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(CNN)   CNN/SI projects NFL winners: Rams over Titans in Super Bowl XXXVI   ( divider line
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731 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Aug 2001 at 3:29 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-08-29 03:30:15 PM  
BFD, you should read a book instead
2001-08-29 03:36:50 PM  
I'm predicting that budweiser will have the coveted, first-commercial-after-kickoff spot. it's a much more interesting bet than the game.
2001-08-29 03:44:42 PM  
This is such crap. The Titans are going to win
2001-08-29 03:50:37 PM  
I predict the apes and humans do NOT live in harmony
as they proposed at the end of "Planet Of The Apes".
2001-08-29 03:53:14 PM  
St. Louis is gunning to get back the "Best Sports City" in the U.S. Well, the Cardinals are floundering on their back like the kid in "A Christmas Story," but the Blues look like they have a promising year too.

We going to put together a FARK football pool on some free site at all? (or did I miss it if it's already out there?)
2001-08-29 03:54:04 PM  
oh, how does this affect me?
2001-08-29 04:01:24 PM  
2001-08-29 04:03:33 PM  
Reading books is dumb
2001-08-29 04:06:08 PM  
Drew : Them are fightin words
2001-08-29 04:07:26 PM  
Hey, I have an idea. If you don't like or care about football, don't read the damn article or comments. Duh.

I predict that the Bills will make it all the way again and lose.
2001-08-29 04:10:09 PM  
It's a silly game played by 300 pound men instead of kids in the backyard. I don't believe those CNN/SI people could predict the winner accurately, anywho.
2001-08-29 04:11:30 PM  
That's a stupid idea, JMT; but you also have a good prediction.
2001-08-29 04:13:39 PM  
Dahaka, go fark off geek boy. Football is for men. Go to hell if you don't like it.
2001-08-29 04:13:55 PM  
This is bullshiat. I mean, seriously, the Titans won't even make it to the Super Bowl! Mwahahaha! Go Rams!
2001-08-29 04:16:16 PM  
"If people want to call it luck, then fine," says Armstead. "They can come to the Meadowlands and try to take our crown. I plan on having my best year yet, so it won't be pretty."

fark Yeah, Big Blue in 01 baby!!!!!
2001-08-29 04:17:41 PM  

-he who stacks pork
2001-08-29 04:18:13 PM  
sniff, Go Redskins, sniff. You would think if they can get away with all the BS in D.C. they could at least do something to get a better ref, er, team.
2001-08-29 04:19:45 PM  
OminatorX- Yes go Skins, though it looks like it will be long season.
2001-08-29 04:33:35 PM  
I did it myself... if you're interested, I think a private league only holds 12 teams, so please only join if you intend to play.

League: Fark Bowl
Pword: farkyou
2001-08-29 04:37:24 PM  
The Buccaneers have potentially the best defensive line ever to play the game. Potentially - they have four first round draft choices starting and good depth backing them up. Now they have to go out and do it. Backup QBs are already putting a circle around the date their teams play the Bucs - because that's when they'll get to play. The team made off season moves to improve the offense, but it still is Brad Johnson's first season with the team. It takes awhile for a QB to get in a rhythm with a team.

Idiots down here are saying that if the Bucs don't win it all this year Coach Dungy should be fired. That is about the stupidest thing I've ever heard. And I've been a regular Farker for about six months so I've seen some pretty dumb shiat. Dungy is the best thing that ever happened to the Bucs - getting rid of him would be a major dumbass mistake.

Its the Bucs year - all they have to do is go out and take it.
2001-08-29 04:44:33 PM  
Fark off all-a-ya. Go Birds! The Eagles beat the Bucs and the Saints in playoff games AND the Rams in regular season last year, and the Titans just last week (only the second visiting team to win in Adelphia Stadium)!! If they split the regular season pair with the New Yuck Giants, the Birds are going to the big dance where they can kick the crap out of the Titans again. Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!

In the end though, all that really matters is that the Cowboys lose.
2001-08-29 04:53:30 PM  
you telling me the chargers won't win the super bowl? *pout*
2001-08-29 05:06:14 PM  
Cowpokes v. Bungles in the Super Bowl. You heard it from me first.
2001-08-29 05:07:04 PM  
Dr. Z ranked the Cowboys dead last out of 31 teams. As soon as Emitt Smith retires there will be no reason to watch these guys anymore as long as Jerry Jones owns the team.

Sad days.
2001-08-29 05:20:26 PM  
"AFC West
1 Raiders 11-5
2 Broncos* 11-5
3 Seahawks 7-9
4 Chargers 6-10
5 Chiefs 5-11"

What a load of crap.

I see the AFC west being Raiders, Chiefs, Broncos, Seahawks and Chargers.

And I see Friday's Chiefs-Rams game being as brutal to watch for Rams fans as films of Buchenwald.

59 to 27 Chiefs will CRUSH the Warner/Faulk-less Rams.

Vermeil is the second coach in Chiefs history to have previous experience and the first to have a Super Bowl ring already.

Chiefs will be up 35 to 3 when they send their first-stringers out of the game.

As for the Rams. O-V-E-R-R-A-T-E-D. Remember when the Chiefs whipped their biatchasses last year?

