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(ABC)   Zach Galligan from Gremlins arrested for shoplifting a Deep Purple CD   ( divider line
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10211 clicks; posted to Main » on 24 Jan 2003 at 2:17 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-01-24 08:00:32 AM  
At least he has good taste in music!
2003-01-24 09:41:56 AM  
Why steal a CD when you can steal it legitimately from KaZaa?
2003-01-24 10:03:20 AM  
This guy can't be all bad. At least HE got to kiss Phobie "You know how cute I always thought you were Brad" Cates.

That woman has caused the demise of many a feline.
2003-01-24 10:03:53 AM  
I have never before seen Compact Disc abbreviated with a hyphen in the middle. What style guide did that come out of?
2003-01-24 01:07:59 PM  
Was this by chance in Montreaux? On the Lake Geneva shoreline? Cause Funky Claude was probably involved too.
2003-01-24 02:09:46 PM  
"But, he's best known for playing the little boy in "Grelims" who disobeys rules about his new pet and unleashes the plague of monsters"

Man, that is poor writing. I'm pretty sure starting with "but" as a conjunction is a no-no, and Grelims?
2003-01-24 02:21:07 PM  
Who? Why do I need to care? Who the hell picks these stories?
2003-01-24 02:22:16 PM  
Deep Purple? Sound like a porn. What's that all about?
2003-01-24 02:22:55 PM  
Did those washed up celebrities not learn anything from Wynona Ryder?
2003-01-24 02:23:50 PM  
Bump - Smoke on the water, fire in the sky...
2003-01-24 02:23:51 PM  
With all the publicity Wynonna got for her "problem" it sounds like a smart career move to me.

The guy hasn't been in anything good since Gremlins, and even that's stretching it.
2003-01-24 02:23:54 PM  
Duh duh duh duhduhduhduh duh duh duh duh duh

Slow motion Walter... fireman goes by..
2003-01-24 02:24:02 PM  
C-D??? What the hell is that??

Ohh, a CeeDee, I get it.
2003-01-24 02:24:07 PM  
Smokin' Joe Walters, the fire engine guy!
2003-01-24 02:24:29 PM  
it was really this guy.
[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-24 02:24:38 PM  
Handcuffed, booked and arrested? All for a $20 CD? Those cops must have even less to do than cops in Belmont (MA).
2003-01-24 02:24:45 PM  
2003-01-24 02:25:14 PM  
WTF? Most Deep Purple CDs are in the bargain bin at 7 bucks or so!!

Should have at least tried to steal the boxed set!
2003-01-24 02:25:43 PM  
Who the fark shoplifts CDs at 38?!?
2003-01-24 02:25:43 PM  
Little boy? Wasn't he a teeanager in the "Gremlins"?
2003-01-24 02:25:58 PM  
exactly who?
2003-01-24 02:26:14 PM  
Yes, Mr.Hanky, you're right! Fark exists purely to satisfy your taste in news and entertainment links! Any link that does not meet your undoubtedly strict qualifications is clearly in violation of Fark's "WE'RE ALL JUST HERE FOR THAT STUPID TWAT MR.HANKY" clause. Guess somebody's asleep at the wheel.
2003-01-24 02:26:44 PM  

Who the fark shoplifts Deep Purple CDs at 38?!?
2003-01-24 02:27:50 PM  
Not even smart enought to yell, "The Gremilins did it!" when arrested.
2003-01-24 02:27:52 PM  
Revised revised:

Who the fark shoplifts Deep Purple CDs ever?!?
2003-01-24 02:28:38 PM  
But, he's best known for playing the little boy in "Grelims" who disobeys rules about his new pet and unleashes the plague of monsters

Little boy? Wasn't he supposed to be 16-17 in the movie, I remember him driving a Beetle.
2003-01-24 02:29:57 PM  
2003-01-24 02:30:42 PM  
Bark_atda_moon Damn, I knew I had the words wrong. :)

Next up, Kim Carnes sings "She's got better days than mine"
2003-01-24 02:32:27 PM  

...will the punishment be harsher because it's a Deep Purple C-D?

