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(AP)   Congress spent $10 million investigating each inch of Clinton's penis but only will spend $3 million investigating all of 9/11   ( divider line
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8396 clicks; posted to Main » on 22 Jan 2003 at 10:57 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-01-22 05:11:46 PM  
In other news, liberals can't stop thinking about Clinton's penis, with envy.
2003-01-22 05:32:09 PM  
We can't find out the "truth" about 9/11. At least not until after the War on Terror, which is scheduled for at least the next thirty years.

I'm surprised this commission hasn't already been abolished by the new ruling party. We spent more time and money than this debating whether music should have warning labels.
2003-01-22 05:57:26 PM  
Well, of course that's the situation. Osama readily admitted culpability for his crime, instead of denying, stalling, and lying about it, costing the U.S. taxpayers so much money.

/quickly ducks incoming flames...
2003-01-22 06:18:28 PM  
What is there to investigate about 9/11? We know who did it, we know how they did it, we know why they did it. This is just a way for the government to make it appear as though they're trying to fix whatever fark-up allowed the terrorists to slip by. An "investigation" is just a way for them to piss money away. Put that money into better FBI training, increased personnel, better technology, etc.
2003-01-22 07:24:42 PM  
No your right Numberz you wouldn't want to know if more could be done.

There is this old saying, you "learn from your experiances"

But if they make you look really bad with a really big election coming then you resort to...

"denying, stalling, and lying about it, costing the U.S. taxpayers so much money."

This would help the FBI Xenx, half the problem was that the FBI and the CIA weren't sharing info in case one got the break before the other.

Ignorance still reigns supreme.
2003-01-22 08:11:42 PM  
Get real, Xtremehkr, any Congressional "investigation" of 9/11 is simply going to be about pointing fingers and making politica points...and you want them to spend how much money to do that?
2003-01-22 08:30:03 PM  
Who is a republican Congress going to point their fingers at? A republican President or a republican Senate.

Somehow this is all going to end up being Clinton's fault.

Though he did strongly urge Bush to keep an eye on Osama.
2003-01-22 08:53:33 PM  
01-22-03 06:18:28 PM XeneX
What is there to investigate about 9/11? We know who did it, we know how they did it, we know why they did it.

Then why is it Bush hasn't shown a hint of aggression toward Saudi Arabia in response?
2003-01-22 09:43:36 PM  
Rep. Mike Castle, R-Del., has urged it to probe procedures.

Sounds like a fluster cuck.
2003-01-22 09:44:35 PM  
I'm all for kicking some more ass.
2003-01-22 11:01:07 PM  
Gee could the submitter be any more biased?
2003-01-22 11:01:54 PM  
$10 million investigating each inch of Clinton's penis

So they only spent $3 million investigating Clinton? Scandalous!
2003-01-22 11:02:42 PM  
Gee, could the Congress be any more hypocritical?

How much was spent on Pearl Harbor? On the Gulf Of Tonkin incident? On JFK's assasination? This is a joke.
2003-01-22 11:03:18 PM  
I just skimmed it but did that article even have a figure on how much we spent on Clinton's trial?
2003-01-22 11:03:58 PM  
I did not have sexual releations with an investigator and a ruler
2003-01-22 11:04:23 PM  
I hope and pray this isn't true.
2003-01-22 11:04:38 PM  
Ha! Een Russia, Clinton's penis investigates...uh....uh....hmm....sigh....

i got nuthin'
2003-01-22 11:05:10 PM  
This is only practical. It will be a lot easier to do the investigation when the perps are all f***ing dead.
2003-01-22 11:05:12 PM  
10 million dollars per inch?

does that mean they spent 20 million dollars?
2003-01-22 11:06:00 PM  
Not a political flame war. Nothing to see here, move along, folks
2003-01-22 11:06:09 PM  
YahelC you beat me to it.
2003-01-22 11:06:47 PM  
i'll do it for half that
2003-01-22 11:07:23 PM  
They only spent $20 million?
2003-01-22 11:07:26 PM  
Wizkd: yeah but 7forty7 beat both of us to it.
2003-01-22 11:07:38 PM  
Each of Clinton's penis?

Something tells me the poster of the article habs teh bad garmmars! :D
2003-01-22 11:07:51 PM  
$250,000 out the window?!

