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(Sports by Brooks)   Wife of NFL QB on how women should treat husbands during Super Bowl: "Get Your Own Damn Beer, I'm Watching the Game"   ( divider line
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7122 clicks; posted to Main » on 22 Jan 2003 at 10:14 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-01-22 10:17:30 AM  
Hey, you know what REALLY needs to get made?

My dinner.

Now get in the kitchen and make me a turkey pot pie.
2003-01-22 10:18:15 AM  
Well, if she would have packed the damn cooler and put it next to my damn blow-up chair BEFORE the game, like I demanded, we wouldn't be having this discussion now would we?
2003-01-22 10:18:44 AM  
"Hero" my ass!

Don't tell my wife I said that.
2003-01-22 10:18:51 AM  
Before you guys start with all the sexist comments, remember that broads hate that stuff.
2003-01-22 10:19:19 AM  
Do guys really sit on the couch and expect their wives to get them stuff during the game??? Hell, I even offer to get my wife a beer if I am going to the kitchen. This aint the 50s no more.
2003-01-22 10:19:32 AM  
I've never told any of my girlfriends to go get me a beer. Christ, I thought guys that lazy were only on TV.

Now, if she offers to, different story.
2003-01-22 10:19:39 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

2003-01-22 10:20:04 AM  
that shiat just got copied, pasted and e-mailed to my wife. she just hates football.
2003-01-22 10:20:25 AM  
Robinson Peete: "If more women knew about the game and could get into the strategy, they wouldn't be hurt every Sunday when they become a widow."

Yeah, so women, it's your fault your husband is an arsehole.

Holly's a babe.
2003-01-22 10:20:26 AM  
"Robinson Peete"?

Can you imagine screaming that name out in ecstacy?

2003-01-22 10:22:34 AM  
I usually at least wait until she gets up to ask her to get me something.

My favorite method is to say "Hey, I think you're sitting on the remote/my keys/my wallet" and when she gets up to look, I say "Hey, since you're up..."
2003-01-22 10:23:42 AM  
I'll take "things wifes should say to become disembowelled" for $100 Alex.
2003-01-22 10:26:04 AM  
DO NOT bother me while I am watching football. This is why we have always had a keg during the Super Bowl party. Get yer own damn beer!

2003-01-22 10:27:56 AM  
This does not deserve a "Hero" tag. Her quote is absolutely retarded. Luckily my GF loves football, so we enjoy every Sunday together. But I agree with LawTalking Guy, if she is up I will ask her to get me something. On the other hand when I get up, I ask her if she needs anything.
2003-01-22 10:29:45 AM  
So this has nothing to do with anything, except the vague mention of the super bowl, but I keep hearing about Mandy Moore looking incredibly hot at super bowl media day in a miniature Kurt Warner jersey, but I can't find pics anywhere, which saddens me deeply. Anyone been any luckier?
2003-01-22 10:29:53 AM  
Super Bowl wife-beating allegations in 5...4...3...2...1...
2003-01-22 10:31:13 AM  
Hey Pr2: If you disembowel her, who will get your beer for you? Oh, and the plural of wife is wives.

Funny, it's my hubby who is the sports widower. He'll only watch if his Dallas Cowboys are playing. I'll watch any football available to me, especially my Broncos.

I hope the Bucs trash the Raiders.
2003-01-22 10:33:39 AM  
Yeah, never met any girls who were really into football. I have met a few that followed Hockey. Baseball games are a pretty good date if you can score some tickets or sit in the cheap seats. Lots of time to chat without getting in the way of the game.
2003-01-22 10:33:56 AM  
I thought the Chucky doll dressed as John gruden story was just as funny (futher down the page.) Here is the link to the ebay auction: Chucky = John?
2003-01-22 10:34:26 AM  
Of all the Superbowls, I can not remember ONCE where I asked my wife to "get me a beer".

Good to know that "male-bashing" is alive a well! ;-)
2003-01-22 10:34:46 AM  
Everyone outside of Oakland hopes the Bucs trash the raiders. God knows they've waited long enough for this moment.

Anybody else remember when the Bucs went completely winless in the season? Yikes.

Now I'm just waiting for my St. Lou Blues to make it to the Stanley Cup. What the fark, we're going on 40 years with no cup appearance, so what's another year?
2003-01-22 10:36:23 AM  
I always wondered what happened to those kids from 21 Jump Street.

