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(Yahoo)   Singapore government urges drivers to wave   ( divider line
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2726 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Jan 2003 at 3:14 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-01-18 03:17:45 PM  
I wave to other drivers all the time... especially the slow old people who cut me off all the time.
2003-01-18 03:22:50 PM  
Uh, next time use all your fingers please.
2003-01-18 03:26:35 PM  
i drive down the road...everyone sticks their hand out the windows and says "Your number 1!"
2003-01-18 03:26:49 PM  
An example of how it's done
[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-18 03:37:19 PM  
I think i'm number two...everytime I drive down the road someone holds out their thumb AND finger. Woohoo, go number two!
2003-01-18 03:51:43 PM  
Wave goodbye to this thread as it's covered in the ashes of the raging flamewar above.
2003-01-18 03:53:15 PM  
Isn't Singapore the place the American kid got canning for graffiti? It may be clash of cultural values, but as an American, I don't think I could put up with all these wacky all-people-must-get-along kind of laws... Let individuals be individuals, since niceness can't be legislated...That's a job for parents (and maybe the religious institutions...what is the predominent religion in Singapore? Bhuddism???)
2003-01-18 03:54:24 PM  
Wow, this sort of thing would never pass in America...
2003-01-18 03:54:34 PM  
Man, this topic is sure booming...six comments in half an hour. Wahoo
2003-01-18 03:54:45 PM  
Yeah, this plays well on the Long Island Expressway,

[image from too old to be available]

Welcome to my life.
2003-01-18 03:54:54 PM  
actually, that's kind of refreshing. People could benefit from something like this, methinks.
2003-01-18 03:54:55 PM  
In rural parts of the South, people really do wave. If'n you do find yourself in this uncomfortable sitcheation, just casually lift your 4 fingers off the wheel and upward as you pass. A whole had wave, or even worse, shoving your arm out the window, will just peg you as a city-boy.
2003-01-18 03:59:54 PM  
What's next, Singapore encouraging everyone to smile on their deathbed?
2003-01-18 04:02:59 PM  
Happiness is mandatory, Citizen.
2003-01-18 04:06:07 PM  
So you'd be all farking happy if someone gunned you downed in a wal-mart?
2003-01-18 04:06:42 PM  
2003-01-18 04:06:59 PM  
[insert Asian driver comment here]
2003-01-18 04:07:21 PM  
When I was a kid in Georgia, if you didn't wave it was the same as flipping someone off. Now my former home is overrun by yuppies and Yankees.
2003-01-18 04:09:53 PM  
being a former resident of singapore for 10 years i can attest that singaporeans are the worst and rudest drivers i have ever encountered. there isnt really a problem of road rage there but people just seem to lack a certain common courtesy while on the road.

majulah singapura!

and thats all i have to say about that.
2003-01-18 04:13:58 PM  
What if you're physically disabled and you only have a thumb. How are you supposed to wave then?
2003-01-18 04:16:47 PM  
If you only have a thumb, I don't think you should be driving, Desolation.
2003-01-18 04:19:19 PM  
Hey, there's always a first. :D
2003-01-18 04:25:47 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-18 04:34:37 PM  
He looks like a friendly little farker.
2003-01-18 04:34:47 PM  
YoungFart, sounds like driving anywhere outside the states to me. Well, maybe not Italy either. But anywhere else. What's wrong with a little good humour and camaraderie towards other drivers who are actually piloting with their brains turned on? (or cock things up but realise and capitulate)

The road narrows, the other car stops and flashes their lights to give up the priority, you go through the chicane and wave your thanks. Happens all the time..
2003-01-18 04:36:21 PM  
(eh, i mean, the lifting hand kind of wave, not the full on 'goodbye' or 'woooo we won the war' kind of wave)
2003-01-18 04:51:33 PM  
I am sorry but when the government urges drives to wave, you know it aint gonna be no good...
2003-01-18 05:03:47 PM  
btw iirc on the German Autobahn I believe it's actually a ticketable offense to flip someone off or make other rude gestures... offended drivers can report you to the polizei..

Granted it's also a ticketable offense to be a left-lane hog, so imho that more than makes up for it..
2003-01-18 05:19:05 PM  
EddyH, in most places in the U.S., driving is a competitive sport, like football. Unless you're female, in which case it's a tea party.
2003-01-18 06:20:54 PM  
I just relocated from Singapore, and I didn't find the drivers any more hostile than in any big city in the States (Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Dallas, San Diego, Austin, Boston or Chicago). Because cars are taxed so heavily in Singapore, the wealthier people have cars and are driving around, so it seems like there are more arrogant drivers.

The most unnerving thing I found about Singapore is that the government tightly controls the people. You don't find a lot of discussion of whether the government is doing something right or wrong. Whenever I would ask about a government policy, I'd get silence, and then the Singaporean would casually glance around to see who was listening. I thought that was odd until I learned the connection between criticizing the government and being tagged for additional military service.

Singapore has mandatory military service; every male has to go into the military for two years, and then is in the reserves until they are 40 years old. Every year they have two weeks of military duty, when they go on maneuvers or drills. But if someone is caught criticizing the government, that person will get a call for additonal service, usually four to six weeks of unpleasant duties when they can't see their families, have time off, and they have to leave their salaries behind. It doesn't take too long to quiet the population.

And on top of this, there are a lot of citizen cops; people who volunteer for police duty in the off hours. I worked with one guy who was a sergeant in the police who would patrol the bars from midnight to 3:00 in the morning, three or four times a month. When he gave me a tour of the bars early in the evening, he was very worried that the bouncers would recognize him. Anyway, you could never be sure that there wan't an off-duty cop that you were working with or was in the vicinity.

Other than that, the people of Singapore were wonderful, and were just like people all over the world: If you treat them with respect, they treat you with respect.
2003-01-18 06:30:51 PM  
Will non-wavers be caned?
2003-01-19 08:47:14 AM  
We have a Walken tag, but no Japan tag... I know he's an interesting fellow and all, but come on. Japan. They've got some funny people. Of course, the cream de la creme would be the owner of my dry cleaners here in Florida.
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