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(CNN)   Inauguration thread II: Presidential Boogaloo   ( divider line
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5921 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Jan 2009 at 11:44 AM (8 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2009-01-20 12:00:03 PM  

Diogenes: Edsel: Is the swearing in going to be awkward, given that Obama didn't vote to confirm Roberts?

Why? They both have their jobs to do.

2009-01-20 12:00:05 PM  
Link (NSFW)
2009-01-20 12:00:08 PM  
What is this the freaken Oscars? Swear him in already.
2009-01-20 12:00:12 PM  
I hope all the cult of personality ends today and people turn back into their cynical, skeptical selves again after today.

But again this is a cool day to be wittness too. Bush became president when I was a freshman in high school and he lasted all throughout my college career. It should be interesting to watch someone new take a crack at it. And now that I am a little wiser (emphasis on little) it will be fun to follow his presidency and the reaction.
2009-01-20 12:00:14 PM  
Someone tell Urethra Franklin to shut the goddamn motherfark up.
2009-01-20 12:00:15 PM  
YoYo Ma?

Steve Jobs must be jealous.

/Feinstein said "pianist"
2009-01-20 12:00:19 PM  
Bob Ondeeznuts

Is that Britney Spears? Kinda has that look on her face, but it's hard to tell through the grainy picture and photoshop touch-ups.
2009-01-20 12:00:20 PM  
Holy Christ, can we just swear the dude in yet?
2009-01-20 12:00:22 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

"Good job. Oh sure, sure, it was important."
2009-01-20 12:00:23 PM  
aaaaaand it's over.
2009-01-20 12:00:24 PM  

spidermann: Can they hurry up? I have to piss really bad.

That's two of us! Good, music break!
2009-01-20 12:00:27 PM  
YoYo Ma? huh? John Williams? Ill shush and enjoy the clarinet.
2009-01-20 12:00:28 PM  
Yo Yo Ma? Really?

2009-01-20 12:00:30 PM  
Now this at least is music.
2009-01-20 12:00:30 PM  

Dancin_In_Anson: Any Masons in the thread?

They are busy in the tunnels underneath the mall preparing the onslaught and final battle against the templars
2009-01-20 12:00:32 PM  
Good Riddance, Dick Cheney.
2009-01-20 12:00:33 PM  

FightDirector: At the close of Mr. Bush's Presidency, we'd like to give a moment of thanks for all the folks who made it such an interesting time. Here's your (reposted) credits for the last 8 years.

Written and directed by: Karl Rove

Cast in Order of Appearance:
Decider - George W. Bush
Actual President - Richard Cheney
Mr. Cheney's Attempts at Human Emotion by - Industrial Light & Magic
Decider's Wife - Laura Bush
Decider's Actual Wife - Condoleezza Rice

The Supreme Court
John Roberts
Samuel Alito
Clarence Thomas
Antonin Scalia
Anthony Kennedy
William Rehnquist
Sandra Day O'Connor
...and some other people who don't matter

Prop Master - Gen. Colin Powell
Evildoer - Osama bin Laden
Mr. Bin Laden's Stand-in - Saddam Hussein

Guantanamo Detainees - [censored by order of the Department of Homeland Security]

Heckuva-Job Doer - Mike Brown

Best Boy - Gen. David Patraeus
Worst Boy - Richard Clarke

Iraq Location Team
Second Unit Director - Donald Rumsfeld
Location Scout - Paul Wolfowitz
Iraq Extras Casting - Pal Bremer
Additional Material by - Ahmad Chalabi
Abu Ghraib Sequences Directed by - Donald Rumsfeld A few bad apples
Guantanamo bay Sequences Directed by - Dick Cheney a few other bad apples
John Bolton's Mustache Wrangler - John Bolton

Unit Publicists -
Sean Hannity
Steve Doocy
Bill O'Reilly
Brian Kilmeade
Greta Van Susteren
Glenn Back

Undercover CIA Agent - Valerie Plume Ooops...sorry. Forget we mentioned it.

Stenographer - Judith Miller

Scapegoat provided by - I. Lewis Libby

Shrapnel Collector - Harry Whittington

Reporters -
Little Stretch
Helen Thomas

Coalition of the Willing -

Coalition of the Unwilling -
Everybody Else

Pooty-poot - Vladmir Putin

Executive Boob Coverer - John Ashcroft

Rich Uncle Pennybags - Henry Paulson

Chief of Stuff - Joshua Bolten

The Truth Squad -
Ari Fleischer
Scott McClellen
Dana Perino
Tony Snow

Sweat Hog (Uncredited) - Scott McClellan

Key Grip - Lynndie England

Promotional Considerations Paid by - Haliburton
Additional Dialogue - Roger Ailes
Gaffer - Douglas Feith

"I (don't recall) Remembering to Recall"
Alberto Gonzales

"Let the Eagle Soar"
John Ashcroft

"I am the Decider"
Karl Rove
George W. Bush

Inside your head for the rest of your life

Mr. Bush's suits courtesy of BOTANY 5000

Mr. Cheney's suits courtesy of the Filipino women locked in his basement


SPECIAL THANKS TO: 537 confused elderly voters in Florida

/You're an idiot if you think this is mine
//Best. Credits. EVAR.