"We never thought we'd find a place where we belong.
Don't have to stand alone, we'll never let you fall.
Don't need permission to decide what you believe.

I said jump, down on Jump Street.
I said jump, down on Jump Street.

Your friends will be there when your back is to the wall.
You'll find you'll need us cause there's no one else to call.
When it was hopeless a decision is what you need.

You'd better be ready to, be ready to jump.
21 Jump Street."
2003-01-22 10:39:20 AM  
TiVO. My wife and I both love football, so the Pause button makes everything good. Nonetheless, food-and-drink-obtaining duties depend on which teams are playing.
2003-01-22 10:39:29 AM  
Goodyear is lost.
2003-01-22 10:42:02 AM  
Mme.Mersault: Coke in Maker's Mark?!?! Why, dear God, why?

Actually, it's tasty, but I prefer Maker's straight. It's so smooth... I keep Jim Beam on hand for the Coke.
2003-01-22 10:43:19 AM  

from imdb:
""21 Jump Street" (1987) TV Series (as Holly Robinson) .... Off. Judy Hoffs "
2003-01-22 10:43:33 AM  
Mme--Get me a Maker's and Coke and make it snappy.

You would dilute the Maker's by putting it in Coke??? I am sure that is some kind of blasphemy.
2003-01-22 10:45:29 AM  
"While you're at it, repaint the front of the trailer.
And make it a Schlitz, its a special occasion."

For everyone who tapes and Tivos things, doesn't it bother you thats its not live? That perhaps you watching it somewhat tape delayed gives you hope of influencing the game somehow, are at least participating in its romance?
2003-01-22 10:46:02 AM  
I usually pull for the NFC but I HATE the Bucs. Cory "Sledgehammer" from Detroit shoulda got a Pro-Bowl spot over that dork Alstott. Alstott isn't even a true FB!

I'll watch the game but I don't like the Raiders much either, I haven't liked them since Jim Plunkett days.
2003-01-22 10:46:14 AM  
I thought the article was dealing with the fact women do like football? I'm confused now.
2003-01-22 10:48:05 AM  
doesn't it bother you thats its not live

With a sporting event, you just start watching after 15 or 20 minutes or so. so no it is not "live" but you have enough buffer taped so that you can pause, or fast forward through commercials, but its not like you are watching it the next day or something. doesnt bother me a bit.
2003-01-22 10:48:41 AM  
Whoa, whoa, whoa, WHOA!!!! Major error here!! She is not the wife of an NFL QB. She's walking, talking, tackling dummy Rodney Peete's wife.
2003-01-22 10:49:15 AM  
Since the Bucs were once in the NFC central, I've grown to pity them and hate them.

I hope they get the ass-whoppin they deserve just to shut that cheap shot Sapp up.

Go Raiders (this year)
2003-01-22 10:49:24 AM  
I don't follow football much, but I can sort of understand this article. I mean, I know if my girlfriend interrupted me while I was watching Drum Corps International finals on PBS, or the championship ches match between Garry Kasparov and Vladamir Kramnik,I would certainly throw quite the tizzy!

If I had a girlfriend I imagine I would, at least.

I'm never getting laid, am I?
2003-01-22 10:50:16 AM  
Chess, dammit! CHESS!!! Gghhharrgh!! Now I'm REALLY never getting laid.
2003-01-22 10:52:52 AM  
Yes misspelling "Chess" crossed you off the list of all of the chess groupie babes out there. hehe.
2003-01-22 10:54:36 AM  
Feh. My wife likes football, beer, Benny Hill, and even the Three Stooges.

Fortunately, she's terrified of power tools, so at least I'm not in danger of becoming entirely obsolete.
2003-01-22 10:54:49 AM  
buy him a tivo. makes watching the game a lot more fun. (Britney ad, PAUSE)
2003-01-22 10:56:33 AM  
You know what? Women who actually biatch about the rare time their man asks them to be sensitive to THEIR desires are farking coonts. Next time she complains about not getting flowers on valentines/anniversary/birthday, ask her where your beer was on game day. When she complains that you aren't doing anything useful and spent a ton of beer for your buds, remind her of her bill from the hair dressers and the shopping trips for outfits she's worn once. Any biatch (man or woman) who acts like that while you are enjoying something you love, and doesn't care enough about your happiness to make a day you wait a whole year for more special should be dumped on the street promptly.

