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(MSNBC)   Weekend ER visits are more fatal than weekday visits   ( divider line
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2001-08-30 11:48:09 AM  
And surprise parties in the cardiac ward are a definite no-no.
2001-08-30 11:49:31 AM  
Yawn, shiatty update.
2001-08-30 11:50:33 AM  
2001-08-30 11:53:30 AM  
What is, what the redneck said before he died.
2001-08-30 11:54:35 AM  
Couldn't possibly be because the precious doctors don't respond ignore their pagers more on the weekends.
2001-08-30 11:55:09 AM  
Was this research done on a Canadian Hospital level or world wide? When go over the edge at Niagra Falls, I would like to know which side of the border I want to go to if it happens on a Saturday.
2001-08-30 11:58:40 AM  
Grrrrr! Must proof read before submission....... remove "don't respond" add "tend to".
2001-08-30 12:03:09 PM  
I would think this is because more people do stupid shiat on the weekends; cash them paychecks, load up on 40's and lottery tickets, and get ready to do it all over again on Monday.
2001-08-30 12:18:00 PM  
What the hell do canadians know? ;) nah I'm just kidding ( <--- 1/4 french canadian) but seriously, that does suck. Glad I don't go to the ER very much. Actually I really shouldn't for now... <- no health insurance till November. Last time I went (when I had insurance) it was $2500 bucks! We only payed $25, but still, DAMN! thats alot of money. And it wasn't even life threatening. Well I thought it was, but I was good.
2001-08-30 12:48:11 PM  
"More fatal??"
2001-08-30 01:15:06 PM  
Boorite you read my mind, I was thinking when I die I want it to be less fatal than normal
2001-08-30 01:19:01 PM  
sort of fatal?
2001-08-30 01:54:23 PM  
fatal lite?
2001-08-30 02:11:13 PM  
Most common phrase heard in the ER on the weekend:
"I'll give it a whirl."
2001-08-30 02:46:27 PM  
Socialized health care rules!!

Regardless, if the Canadians are doin what I'm doin on the weekends this should have an obvious tag.
2001-08-30 04:41:21 PM  
I'm having chest pains... what day is it? Saturday? noooooo.... must.... make it... to... Monday...... (gurgling sound)
2001-08-30 05:14:59 PM  
The Rite Aid on Fairfax and Sunset has a shortage of Ex-Lax! Please remain calm. We should have plenty in stock within the hour. I urge you all to remain calm and stay away from the Rite Aid on Sunset and Fairfax in Hollywood. With my partership with the LAPD and LAFD no problems should arise. Again, please remain calm, all will be well.
2001-08-30 10:33:49 PM  
Combine recklessness of 'livin up the wike-end' and doctor's in the 'ahhh farkit' mode, and this is a likely consequence.

Hey, Davidstanfill... 3 things...

peesteal is a funny email name.

you mipleds Guilty in your band name

Why did you post the Exlax thing allover creation?

2001-08-31 06:32:40 PM  
mah newb ass testing
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