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2003-01-18 12:22:40 AM  
I was taking the SATSo I drove down the hallway of this high school, parked next to the classroom I was taking the test in, and finished off the exam.

Was this a motorcycle...even then--thats phantasmagorical!
2003-01-18 01:01:35 AM  
Last month, Finals for my 8th grade science class (I'm the teacher).

I generally play music any time that I'm not talking to the students. This also includes tests. The kids are involved with the test, and I'm grading the test from the previous period. The MP3 player is set on random, and there are 250 CD's on the machine. My tastes are very eclectic. First, it's a Devo tune, followed by something from "The Fellowship Of The Ring". Then some Bach. It's quiet. Students working. Music playing.

Suddenly, it is the strings from the shower scene from "Psycho". Janet Leigh lays dead, and students have a very jangled set of nerves. Some nervous laughter and they try to re-focus on the test. Next up comes the requiem from "2001" . You know, the one with the weird wailing that we hear every time the monolith shows up.

After that was Enya.
2003-01-18 01:04:06 AM  
01-17-03 04:24:54 PM Pogue23

Gee, and I thought it was just ripped from Richard Bach's story "Rage".

Not really vote worthy, but at least I frickin remember to do it...
for my English class in college, our final paper was to write what grade we felt we should get. We had done a lot of paper writing. We kept a couple of journals, and one was used to write about the chapters we'd read in the books for that semester, and the other was just kind of a random thing. We had to turn them in occasionally to see that we were writing what we were supposed to be.

A couple of the papers were rather intense and involved research papers. I never felt like a good "research paper writer." And for the most important one, I got really sick before it was assigned, so I missed the important classes dealing with the first part. I was left with less time than everyone else to prepare and write this paper.

It wasn't as good as it should have been and I knew it, but I still got a decent grade. I felt it was mostly pity, but perhaps not.

When I figured out the professor wasn't as anal in his expectations of our writing as I first imagined, writing was a lot smoother, and my last few papers turned out great.

When it came to the exam, I knew that I'd gotten at least one D on a paper and a couple of C's. Some low grades that would probably promise me no A for the class.
So I wrote something about a B- I think. I admitted I wouldn't commit academic suicide by suggesting I should get a D or an F even though I was worried and felt that might be in store for me in spite of my A's, but I wouldn't be so brazen as to suggest an A for my overall grade.

So later I'm checking the grades online, and discover I got an A in every one of my classes except one, (Speech, but he never gives A's)
Later I confronted the teacher and asked him why the hell he'd given me an A. I was astonished.
He said it was based partly on attendance and the journals and blah blah blah...
I guess somehow it all averaged out.
2003-01-18 01:05:45 AM  
My friend Carlos was failing Calc II in college.

He took the final in crayons.
2003-01-18 01:16:44 AM  
Very good.
2003-01-18 01:23:43 AM  
This happened last Spring. Keep in mind that I was running on a couple hours of sleep and a lot of diet coke.

I had two finals lined up on a Saturday morning (the first day of finals), Math at 8am and Chemistry at 10:30am. I'm waiting for my Math final when I see my -Chem- TA walk all the way up to the board and write that the Chem final was at 8am and in a different room. Holy fark. How am I going to take both exams at the same farking time?

Fourty-five minutes into the Math final, I decide to tell the Math prof what's up. She says that there's was no way I can have two exams at the same exact time, but she lets me take off to the Chem exam just in case. I bike over to the Chem final to ask if it was actually my Chem class. Now get this: it wasn't my Chem TA. My Chem TA has an identical twin brother whom is also a Chem TA, but for a different professor.

When I had the same Chem TA the following quarter, his twin brother worked in the lab next door. My lab partner once went to the twin's class by mistake for the whole lab period.

Needless to say, I'm now a liberal arts major.
2003-01-18 01:33:00 AM  
2003-01-18 02:06:41 AM  
I remember my 300 level Microeconomics class....really bland stuff. So much so I never even bothered to talk to anyone in the class because they were all dorks who lived for the stuff. The final exam comes and it's a fairly small classroom, about 40 people, but great accoustics.And hard plastic resin seats from the 70's. The tiny little wisp of an oriental girl right in front of me lets out the wickedest explosive fart, amplified by the chair to near-deafening levels. I crack up, and as the tears stream down my face, I look around and no one else is laughing. It was like someone had died. Maybe if I smelled it I would have....
Oh yeah, aced the test, like that means squat.
2003-01-18 02:14:14 AM  
01-17-03 12:13:05 PM Darkhairedgirl

I dunno about that chick but I've done that in school and college before. It's such a habit now squeezing my thighs together. If you do it just right you can get a short, little pleasurable sensation... I had my Sociology text book between my legs and kept squeezing it (basically using the spine to press against my crotch)...

Type slower.
2003-01-18 02:19:26 AM  
Lots of vomit on this thread. (I always wondered when I would write that sentence.) Here's mine:

In a math final in seventh grade the school brain (conformist division) looked up from his paper and puked a tube of former lunch straight onto the back of the head of the guy in front of him, hitting with such force it made a lovely fan of ralph spray out from either side of him. One single urp, lasting no more than a second, and it sent about ten people home for new clothes.

