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(Yahoo)   Walter the Farting Dog is "fresh and kid friendly". In other news, Tinkles the hairball horking cat hates kids   ( divider line
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4684 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Jan 2003 at 9:34 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-01-23 06:39:07 PM  
That title is classic...
2003-01-23 07:42:52 PM  
The word "horking" is what got me... he he
2003-01-23 07:46:13 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

2003-01-23 09:21:02 PM  
2003-01-23 09:44:29 PM  
Not new, but still fresh.
2003-01-23 09:46:04 PM  
Should I read the article? The tag says amusing, but there's no way it can compete with the headline. Congratulations, whoever posted it.

This and the cyborg comment in that decapitation thread have really made my night.
2003-01-23 10:08:05 PM  
It's slightly funnier if the title is read "...Tinkles the ballhair horking cat hates kids"

2003-01-23 10:08:18 PM  
Horking? If my cat ever horks, I'm callin' an exorcist.
2003-01-23 10:13:01 PM  
"will be followed by Walter the Farting Dog: Rough Weather Ahead."

It should be "Walter the Farting Dog: Ruff Weather Ahead"

(Sorry, it sounded better in my head)
2003-01-23 10:15:05 PM  
2003-01-23 10:15:29 PM  
Hork, hork, hork, hork, hork, hork, hork, hork, hork, hork, hork, hork, hork, ..........
2003-01-23 10:17:40 PM  
Although TwistedIvory makes a good point.
2003-01-23 10:23:08 PM  
2003-01-23 10:25:17 PM  
Candypants Call an exorcist, your cat is horking!

/enjoys the humor of CP's userID page
[image from too old to be available]

HSFC (commits random acts of farting, especially while putting in his 2 cents worth)
2003-01-23 10:34:33 PM  
Aw, this is a cute book. I bought it a few weeks ago. A classic of children's fine literature...
2003-01-23 10:36:35 PM  
Is it a scratch-and-sniff book?
2003-01-23 10:48:48 PM  
What's the deal? All dogs fart.
2003-01-23 10:49:57 PM  
So... he's a dog that farts?

Big deal. Harold created the entire universe using only a crayon and his imagination.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-23 10:51:27 PM  
Can somebody answer this for me: What does mVbo stand for? Google search turns up nothing:
2003-01-23 10:56:51 PM  
Bubb Rubb says "The whistles, they go Woo Woo!"
[image from too old to be available]
Woo Woo!
2003-01-23 10:57:38 PM  
2003-01-23 11:14:41 PM  
"What does mVbo stand for?"

In what context?
2003-01-23 11:46:32 PM  
Click the WOO WOO, then listen to this...
2003-01-23 11:52:42 PM  
2003-01-23 11:56:04 PM  
2003-01-23 11:59:53 PM  
search fark for mvbo. i think its a person
2003-01-24 12:00:37 AM  
Hmmm... i came up with a children's book character in 1995 called "Walter the farty duck!" but thought it was too stupid to even contemplate.

thats insane.
stupid universe and all it's idea-mixing.
2003-01-24 12:13:28 AM  

Yes, ballhair sounds better but when I wake up in the morning and step in something gooey then loose my farkin mind, my girlfriend says, "Uh oh, Dixie dropped a hairball". I then go get paper towels from the kitchen to clean the hork. Farking cat!!! Anyway, that was part of my inspiration for using hairball.

Hamsterboy.. you got me on the hork Ren & Stimpy connection.


Someone send me a boobie link so I can kill a certain kittie!
2003-01-24 12:18:13 AM  
and if one of my farking neighbors gets one of those whistetips welded into their tail pipe I will unleash the hairball cannon all over their shiznit!!!!

Yes, I've had a few beers and I hate my neighbors.
2003-01-24 12:19:15 AM  
Too bad Aarkieboy's Family Circus photoshop for Walter is unavailable. That one lives in my mind as one of the funniest photoshops I've ever seen.
2003-01-24 01:07:20 AM  
Robotninja, wasn't that book originally titled "A picture for Harold's Room"?
2003-01-24 01:12:50 AM  
Not quite, Flakeloaf.
2003-01-24 01:21:46 AM  
My cat Simon farts (loudly sometimes). It's soooo endearing.
2003-01-24 10:00:35 AM  
My Dad, a retired Univerity Reading Prof, bought this book for my 7 yr old!

The "bottom" line is, if it will get your kids to enjoy reading, it should be considered.

In the end, the dog saves the day by farting so loudly and noxiously that he scares the burglers away.

That is all.
2003-01-24 02:03:23 PM  
...hoofbeats. Yeah, those are hoofbeats...
2003-01-24 08:24:26 PM  
Oh,sure, Jonlybonly spoil the ending for those of us that can't read and planned on having someone read the book to them.

/makes plans to feed dog, henceforth, refried beans with sour cream, onions, and extra garlic in lieu of expensive security system with monthly maintenance fees

soon thereafter....carpet surrenders
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