Luckily I have a woman who goes to the store every sunday after noon and races back before the game (no alcohol sales in NC on Sunday before noon). She doesn't mind getting me a beer (either of us is going to get one, anyone can ask for one). Heck, when we don't have friends over, she'll often watch the game with me wearing nothing but her SAPP jersey (oh man that's good). And guys on Sunday are usually more than happy to pick the food they want and a lot of that food is stuff we WANT to cook because it's our bragging rights with buds (I hand toss pizzas and calzones, cook up chili, fire up the grill, etc.).

People need to take these things as hints of which women NOT to stay married to. There are so many AWESOME women out there. My buddies wives are all at least somewhat football fans, some are fanatics, but all of us is allowed to be a "typical male" if we want to be on occasion, as long as we also allow them to relax sometimes too.

And ALL the women that come to my house for football know they best not sit in my giant leather recliner on game day. That shiat is taboo. Each bucs loss this season was when a girl sat in that chair during the game. Now if a girl who doesn't know heads for it, everyone in the house screams bloody murder all at once, it's something sacred (*sniff* I've got a tear now in my eye... realizing the season ends so soon...)
2003-01-22 10:57:55 AM  
Yeah but come on, there is something defintely lacking having it taped, since you can find the outcome out anyway.

It is like purposely fooling yourself. Perhaps I enjoy being fooled that it is live. Since "live" sports are 20 minutes delayed perhaps it is a good way to make bets with dumb late people.

I guess Ash216 you are the type of person who would not want to see the future if you were given the chance...
2003-01-22 10:58:21 AM  

Yep, we all know the hizzoes don't put out for a poor-spelling, drum corp-watching, Kasparov-admiring biznitch like yourself. Um, yo.
2003-01-22 11:00:48 AM  
Although my wife hates football and and other 'ball games, she enjoys a good AMA or F1 race. People who risk life and limbs are athletes....

I'll ask my woman to get me a beer every now and then, but usually she'll get me beer without having to be told...
2003-01-22 11:01:38 AM  
Add this to :

Things women should say to get rid of their men.
2003-01-22 11:05:17 AM  
There was a story behind this link? That's odd, this is all I saw.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-22 11:05:51 AM  
I hope they get the ass-whoppin they deserve just to shut that cheap shot Sapp up.

awwwwww, another Packer fan crying about Waren Sapp. I have to hear my dad biatch about this everytime I talk to him. Just because your coach is an asshat don't go complaining because Warren Sapp made a legal block.

I did not hear any Packer fans complaining when a Packer basically ended Jim McMahon's career. I like the Packers, and I am a Bears fan, but the Packers and their fans have to make up a farking excuse on how they were screwed out of the game. Can't anyone just except the fact that a team might be better than them?

/Packers fans need to shut up for once
2003-01-22 11:07:10 AM  
I guess Ash216 you are the type of person who would not want to see the future if you were given the chance...

ehh, i dont know that i would say that. if you are delaying 15 minutes, yes in the 4th quarter you can see how the game ended up if you wanted to. but i dont see the big deal in delaying the game a few minutes. and i dont think it somehow taints the viewing of the event.
2003-01-22 11:08:08 AM  
Also, I'm in love with all SbB girls.

[image from too old to be available]

Please god, let me have one like her.
2003-01-22 11:12:52 AM  

I've just finished perusing your blog and I can say without any shame that you are rude, loud, opinionated, assholish, and probably unpleasant to be around.

I wish you lived in Arizona. I believe we could be great friends.
2003-01-22 11:13:10 AM  
Yes, exactly. The packers were not good enough this year. Get over it. I love watching people badmouth Sapp. He's such a phenomenal player. He doesn't have to be the guy on every sack or tackle, he's there double and triple teaming guys to let his teammates through, giving guys like Mr. Brooks the opportunity to show their stuff and become NFL defensive MVP. He's also the team motivator, gets people into the game on BOTH sides, for better or worse (I guess it's worse if you have a coronary cause he's waving his arms at you or skipping through your teams warmup). He's an awesome player with more heart than you'll find on most teams, and he works his tail off for his TEAM.

Sapp is awesome. Whiners just make us laugh with their completely baseless trilling sounds they make in protest over our team having him instead of theirs.

The black hole will be left stretched and abused.
2003-01-22 11:16:02 AM  
I just now noticed the SbB girl in the top left shooting pool.


Anyone else sadly sitting and contemplating how it's possible for her to shoot pool without falling over?
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