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(Washington Post)   Chicken McNuggets to join moon rocks at National Air and Space Museum   ( divider line
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1546 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Aug 2001 at 8:58 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-08-29 09:03:30 AM  
first the museum, next step outer space.
2001-08-29 09:15:08 AM  
Ironically, moon rocks taste better than McShiatnuggets.
2001-08-29 09:17:37 AM  
I hope they use the one that loooked (was) a chicken head. That was sweet.
2001-08-29 09:26:49 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-08-29 09:30:02 AM  
Good Lord People. This is just a disgrace. Whats next? A Phot-O-Mat in the M.O.M.A? Or maybe A Dry Cleaning Service in the Lincoln Memorial.

Not the mention that "The Clown" Serves worse food that any of the fast food chains. I wouldnt eat that shiat if you paid me. Dumb Bastards.
2001-08-29 09:39:36 AM  
You'd think that with all the money they have, they could afford a real restaurant. It's not even the quality of food in this one that makes no sense (although it sucks.) If the museum had a really good restaurant, it would draw a larger crowd. Noone is going to go to a museum just to eat at McDonald's, the same restaurant that appears 42 other places in the city as well.
2001-08-29 09:40:19 AM  
A nuclear physicist friend of mine told me that McNuggets have an atomic half-life twice that of the moon rocks.
2001-08-29 09:46:00 AM  
I quote Heavy D (though I'm not sure why): "I'm a Big Mac, you're a Chicken McNugget."
2001-08-29 10:07:52 AM  
they own Boston Market? that explains ALOT.
2001-08-29 10:26:07 AM  
Now that's classy. Get a little histoy and culture and some god-awful shiatty food all in the same place.
2001-08-29 10:26:31 AM  
history, dammit!
2001-08-29 10:44:39 AM  
And years from now school children will be able to view fossilized farking burritos from Taco Hell. Tastier food my ass. McDonald's is tastier food? Somebody's had their head up their anus on this one. Corporate america strikes again.
2001-08-29 10:45:05 AM  
2001-08-29 12:22:35 PM  
Well, Chicken McFetus's are about the same consistency as moon rocks, so why not put them there?
2001-08-29 12:26:03 PM  
This story makes me wanna spread Big Mac special sauce all over my body and run nekkid through an animal shelter.
2001-08-29 01:02:52 PM  
Ermm...You guys never ate at the A&SM did you? Granted this was about 8 years ago, but I can't imagine it having hanged too much, it was a crappy sort of outside cafeteria with food on par with a school lunch room. Hell, I was in the Navy at the time, and the galley food was better than this stuff. Not to mention it was about $5 for a cheap burger...

Sure, we can go on all day complaining about this, but if you increase the number of people who eat at the museum, thus producing more money for the museum, then the museum gets to build new sections and acquire more items.

And if there's one thing the A&SM needs, it's cash. How overdue is their expansion area?

2001-08-29 01:10:43 PM  
Damn Labman, beat me to it!
2001-08-29 01:43:07 PM  
3horn's right on this one. Whether you like McD's or not, chances are you'd like their food better than food from Guest Services. They're the folks that "cater" many fine eating institutions, such as airports and hospital cafeterias. If hungry people (with kids, especially) stay at the museum because there's something relatively inexpensive and potentially edible, instead of hotfooting it out of there to find something other than school lunch fare, all the better. The museum needs the money.

It's not like they bought naming rights to make it McNASM.
2001-08-29 04:20:03 PM  
Will that be for here or to gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo?
2001-08-29 04:41:01 PM  
If everyone hated McDonald's, they wouldn't be in business. I like Chicken McNuggets, especially with that honey sauce (it's actually just pure honey). Watch tonight's episode of "South Park" to see why big franchises are okey-dokey (except for that bastard Wal-Mart).
2001-08-29 07:57:02 PM  
"and could mean tastier food at lower prices.
what the hell were they serving in the cafeteria previously!!?!

If everyone hated McDonald's, they wouldn't be in business
sure, thats the same story with Porn flicks buddy, but there'd be no need to have them screening at a museum now would there.
2001-08-29 09:46:46 PM  
Maybe they can dress it up as an "air motion sickness simulator".
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