I see the Super Bowl being a game where the Buccaneers defeat one of these teams, the Raiders, Ravens or Broncos. As for the Titans, they are in the dictonary next to the word "Choke".

2001-08-29 05:34:47 PM  
Every time a major sports publication predicts that a St. Louis team is going to go all the way, we end up being forced to deal with major disappointment. I wish they'd just butt out and let us be the dark horse that comes out of no where to annihilate everyone in sight. (Kinda like that year the "crappy" Rams won the Super Bowl - St. Louis's first world championship in any major sport for years beyond counting.)
I say Go Rams! Don't get psyched out by predictions of major success. And GO BLUES! Don't let last year's 3rd round disappointment affect your play this season. And don't let Detroit's acquisition of The Jerk get you down. GO BLUES :)
2001-08-29 05:40:42 PM  
59 to 27 Chiefs.

1 2 3 4 F
KC 21 17 14 7- 59
STL 0 3 10 14- 27
2001-08-29 05:44:37 PM  
Kgf - Yes, the Iggles beat the Bucs in the playoffs last year. That was embarrassing. Our revenge is coming soon though - the Iggles come to our house on September 16th.
2001-08-29 05:47:11 PM  
you are all wrong. raiders are gonna win.
2001-08-29 05:54:39 PM  
Fairy_Farker: Who cares about Brett Hull? The Red Wings are just farking themselves over by aquiring old players. They can keep Hull for all I care! Go Blues!

RobbieFal: I agree that last year the Rams were overrated. Perhaps this year they can prove all that hype they have surrounding them. As for the upcomming game...I don't know about that final score. Last year was a fluke, you hit like a girl! HAHA!

The Chiefs do have the potential, with Trent Green, but he won't have as many weapons as he did in St. Louis, so we'll see how he does.
2001-08-29 05:55:44 PM  
Then again, there is a big difference between potential and reality.
2001-08-29 06:07:03 PM  
Skwidd: Anyone who picks up Tony Banks is digging their own grave.
2001-08-29 06:08:08 PM  
"Then again, there is a big difference between potential and reality."

the Rams have the potential to go to the Super Bowl but the reality is that they will not.

AFC title game: Raiders v. Ravens
NFC title game: Buccaneers v. Rams
2001-08-29 06:16:55 PM  
I'm still pissed about the Bucs losing the NFC title game in 99..i think it was 99, i can't quite remember.
2001-08-29 06:23:55 PM  
RAMS RAMS RAMS! I love the Niners and hope they do well, but the Rams have KURT F'N WARNER! Arena Football for life.
2001-08-29 06:38:20 PM  
everyone remember how, last year in their pre-season rankings, the sporting news picked DETROIT to win it all?

2001-08-29 06:41:38 PM  
2001-08-29 06:52:33 PM  
Attention Redskins fans:

You will be no factor in the league as long as you have Marty "I am an embarrasment to myself, my family, my mistress, my race, and my universe" Shottenheimer as your coach. This guys is a huge choke artist who has proven time and time again that he cannot win a game that matters.

I was was an offspring of this joke, I would change my last name to Smith.
2001-08-29 07:32:15 PM  

OK, as for the Eagles winning last week...since when do preseason games even matter. And I am including what the Titans do in the preseason as well. It's all glorified practice. KGF, come see me once regular season starts.

Rams looking good again this season and there defense is looking a little better even, so I'd love to have a rematch this year. This time we won't come up a yard short.

As for the Ravens, I can't wait for them to show up here with their ass-clown coach and have their arses handed to 'em.

BTW, Titans = Wild Card game?!?!?!?!? WTF?!?!?!?! AFC CHAMPS, then onto the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!!!
2001-08-29 07:45:43 PM  

2001-08-29 08:49:29 PM  
I already made and filled a fark fantasy league =P.

2001-08-29 09:13:13 PM  
Ahem. Seeing that I am from St.Louis, yes, the home of the St.Louis Rams, I wholeheartedly agree with said predictions. With one exception. We'll be kicking Denver's a-s-s this year. Not the Tennessee Tampons. They had their chance but came up short. Oooooo, poor choice of words Titty,,er Titan fans.
2001-08-29 09:15:57 PM  
By the way, I suggest we all make our predictions, post them them save the farking page. Winner gets,,,,,,uh,,,,winner gets. Well hell, winner gets something. Poster of Walken killing a kitty with a bible or something.

Go Rams.
2001-08-29 09:55:08 PM  
Clearly you are all mistaken, Green Bay and the Gravedigger are back!!
2001-08-29 10:45:08 PM  
Green Bay?? Green Bay?? How's Farvrvrerer going to be able to pass AND use his walker? He's yesterday's news.

Side note: Anybody know anything about the kid Dallas has at quaterback? Talk about leading the lamb to the slaughter. My god, that poor guy's going to get killed back there. But it IS Dallas, so that's alright.
2001-08-29 11:52:48 PM  
Ahh, sweet ignorance...

Everyone point and laugh at the Cowboys! *points* Bahahaha!

Go Pack Go! *dun dun da dun dun dun* Go Pack Go!
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