05:40:45 PM  
Yes, Labatt is proudly Canadian
2001-08-30 06:01:21 PM  
LP then buys a Japanese car, with the steering wheel option, but without the $500 air bag, the $500 catalytic converter, or the ugly assed 5 mph bumpers. On the down side, this car gets a bit lower mileage, since they decided not to cut weight from the frame to meet CAFE standards. But since gas is about $.80 a gallon, who cares?

Ironically, the emissions are lower, since there are actual incentives to reduce emissions, as opposed to a regulation that says, "Put a catalytic on there, because we are the government and we say so."

Dreaming of a day when Freedom actually means something....
2001-08-30 06:07:34 PM  
LP: hey, build me a road!

SANE: fark off. go build your own.

LP: i demand the freedom to drive on a paved road!

SANE: fark off, freedom went out with libertairianism.

LP: we should start a commission...
2001-08-30 06:16:49 PM  
Bugster, please stop confusing libertarianism with anarchism
2001-08-30 06:18:06 PM  
why? same thing.
2001-08-30 06:21:44 PM  
Bugster, why is the Libertarian talking to himself?
Do the math...
if Libertarian = Sane, then Sane = Libertarian. Therefore this particular Libertarian is talking to himself because he's the only sane person around.
2001-08-30 06:25:00 PM  
Ever hear of toll roads? There are a number of private roads in the US. You've probably driven on one. And yes, they cost less, are in better shape, and get repaired faster than public ones.

Less government does not mean less public goods. It means less expensive public goods. If it's worth building, it's worth building for a profit.

BA, Economics
2001-08-30 06:30:24 PM  
Woody, help me out here please: what is the term for a good or service that only a government can provide (or is best suited to provide, like national defense.) I can't remember...
2001-08-30 06:39:10 PM  
WoodyTX: Ever hear of toll roads? There are a number of private roads in the US. You've probably driven on one. And yes, they cost less, are in better shape, and get repaired faster than public ones.

I guess you've never driven the PA turnpike
2001-08-30 06:54:18 PM  
hey woodie! ya wasted yer money on yer BA fella! Could private enterpise have funded the Tennessee Valley Authority? It's a GOBBMINT job, dude! And private roads! Give me a farking break! In Calfornia the private roads are LOSING MONEY, dude!

2001-08-30 07:34:06 PM  
*sigh* I'll be a brief as possible.

Private enterprise couldn't have funded the TVA. It couldn't have funded the Vietnam War, either. The TVA did a lot, but it stepped on everything in its path. Generally speaking, governmental activism in the economy exacerbates existing conditions. Look at the Depression. It lasted longer than necessary because of the pressure to "do something".

Give you a break? That'd be nice. Why don't you ask your state government first? California hasn't seen a free economy since the Gold Rush. Sure, it's a great place, if you're a lawyer, actor or other denizen of an alternate reality.

Mitch: I think you're looking for "public good". Something that you can't decide whether or not you want it (like clean air). To grossly simplify, I think the government should handle the courts, the cops, and the military. With direct civilian oversight, of course.

Okay, I'll get off the soapbox now. Respectfully, WoodyTX.
2001-08-30 07:35:28 PM  
Those were some really really bad beer puns. BAD BAD beer puns. For a minute I thought that was a legit press release and that the lb party knew that the media would just ignore it anyway so they decided to have fun.
2001-08-30 07:38:14 PM  
Libertarian=nihilism not anarchism

I still think we'd be looking at Road Warrior in the libertarian ideal, just with lots more booze and sex and what not. Oh and huge walled up cities where the fewwell off live in secure climate controlled areas (since eventually they will all merge anyway)

but hey, as somebody already said they already repealed most of the other 'luxury' taxes, so why not?
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