Teacher-lady made some comment about the pool. Faculty had soem kind of bet going, and the one with the most "incidents" got some kind of prize. Fake barf, knowing them...

My only personal weird was on the final for the last of my six required math classes. Aced everything, always have (in math, anyway) did the study group thing, went in all confident as usual, and the second I saw the test I blue-screened. I might as well have been taking a final in Advanced Conversational Horse. After forty minutes of waiting, hoping it would return, I turned in the test with nothing but my name and a drawing of Tigger sodomizing Winnie-the Pooh. Unfortunately, he wasn't the whimsical surrealist butt-pirate he seemed to be, and flunked me.

I have no idea how my love of the calculus was derived, but after that test, the love, it sort of disintegrated.
2003-01-18 02:22:10 AM  
Fark voting at this point.

Two stories:

1) Even though I was supposedly in the room for this, I cannot confirm it actually happened.

Grade eleven chemistry, one guy supposedly wrote on his final exam nothing but "Pass me or I take this class again." He passed.

My hot-as-hell friend Laura, who busted ass studying and could only eke out a 48, was not happy as she told me this.

2) Third year of university. The "exam" for a terror class known as The Pitch came in the middle of the second semester, where you basically had to do a full TV program pitch to a panel of judges, industry professionals who have seen everything. Every group put together massive packages of paper. We sweated in front of the judges, which included both profs, not to mention a full audience of profs, family, and friends.

After all was said and done, and one group won $1000 for having the best pitch, one of the profs meets some of us outside the building and, after some lighthearted grilling over my group's placement, says "So, who wants to get farking drunk?" Great guy.

For the record, out of five groups, my group was either third or second (only first place was announced, we weaseled the previous info out of the prof), and we've always had a very strong suspicion we were second. C'mon, our program had Jill Hennessey, Paul Gross, and a shiatload of Canadiana and international adventure. We could have easily scored a real contract just to help CTV meet its CanCon quota. Canucks will know what I mean.

3) Bonus hit: Back to high school, I believe it was grade 9 francais. You guessed it; someone said "FARK!" and walked out of the room. Seems like everyone had one.

I got nothin', except two lessons from this thread in taking exams.

Use mind-altering substances beforehand.

Masturbate. Hey, it seems to work for the Farkettes.
2003-01-18 02:59:37 AM  
2003-01-18 04:58:52 AM  
I cant believe I read the whole thing

/homer simpson
2003-01-18 11:09:29 AM  
in college at UH (houston), had a business stats prof that was as a little off the wall. He was wheelchair bound and obviously never had the pleasure of female companionship. He stated the first day of class that women rarely fail his class if... 1. they wear loose clothing 2. sit in the front row etc...
Business stats is a biatch of a class, and clothing optional for women almost became the norm. I remember one test this chick came in wearing a skirt that she had to shave to wear (and I'm not talking about her legs), no bra, and an oxford shirt unbuttoned to about the navel. Well, I made a C in the class (studied my arse off) and she cruised with a B+.
Oh yeah, that was the hardest test I have ever taken and it was not because of the material on the test!

True story!
2003-01-18 12:13:07 PM  
True story. Rectal Exam. Had to get a shot. In my anus.

Doctor: "You're going to feel a little prick..."

Me: "I'd better (farking) not!!!"

Hilarity did not ensue.
2003-01-18 12:30:17 PM  
NELNO - I actually went to that school, but that was well before the anal exams. Kinda strange seeing your school passed around in email. Wait a minute um maybe I didn't go to that school.
2003-01-18 12:48:33 PM  
I could answer one of the questions.[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-18 06:05:17 PM  
Hey why did nothing special happen to me ??

Well, I did forget to wake up for a final exam (who puts those things at 8 AM anyway ?). Passed the class anyway (not gloriously).

A vote for me is a vote for you !
2003-01-18 10:33:59 PM  

A friend of mine was in the room when this happened.

Make sure to look for the video link near the end of the page.
2003-01-19 02:53:17 AM  
While I don't have anything to add with flatulence or vomit, I did have this happen. I was taking an econ course and the instructor had this odd thing he did that he gave bonus points for improving scores on tests and homework. I'd been slacking and not doing well on the tests (my fault) but what was getting me annoyed was that had been giving me bad marks on my assignments for reducing the formulas we were working with and making accusatory notes and remarks about it. I don't know if he thought I was cheating or what, but I wasn't happy.

I'm always one to use a system against someone, so I study for the last test. Now I didn't study the material, I studied what answers he wanted and this bonus system he has. Anyway, I end up getting the highest score out of the class, which resulted in a large bonus for doing that, a large bonus for raising my test score heavily, and another bonus.. I forget, something about raising the class average.

After all that I ended up with a score on the test of over 200%, which bumped me up almost two full letter grades. Ugh, I hate being called stupid.
2003-01-20 01:16:56 PM  
Best.Name.Ever: What college? That teacher sounds familiar...
2003-01-20 01:42:47 PM  
In high school, my friend had a scantron test...and entered "A C D C" throughout the entire test.

I think he got a D

Also, in Psych in college, a bud of mine tapped my shoulder during class (which was always dimmed due to a projector). "Dude, check out that girl." She was putting her pencil in and out of her mouth. She did this all the time, practically every class. Better than Psych.
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