2003-01-22 11:07:55 PM  
did it occur to anyone that people are sick of hearing about millions of dollars spent to investigate the glaringly obvious? "Bill got a couple of little favors in the oval office." "Porn turns on women too." "Intelligence bottlenecks screwed us all over and it needs to be re-done. Bring on another study to figure out how)
2003-01-22 11:08:02 PM  
Then why is it Bush hasn't shown a hint of aggression toward Saudi Arabia in response?

While we aren't kicking Saudi's ass... we don't hold them to high regard either. Even though some were of Saudi origin they did not represent the Saudi government...

Certainly you recall what Giuliani did with the check Saudi offered?
2003-01-22 11:09:06 PM  
The perps are all dead? Well shiat, I guess the war on terror is over already! Holy fark, that was fast!

Congressional investigations on 9-11 are political but Congressional investigations on Clinton aren't??? Say wha?

And I didn't know banging an intern was a crime.
2003-01-22 11:09:08 PM  

you beat us all to it..
2003-01-22 11:09:14 PM  
What puprose would a hearing serve, other than to give congressmen and senators a chance to pontificate? Give me half that money, and I will tell you exactly who did it, how they did it, and why. I will even use footnotes and pretty graphs,
2003-01-22 11:09:21 PM  
Nanobyte Certainly you recall what Giuliani did with the check Saudi offered?

did he wipe his ass with it?
2003-01-22 11:09:27 PM  
But, Nanobyte, the terrorists didn't "represent" the Afghan government either. Didn't stop us from bombing the hell out of them.
2003-01-22 11:09:55 PM  
Well, it goes without saying the Clinton Penis fiasco was highly entertaining to many and most.

What happened on Sept 11 was not.

It's human nature to spend a greater amount of resources on that which fascinates and entertains rather than that which reminds us that we are as a species less than scum.

although, on the other hand, Dubya seems intent on spending a lot of money on revenge for Sept. 11. so maybe I'm just full of it :)
2003-01-22 11:10:01 PM  
I'm so not shocked.
2003-01-22 11:10:03 PM  
fark GIULIANI!!!

/Obligatory Mayor Hatred
2003-01-22 11:10:27 PM  
The Special Commission will do nothing. It's just a parking spot for a few insignificant congressmen to keep them out of the way. Stuff like this placates people, makes them feel important, and buys you votes on other issues. But the last thing you want to do is write them a blank check, cause they'll spend every last dime of it and still get nothing done.
2003-01-22 11:10:44 PM  
DaFuente-as I recall the figure was around 50 mil. I leave it to you to decide whether it's an accurate estimation of Clinton's doinker.

In other news, Hey, we need a war! who cares against who, as long as you don't pay attention to the swooning economy and your evaporating civil rights, you're just a traitorous, tree hugging, pinko faggot terrorist. Why do you hate America so much?
2003-01-22 11:10:57 PM  

I may have beat you to it, but you were most likely right at $20 million. $3 million was probably a little short.
2003-01-22 11:11:02 PM  

Just felt like screaming
2003-01-22 11:11:44 PM  
7forty7: haha regardless, its a great headline

props to the submitter
2003-01-22 11:12:28 PM  
i haven't had a single encroachment of my civil rights since 9/11.. i don't know what you guys are talking about. of course, i haven't ridden on an airplane since july of 2001, but other than that.. i mean come on
2003-01-22 11:12:31 PM  
We bombed the hell out of Afghanistan because the retard Taliban KNEW where the terrorists were (namely that slimebag bin laden) and wouldn't give them up. Also known as HARBORING :)
2003-01-22 11:12:41 PM  
Makes sense to me!

/vote Republican.
2003-01-22 11:12:56 PM  
The total was $70 million on Clinton, so $10 million per inch is actually probably an underestimate.

$3 million for 9/11 is bullshiat. Trying to appoint Kissinger to head the probe was bullshiat. Bush wants to bury this, and his colleagues in Congress are going to let him.
2003-01-22 11:13:01 PM  
Something tells me Mr. Bigglesworth habs teh bad eyesights.

/no big deal
2003-01-22 11:13:08 PM  
Why does the sun set, or are stars merely pinholes in the curtain of night?

What movie, and who said it?
2003-01-22 11:13:11 PM  

You're intended not to know until the robots come. Then BANG!
2003-01-22 11:13:45 PM  
I dunno what movie, but you said it.
2003-01-22 11:14:46 PM  
Bush's views in a nutshell
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