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5135 clicks; posted to Main » on 19 Jan 2003 at 10:18 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-01-19 10:22:29 PM  

IT's self importance rises again.
2003-01-19 10:23:32 PM  
2003-01-19 10:24:15 PM  
Someone let Ross Perot do predictions?
2003-01-19 10:25:06 PM  
Rights Undefended
Defend your rights, lest you say this some day.

They came for the 10th Amendment. I am not a state or other citizens, so I said nothing.
They came for the 9th Amendment. I had no need of other rights, so I said nothing.
They came for the 8th Amendment. I am not a criminal, so I said nothing.
They came for the 7th Amendment. I do not desire to sue, so I said nothing.
They came for the 6th Amendment. I have not been accused, so I said nothing.
They came for the 5th Amendment. I have not been compelled to speak or deprived of posessions, so I said nothing.
They came for the 4th Amendment. I have nothing to hide, so I said nothing.
They came for the 3rd Amendment. I have not been compelled to quarter a soldier, so I said nothing.
They came for the 2nd Amendment. I do not have a weapon, so I said nothing.
They came for the 1st Amendment. I do not publish, so I said nothing.

Then they closed my church and banned my religion.

I wish to object, but they censor my speech.
I wish to defend innocents, but they forbid me weapons.
I wish to secretly worship, but they have assigned a soldier to live in my home.
I wish to hide my actions, but they search my home and seize my posessions.
I wish to keep silent about my deeds, but they compel me to testify against myself.
I wish to defend myself, but the lone judge will not let me bring witnesses or counsel.
I wish to appeal to the wisdom of my fellow citizens, but I have no jury.
I wish to pay for my transgression, but the fine is excessive and punishment cruel.
I wish to claim rights not listed, but they are denied.
I wish to request aid of fellow subjects, but they have no right to act.

Rights undefended became rights denied, now no right can defend what I now write.
2003-01-19 10:27:19 PM  
The people demand a boobies link!
2003-01-19 10:29:48 PM  
This is going to make industrial espionage a bit more difficult. But I will try to keep up.
2003-01-19 10:30:33 PM  
Give me boobies or give me death, yo.
2003-01-19 10:35:21 PM  
As a self important security tasked admin, let me tell you..

it's all the same shiat again and again.
2003-01-19 10:35:27 PM  
I predict this thread will be longer than it should be.
2003-01-19 10:36:49 PM  
They misspelled 'Millennium.'
2003-01-19 10:38:59 PM  
And the people asked the Lord for boobies and their prayers were answered.

"Let there be boobies!" said the Lord.

And there was much rejoicing.
2003-01-19 10:40:05 PM  
Well it's all about this internet thingy that I keep hearing about. What's up with that?

Props to Mr.Redneck's astute call proven true nine in.
2003-01-19 10:43:37 PM  
IT is no more doing its job private or public sector security now than what it did pre Y2K. IT is reactive and not proactive. (... Insert appropriate Dilbert cartoon here...)

IT "managers" in general "aren't managers" and that goes all the way up to the executive suite and the CIO.

CEO's and CFO's have been "had" by to many CIO's and their wacko forcasts, budgets, plans, proposals and they have shouted the sky is falling too often. Now it is too late. We're farked.

Script Kiddies, out-of-work KGB whackers, layed off IT pros from Enron, WCOM, SUNW, and a kazillion dot.goners will out terrorize Al-Quida. Anarchy in the face of resticted IT and CapX spending. We're double farked. We'r double deuced farked.
2003-01-19 10:46:09 PM  
There is a lord and his name is: Purple_Walrus
2003-01-19 10:49:35 PM  
Tsunami: Luke, join me. Together we can put an end to this destructive conflict.

Terrorism aside, just playing one company against another can be rewarding.
2003-01-19 10:51:53 PM  
Bwahhahhhaaha... from The Register front page

Rumsfeld orders .mil Web lockdown
'Our enemies access DoD Web sites on a regular basis'
17 January 2003 12:31pm

WTF has he, Bush43 and Bush's Puppet Master Chaney been doing for the last 16 months! Homeland Fark'n Insecurity Pork Barrel'n Bastards... These politico bastards are gonna piss off the peasants like the CEO's of Enron, WCOM, GlobalXing, Adelphia, Tyco and then come the revolution...

Yo youse bastards... How's it going to feel walking through the rest of your life looking over your shoulder?
2003-01-19 10:58:01 PM  
But this will help us find Osama, right?... Hello?
2003-01-19 11:00:54 PM  
Helio makes a fantastic point that should motivate us all.

And it has yet to be challenged with anything remotely intelligent.

Kudos Helio.
2003-01-19 11:07:56 PM  
2003-01-19 11:25:10 PM  
Xtremehkr Helio's point = obvious, but has little to do with the article.
2003-01-19 11:29:39 PM  
The BIG picture Feetsza, the BIG picture. Put all the little parts together and see where it leads you.
2003-01-19 11:31:27 PM  
You are Canadian Feetsza, remember when the Canadian govt. mentioned something about legalizing MJ, what did the Administration do in regards to that?

It's all about control baby.
2003-01-19 11:47:43 PM  
As long as Raiders fan dont loot my house, I am complacent.
2003-01-19 11:50:27 PM  
Masturbation is fun.

/I got nothing
2003-01-19 11:51:03 PM  
As such, corporations will continue paying high-priced consultants to conduct vulnerability reviews, draft policies, and secure their systems while ignoring their recommendations on improving security.

This guy's been reading Dilbert too much.
2003-01-19 11:53:43 PM  
continuing the threadjacking, I'd just like to point out that that banner across the top about 50 reason why lord of the rings sucks should go. I'm not a tolkien fan, or a movie fan for that matter, but weeping christ I want those 5 minutes of my life back. Note to whatever wanker wrote that: you're not funny. bashing a movie about hobbits and elves isn't a magnificent challenge, but you make it look impossible.
2003-01-20 12:02:05 AM  
Thoreau, I'm almost bored enough to click a banner myself.
2003-01-20 12:04:12 AM  
At least they make no mention of Fark user DOS attacks on other web sites. How many sites have fallen to Fark???
2003-01-20 12:27:39 AM  
Wow Hielo. Nice post.

This DMCA crap has to be put down now. I not a fan of unclear laws that are applied for the benefit of larger corporations to squash competition and to restrict fair use.
2003-01-20 12:30:58 AM  
Doesn't this belong somewhere else, like say ohh.... Slashdot?
2003-01-20 12:36:32 AM  
I like penguins.
2003-01-20 01:19:16 AM  
The more things change, the more they stay the same. Gods, am I glad I abandoned my sysadmin career for academentia. The industry totally sucks and the people in charge don't have the first clue. I remember the day I decided Dilbert wasn't funny anymore, because all the same stuff in the cartoon was happening to me. Obviously nothing's changed in the last three years. I made the right choice. Yay me, I guess.
2003-01-20 03:47:16 AM  
I felt driven to post in this thread, I don't know why.
2003-02-13 12:20:57 PM  

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