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(iWon)   Bangkok to round up urban elephants in effort to curb accidents   ( divider line
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1242 clicks; posted to Main » on 22 Jan 2003 at 11:46 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-01-22 11:52:16 AM  
weeeeee! first in line to post on a new topic.

I'm bored.
2003-01-22 11:52:57 AM  
elephant shiat is large.
2003-01-22 11:53:09 AM  
Imagine an elephant traffic jam.........
2003-01-22 11:53:21 AM  
Put Giuliani on the case - he made NYC's homeless just disappear.
2003-01-22 11:53:35 AM  
Bronze medal 4 me
2003-01-22 11:53:39 AM  
something about no trunk space...

= nuthin
2003-01-22 11:53:54 AM  
huh-huh heh you said "bangkok"
2003-01-22 11:53:58 AM  
Or worse, imagine and elephant having an accident...ew.
2003-01-22 11:54:19 AM  
Countdown to first "Bang Cock" joke in 5...4...3...2...1...
2003-01-22 11:55:20 AM  
Figures I'd be 25 seconds too late on that one.
2003-01-22 11:55:57 AM  
Our first stop is in Bogota
To check Columbian fields
The natives smile and pass along
A sample of their yield
Sweet Jamaican pipe dreams
Golden Acapulco nights
Then Morocco, and the East,
Fly by morning light

We're on the train to Bangkok
Aboard the Thailand Express
We'll hit the stops along the way
We only stop for the best

Wreathed in smoke in Lebanon
We burn the midnight oil
The fragrance of Afghanistan
Rewards a long day's toil Pulling into Katmandu
Smoke rings fill the air
Perfumed by a Nepal night
The Express gets you there
2003-01-22 11:57:48 AM  
The elephant situation in Thailand is very sad. They live horrible lives. :(
2003-01-22 11:58:06 AM  
The one time I can't find a link to the guy who got his head stuck up an elephant's butt...
2003-01-22 11:59:26 AM  
sorry Chastain86 i'll be a little slower next time
2003-01-22 12:00:02 PM  
Urban Elephant isn't a bad name for a band.
2003-01-22 12:04:04 PM  
Am I the only one who finds the words "Bangkok" and "accident" in the same sentence funny?
2003-01-22 12:04:29 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

"Well, I guess the jig's up. Taxi!"
2003-01-22 12:07:04 PM  
Yeah,they put up new signs reading "Curb your elephant",now everybody has to walk around with 30 gallon garbage bags...
2003-01-22 12:07:36 PM  
This was posted like 3 weeks ago... sigh
2003-01-22 12:10:14 PM  
"This was posted like 3 weeks ago... sigh"

It was reposted for the elephant that might've forgot the story.

2003-01-22 12:10:40 PM  
The last time I saw a herd of urban elephants it was during a half off sale in womens lingerie at Wal-Mart
2003-01-22 12:11:55 PM  
One night in Bangkok and the world's your oyster.
2003-01-22 12:13:29 PM  
... But Elephants NEVER forget.
2003-01-22 12:14:21 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-22 12:15:25 PM  
Imagine hitting one of THOSE suckers doing 65... egads
2003-01-22 12:17:58 PM  
They should do something about the big pink elephant that follows me home from the pub.
2003-01-22 12:18:58 PM  
By 'urban', you mean black, right?
/Dr. Quinn
2003-01-22 12:21:17 PM  
Bangkok has elephantitus?
2003-01-22 12:25:49 PM  
What would the insurance premiums be for elephant collision coverage, I wonder.

Ins Adjuster "And what was it that hit you?"

Car owner "That would be Jumbo the Elephant."

Adjuster "I'm sorry, did you say ELEPHANT?"

Owner "Yes. It completely crumpled the entire rear of the car. It took resuers six hours to get the wife out."

Adjuster mumbles under his breath . "Damn I hate Bangcok traffic."
2003-01-22 12:29:23 PM  
So, anybody know what elephant tastes like? I bet it tastes like ham.
2003-01-22 12:34:55 PM  
2003-01-22 12:39:10 PM  
goddam elephant size turds in the road are a fukker to dodge, also if you're walking along and get splatted flat from turds. CRAP!!!
2003-01-22 12:40:03 PM  
There are no elephants in Bangkok. It's just an urban legend -- kind of like the alligators in New York City sewers.
2003-01-22 12:41:00 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
buz [BareFark]
2003-01-22 12:50:34 PM  
Smeggy wrote:
The last time I saw a herd of urban elephants it was during a half off sale in womens lingerie at Wal-Mart

I tried to get my kid to come with us to Wal-mart. He declined. When we got back, I told him that it was
"fat broad night" at Wal-mart. He hit me with one of those looks and said, "EVERY night is fat-broad night at Wal-Mart!" :-)
2003-01-22 11:03:28 PM  
01-22-03 12:40:03 PM Eraser8

There are no elephants in Bangkok. It's just an urban legend -- kind of like the alligators in New York City sewers.

I guess you've never been to Bangkok.
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