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(SFGate)   You are CalTrans and your SF Bay Bridge reconstruction is months behind schedule because of faulty Chinese bridge panel welds. Do you: C) Not renew the contract of the inspectors you hired who reported the problem?   ( divider line
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2009-01-26 11:59:48 AM  

Bendal: People don't seem to realize that the US steel industry has been DEAD for decades.

Nucor Steel begs to differ with you. (new window)

Granted, it's nowhere near 'the old days' when Bethlehem and US were giants. Nucor has a kick ass management model and is a candle in an otherwise dark industry in the US.
2009-01-26 12:21:05 PM  


ok, it's a school. Design requires a safety factor of .15% above normal design safety factor (which varies somewhat depending on material and design methodology). Now say you have a beam, that checks at the 15% value, under normal loading - but the beam is in the gym room, and will have a sign hanging from it. Sign weight is covered as a load under code, but how much (if any) do you add to account for darwin candidates that hang from the sign?"

Is it a European sign or an African sign?
2009-01-26 12:28:49 PM  
I'm sure if these bridge plates were built in the USA they would be safe, but Fark would be biatching how the Unions are corrupt and even the guy sweeping the floor at the Steel factory is making $75/hr with full benefits and pension.

/Make up your mind people.
2009-01-26 01:41:32 PM  

Fireproof: You'd think that less than two years after a major bridge collapse in this country, people would learn to take their structural integrity seriously.

Hell, this bridge is being built to REPLACE a bridge that suffered a collapse during the '89 earthquake.

If the resulting bridge is no safer, then the whole thing's been a waste of effort.
2009-01-26 02:01:41 PM  

Moray: FTA:
MacTec Engineering and Consulting reported that as many as 65 percent of the more than 30 welded panel sections his office examined failed to meet specifications.

Last month, Caltrans dropped MacTec from its three-year, $63 million inspection contract and replaced it with another outfit, Caltrop Corp.

Caltrans officials concluded the decks will be safe, and that the earlier problems were the result of strict weld standards that essentially allowed for no cracks.

This should end well ....

Actually, I've worked with both companies before. They are both staffed with extremely competent people. The inspection results will most likely be the same. The inspectors will continue to voice concerns over inadequate welds and caltrans will do what they do. It's a never ending dance.
2009-01-26 02:49:46 PM  
conelrad.comView Full Size

Knows that soon that das breeeeeeeedge will be ouuuuuuuuuuuuut!
2009-01-26 04:07:32 PM  
Remember that our space shuttles were built with parts and manufacturing processes from lowest bidder contractors as well. One blew up, one burned up.

A cheap toy, computer monitor or kitchen utensil is one thing... cracks in a bridge that is not only supposed to last 100 years, but is supposed to carry thousands of tons of vehicles an hour while doing it... not acceptable. Ever.

2009-01-26 10:04:40 PM  
Quit buying substandard Chinese shiat already!

I will gladly pay more for a good that is made elsewhere!
2009-01-27 05:20:42 AM  

Robin_G: They pulled up the plans for the house, spent 5 minutes looking at them and then advised the guy to run like hell. Of course, his house was built during a huge housing boom where I live, and, not surprisingly, the guy who designed the place had few qualifications to do so.

This is one of the reasons I chose to buy a townhouse that was built in the 1960's instead of one of the newly upsprung developments around here. I don't trust the competence of builders and architects these days.
2009-01-27 10:13:50 AM  

atlasdon: Quit buying substandard Chinese shiat already!

I will gladly pay more for a good that is made elsewhere!

since we ow china over a trillion dollars your like obligated to buy, use and eat their products.

Me, I started growing my own food.
I'm allergic to lead
2009-01-27 10:58:05 AM  
I work for Caltrans so I'm really get a kick out of these replies.
I used to be a supervisor on a Bridge Maintenance Crew and I can tell you that the quality of construction on our bridges is pathetic. I would say that at least 60% of our time was spent correcting construction flaws as opposed to doing the regulare maintenance we should have been doing.
It is nice to see that Caltrans Project Delivery/Construction is no longer afraid to publicly admit that the timeline of a project is much more important than the quality of the project.
The Construction engineers that we have that are supposed to be inspection the contractor's work are idiots. All they care about is signing off on a job and trying to do as little work as possible.
Project Delivery has a motto - On Time and Under Budget. They never get the under budget part right but they do meet the time table most of the time and the way they do it is by allowing the contractors to cut corners. They will sign off on a job knowing full well that the job is not completely finished or just plain done wrong so they can meet their timeline.
And then our Maintenance Division has to spend a lot of money to correct all of the mistakes made during construction.
So you see, the true cost of a project is hidden from the public because the extra millions of dollars that are spent by Maintenance to redo a project is never factored into the totals given to the LAO or the public.

/I really do work for this crappy outfit
//but I'm in IT now
//engineers are the biggest waste of money this place has
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