Good to see you watched the Daily Show last night as well. Loved it!
2009-01-20 12:00:34 PM  
cheney is out! yay!
2009-01-20 12:00:37 PM  
aretha was wearing a stupid headband thingy.
2009-01-20 12:00:37 PM  
So George Bush is still president, and Joe Biden is vice president?
What if someone shoots Bush now? Who gets to be president, Biden or Obama?
2009-01-20 12:00:38 PM  
Perlman and Yo Yo Ma together. Farking awesome.
2009-01-20 12:00:38 PM  

Dancin_In_Anson: Any Masons in the thread?

??? - Not me. But I'm intrigued as to why you ask.
2009-01-20 12:00:38 PM  

AnnoyingKidNextDoor: AnnoyingKidNextDoor: 1/2 of the rain of error is over.

reign. Yes I know. I suck at spelling. Sue me.

C'mon! Not another musical performance! Aretha was bad enough!

yea these guys are good though - well aretha was good, she's just getting a bit oldish now......

perlman and mah - 2 of the best string players in the world.....
2009-01-20 12:00:44 PM  
Wow, that is a seriously all star classical music lineup.
2009-01-20 12:00:44 PM  

tonesskin: ihatedumbpeople: People are going to be really surprised when nothing changes tomorrow.

Who expects things to change TOMORROW?

Not literally tomorrow...duh.

However, if you poll that audience 100% think Obama is the best thing since sliced bread. But he's been given a massive shiat sandwich to deal with. I'll be curious to see his approval rating in a year once the euphoria dies down.

Yes still have to pay taxes, yes the war will continue. Yes, govt spending and intrusion will continue.

/voted for Obama
//things aren't going to change much, if at all.
2009-01-20 12:00:45 PM  
Yo-Yo Ma? What is this, The West Wing?

/poor Leo
2009-01-20 12:00:49 PM  
more music? why? now I'm falling asleep.
2009-01-20 12:00:50 PM  
We're halfway there: as of 11:58 EST the Borg are no longer VP!!
2009-01-20 12:00:52 PM  
I can't even imagine how hard it must be to play out there in the cold... brrr... crampy
2009-01-20 12:00:52 PM  
Ah the sound of Dick Cheney being irrelevant to the world, a huge darkness has lifted!
2009-01-20 12:00:53 PM  
Well, this guy playing violin won't go over well with Hamas.
2009-01-20 12:00:53 PM  
People are openly weeping here in Detroit... because of the color of the presidents skin?

This behavior should be confined to people 50 years and older... the ones who lived through segregation. If you're black, under 50, and crying, you need to STFU.
2009-01-20 12:00:56 PM  
I believe all the musicians are naturalized citizens.
2009-01-20 12:01:04 PM  

bighairyguy: So if Bush dies right now, Biden becomes President?

hahaha... yeah, for about 10 minutes.
2009-01-20 12:01:06 PM  

FightDirector: At the close of Mr. Bush's Presidency, we'd like to give a moment of thanks for all the folks who made it such an interesting time. Here's your (reposted) credits for the last 8 years.

Coalition of the Willing -

Whoever wrote that forgot Poland!
2009-01-20 12:01:06 PM  
John Williams? Well it will pretty good then
2009-01-20 12:01:07 PM  
Epic thread post plus one.

//I'm here for it
2009-01-20 12:01:08 PM  
It's noon and we're offically presidentless.
2009-01-20 12:01:08 PM  
"So help me God"?
for Biden, it was "presented" to him, almost required.
2009-01-20 12:01:09 PM  
Yo YO Ma? Seriously?

Where's MC Hammer? Good lord.

All hail our new "Glorious Leader".

The North Koreans are gonna be proud.
2009-01-20 12:01:11 PM  
Four Non-Blondes?
2009-01-20 12:01:12 PM  
So, since obama isn't sworn in yet, does it now stand as:

President: George Bush
Vice PRez: Joe Biden

If a terrorist attack happened RIGHT NOW, would the shots be called by those two?
2009-01-20 12:01:12 PM  
Yo-Yo Ma Rules!
2009-01-20 12:01:13 PM  
This sucks too.
2009-01-20 12:01:14 PM  
moving along quickly.

Where is your beyonce now!
2009-01-20 12:01:16 PM  
The Bestest: who names their kid Robinette?

dun dun!
2009-01-20 12:01:22 PM  

Herunar: So George Bush is still president, and Joe Biden is vice president?
What if someone shoots Bush now? Who gets to be president, Biden or Obama?

Nope -- it's noon. According to the constitution, Obama is already officially president now.
2009-01-20 12:01:25 PM  
the john williams?
2009-01-20 12:01:27 PM  

Bloody William: I can't even watch the inauguration because everyone else in the building is watching video streams of it. I'm listening to an audio stream right now.

Any NYC Farkers, there's gonna be an Obama inauguration party at Legends down on 33rd (that newish bar across from the Empire State Building, next to Jim Hanley's Universe) at 8:00. Might be fun.

I cut all our workstations' connections to

/then I setup the conference room with the 75" projector screen & surround sound.
//not all IT is evil
2009-01-20 12:01:29 PM  
i missed the price is right for this crap?
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