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(WND)   Anti-war leaders charge Nazis rule White House   ( divider line
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5584 clicks; posted to Main » on 19 Jan 2003 at 12:54 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-01-19 10:35:19 AM  
Whitehouse spokesman Obergruppenfuehrer Wolfcastle denied the charge.
2003-01-19 10:41:31 AM  
"...meanwhile, pinko anti-war official Leonid Jakkzoff yet again whined bitterly of the unfair American presidential electoral process..."
2003-01-19 12:12:55 PM  
White House invokes Godwin, tells protesters to have a nice cup of STFU.
2003-01-19 12:59:44 PM  
am I the only one who had trouble with that headline?
2003-01-19 01:00:13 PM  
this guy is obviously an idiot.
2003-01-19 01:00:15 PM  
I watched as much as I could stomach of that "Anti-War" rally. Should have been called "Pro-Iraq" or "Pro-Taliban" rally. Bunch of wanna-be muslims and feel good wanna-be hippies.

Every time I see some anti-american crap like that, I wonder, are they aware of the actions on Sept 11, 2001?
2003-01-19 01:00:43 PM  
Farking hippies!
2003-01-19 01:00:46 PM  
I wouldn't laugh so hard...I think a world-wide protest might actually make a difference here.
2003-01-19 01:01:29 PM  
I meant the anti war people in general.
2003-01-19 01:02:04 PM  
Whitehouse charges that Scott Ritter is a whiny beeeyotch.
Wotta wanker.
2003-01-19 01:02:10 PM  
Scott Ritter will say anything to get interviewed. He doesn't even keep his own rhetoric consistent.
2003-01-19 01:02:15 PM  
They broke goodwins law. This thread is OVER!

(Please? Let it be over?)
2003-01-19 01:02:20 PM  
Farker Skwidd scratches his balls as he laughs at the bitter, bitter losers.

Scratch mine, too, while you're at it.
2003-01-19 01:02:25 PM  
are you aware that Iraq didn't attack us on Sept. 11th?
2003-01-19 01:02:28 PM  
Is FARK into posting flamebait stories ten times a day or what?
2003-01-19 01:02:31 PM  
Do you think people would have a problem if we dropped a few errant bombs on the protesting scum. Just a thought.
2003-01-19 01:03:14 PM  
verrry eenteresting
2003-01-19 01:03:28 PM  
Are they from Illinois?

I hate Illinois Nazis.
2003-01-19 01:04:22 PM  
Mandrake, you don't really think Iraq is innocent in it? They have aided in the training of Al-qaida, harbored Bin Laden.

Yes, I do think Iraq had a major part on Sept 11. You would have to be a great fool to dismiss that.
2003-01-19 01:05:00 PM  
Just another bunch of left-wing chowderheads, folks. Nothing new here; move along...
2003-01-19 01:05:02 PM  
I may not like the Bush regime but jeebus they are not the 4th reich!
2003-01-19 01:05:19 PM  
Reading some of the coments here...someone might believe that Nazis took over Fark too.
2003-01-19 01:05:22 PM  
This headline should really have a Dumbass tag.
2003-01-19 01:05:27 PM  
hahah. You are a moron AiryAnne.
2003-01-19 01:05:32 PM  
Silly hippies.
2003-01-19 01:06:10 PM  
Anyone who read that entire article must be a total hippie asshat suffering severe no-gore-aphobia.
2003-01-19 01:06:28 PM  
Am I the only one who no longer gives a rat's ass about anything Scott Ritter has to say?
2003-01-19 01:07:16 PM  
This is gonna turn into a flame fest.

/ducks and covers
2003-01-19 01:07:16 PM  
Great rebuttal Takeitdown.

Please, tell me where I am wrong.
2003-01-19 01:07:49 PM  
that article was extremely difficult to read, and downright impossible to kill kittens to.
2003-01-19 01:08:33 PM  
"What I would find to be grounds of impeachment is the president lying to the American people," he said. "I believe the president has lied to the American people."

So lemme get this straight. President Clinton lies under oath, a felony, and it's not impeachable because it's about sex. President Bush lies, not under oath, not a crime, and it's impeachable because he wants to go to war with Iraq.

2003-01-19 01:09:02 PM  
The Republicans control everything!!
My lifes work has been for nothing!
Wait, this is a new cause we can rally around.! We can make posters and have sit-in's. It's gonna be great! Just like the old days. I have found a new reason to go on!

/Stupid Hippie BS.
2003-01-19 01:09:19 PM  
Well ClintonHater just did for me. Not to mention if there is evidence Iraq was involved in 9-11, the White House would have come up with something. The fact that they can't even lie about it, as they did for the Gulf War with the Baby Incubator story, means that the evidence just doesn't exist.
2003-01-19 01:09:51 PM  
No. Ritter's an asshat.
2003-01-19 01:09:53 PM  
Lets least a million protesting in the US and Bushes approval rating has been dropping like anything....looks like there is some hope left in America.

2003-01-19 01:10:11 PM  
would any of this have happened/be happening if Nader won the election?
2003-01-19 01:10:22 PM  

I think you forget that this is happening all throughout the world, with protests of hundreds of thousands of people, or millions in Italy, against the policies of the Bush administration. That's a lot of "hippies" then...
2003-01-19 01:10:43 PM  
Am I the only one who LOVES these types of threads?
2003-01-19 01:11:01 PM  
Anybody else notice that Duhbya seems to be growing a little moustache under his nose, and that Rumsfeld bears a strange similarity to Hermann Goering? :)
2003-01-19 01:11:22 PM  
You could argue that afghanistan had a link to 9-11 Iraq's link is tenuous at best. And just about the only reason we aren't attacking North Korea is because our cars don't run on kim-chee.
2003-01-19 01:12:01 PM  
Boy I am conflicted, watching a tape "The Secret Policeman's Ball" and reading this stuff. Would anyone care to guess how much blood there would have been at the protest if either a Nazi or Saddam was in power?
2003-01-19 01:12:41 PM  
HA!! Everyone knows its the Jews that are in control ;)
2003-01-19 01:13:18 PM  
politicians lie. Everyone knows that. If you're shocked, I've got some prime housing to sell you in the middle of Baghdad! Again, farking hippies!
2003-01-19 01:13:34 PM  
ahhhhhhhh, let 'em protest. When we go into Iraq, disarm their nuclear weapons,and take out Saddam, these same people will be thanking us for protecting them.

Protesting is just the flavor of the week. They'll get over it.
2003-01-19 01:14:35 PM  
It's not just hippies...there aren't that many "hippies" left.
2003-01-19 01:14:49 PM  
When did the current administration lie about anythiing about the Gulf War?

The US is does not want to fight alone. The White House is smartly using the UN's own rules/regulations/resolutions about Iraq against the UN. That way the UN has to step in and assist in the fighting against and removal of Hussein.
2003-01-19 01:15:42 PM  
Jewing, that's a lot of hippies countered with a lot of bean-bag shotguns and tear-gas.

I'd love to plug a hippie with a bean-bag shotgun. Good times right there.
2003-01-19 01:15:58 PM  
Maybe people should organize a PRO-war rally.
2003-01-19 01:16:35 PM  
Please tell me where does it say that Iraq has nuclear weapons other than the Sean Hannity show? North Korea has nuclear weapons and yet they aren't a threat.
2003-01-19 01:17:34 PM  
Bush on North Korea: "We must attack Iraq!"
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