What kind of goofy dig is that?

Deep purple wasn't all that bad. I liked "Smoke on the water" the first 3 billion times I heard it. After that it got a little old.
2003-01-24 02:32:44 PM  

I am kind of partial to BTO's "Baking Carrot Biscuits"
2003-01-24 02:34:19 PM  
No worries. The IMDB said that is father is a lawyer. He prolly did this for publicity. Look at what it did for Ms. Ryder. Seeing the "films" he has acted in, this stunt will make him the next Hollywood "thing".
2003-01-24 02:34:55 PM  
2003-01-24 02:35:35 PM  
Compact discs are "CDs." "C-Ds" are "cross dressers.
2003-01-24 02:37:40 PM I guess this would be a deep purple C-D.
2003-01-24 02:37:47 PM  
"..he's best known for playing the little boy in "Grelims" who disobeys rules about his new pet and unleashes the plague of monsters."

Little boy? I thought he was in his character was in his late teens.
2003-01-24 02:38:52 PM  
"Free Zach" shirts being printed in 5.4.3...
2003-01-24 02:39:40 PM  
From the original AP story:

"He's probably best known for playing a boy who disobeys rules governing his new pet and unleashes a plague of mischievous monsters in 1984's "Gremlins."

So what's the deal with AP stories? Can you just paraphrase and edit them and still label them as from the Associated Press?
2003-01-24 02:40:54 PM  
Why didn't he just steal it like everyone else, and download the MP3. Jeesh!?
2003-01-24 02:41:10 PM  
Whats Worse?
a) His acting skills
b) getting caught shoplifting AFTER winona
c) caught steeling a Deep Purple cd
2003-01-24 02:43:18 PM  
before anyone says anything too bad about him, I think I heard that he was just doing research for a role.
2003-01-24 02:46:14 PM  
I don't know why you guys are bashing Deep Purple...

I think it would be much worse if he was caught stealing a Creed or Dave Matthews CD.
2003-01-24 02:47:11 PM  
the article makes note that he's been in over 30 movies, so I hopped over to imdb to chech out his resume. gremlins was the only one of the 30 that I have ever seen. the only other one I've even heard of was gremlins 2.
2003-01-24 02:47:29 PM  
If "Gremlins" actor, Zach Galligan, is convicted of shoplifting a C-D, will the punishment be harsher because it's a Deep Purple C-D?

This is the worst lead in an article I have ever read. What in the hell are they talking about? Plus my AP style manual said that the style for CD is "Compact Disc" no abbreviations.

We have a saying here, RPG is not short for role-playing game, it isshort for rocket-proppelled grenade.

Oh yeah, and this by far the most poorly written article I have ever read.
2003-01-24 02:51:41 PM  
Dolts - Deep Purple aint extinct.

Check the discography:

They will record another album this year.
2003-01-24 02:52:10 PM  
Deep Purple? Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

What, could he not find any Ronnie James Dio?
2003-01-24 02:53:19 PM  
RIAA: Downloading music is just like walking into a store, taking a CD and leaving without paying for it!

ME: But this guy did steal a CD.

RIAA: Oh...well....stealing a CD is like downloading music off the internet without paying for it!
2003-01-24 02:53:24 PM  
On another note -

What's better for mp3's, limewire or kazaa?
2003-01-24 02:56:32 PM  
One of the best ever double live albums. Who else could fill an entire album side with one song? (besides Floyd)
2003-01-24 02:57:09 PM  
And that album would be "Made in Japan", had I the talent for hitting the keys to make HTML work. :)
2003-01-24 03:00:04 PM  
The funny thing about this is Winona, an A-list celebrity, gets caught 'lifting A-list merchandise, while this D-List "celeb" gets caught stealing D-List merch.

Ranks a perfect 100 on the Unintentional Comedy Ranking scale, IMO.
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