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(The Sun)   Girl loses crapload of weight, ends up a Page 3 girl (not safe for work)   ( divider line 128
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40769 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Jan 2003 at 9:03 PM (12 years ago)   |  Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-01-16 09:05:05 PM  
holy shiat.
2003-01-16 09:05:26 PM  
She's lost so much weight, all her clothes appear to have fallen off. Poor girl.
2003-01-16 09:05:35 PM  
Congrats to her, but she still shouldn't be on Page 3.
2003-01-16 09:05:54 PM  
how much exactly does a stone weigh?
2003-01-16 09:06:37 PM  
What is that in kilos?
2003-01-16 09:07:03 PM  
2003-01-16 09:07:23 PM  
she's not hot. she's just less ugly.
2003-01-16 09:07:47 PM  
damn.. not my type, but kudos to her
2003-01-16 09:07:51 PM  
Congradulations... to bad her forehead still looks funny...
2003-01-16 09:08:10 PM  
How is she doing that with her left hand in the 'before' pic?
2003-01-16 09:08:20 PM  
Her thingies are kind of scrawny and saggy...
2003-01-16 09:08:37 PM  
1 stone = 14 pounds.
2003-01-16 09:08:48 PM  
I thought "click here to enlarge" would do something different.
2003-01-16 09:08:58 PM  
CORINA is the hottest page3 girl!
2003-01-16 09:09:06 PM  
My next wife??? Jenny Craig might have somethin' there...
2003-01-16 09:09:19 PM  
What the hell is wrong with the British measurement system? Aren't you people supposed to use Metric? AHAAAHH! *bangs head on keyboard*
2003-01-16 09:09:58 PM  

if this is what she was not so long ago, i dont want to ever see her again! call me shallow but you cant call me a fatfarker.Kittens revolt!

2003-01-16 09:10:02 PM  
Kudos to her, and if I'm the first to say so, I would probably hit it.
2003-01-16 09:10:42 PM  
A stone? What the hell? I don't feel like converting to cubic farthings, then to megahectares, then to normal weight again! Just use freaking pounds, or at least the comprehensible kilogram!
2003-01-16 09:11:45 PM you think if they gave her weight back, they'd include her breasts too...(where'd they go??)?
2003-01-16 09:11:53 PM  
So she weighed 213 (97 Kg) in the fat picture and 133 Lbs (60 Kg) in the NSFW picture.
2003-01-16 09:12:18 PM  
I don't think she's very attractive... those cheekbones are freaky!

Congrats, though. Better to be mildly attractive than hideously obese...
2003-01-16 09:13:27 PM  
I guess adding a 'click pic to enlarge' button to the second photo would be redundant
2003-01-16 09:14:21 PM  
...and that's why you shouldn't eat stones...
2003-01-16 09:14:38 PM  
Also, I know somebody who went on a diet and gained three stones. Hurt like a biatch when they came out too.
2003-01-16 09:15:44 PM  

or so she used to be
2003-01-16 09:16:54 PM  
But her weight soared to 15st 3lb
What's this? 5lb? 500lb?

We wont get to see her a year from now when she's 500lb again.

Everyone know's once a fatty always a fatty
2003-01-16 09:19:10 PM  
Yikes. I wouldn't fark that with Slayerswine's dick.
2003-01-16 09:20:04 PM  
...and she's a crapload of ugly.
2003-01-16 09:20:08 PM  
In Dublin's fair city
Where girls are so pretty
my Molly stands out,
'cuz she weighs eighteen stone (that's two-hundred and fifty-two pounds)

I don't mind her fat butt
it's not only that, but
she's cockeyed and musclebound
Molly Malone!
2003-01-16 09:21:08 PM  
everyone complains about the US's messed up system, but wtf is with this article?

...losing more than five stone ...

...But her weight soared to 15st 3lb ....

... Lashana joined a slimming club and her local gym - and lost a huge 5st 10lb..... mum Sharon. She lost 6st."....

You Freaky Deaky British peoples, what the fark?
Weirdos. Stop using friggin sea shells and glacial erratics to weigh people. they are self conscious enough as it is.

dont even get me started on how the old ass english monetary system worked (pence, cents, schillings, half crowns, and pounds...). what the hell is that, its not even base 10! and this was only like 40 years ago
2003-01-16 09:23:10 PM  
4 Farthings = 1 Penny
12 Pence = 1 Shilling
2 Shillings = 1 Florin
5 Shillings = 1 Crown
20 Shillings = 1 Pound (sovereign)
21 Shillings = 1 Guinea

thats how it used to be. What the fark! Weirdos
2003-01-16 09:23:56 PM  
ugly tits.
she still looks WAY better than she used to, obviously. good work.

undecided on the "hittable" scale.
2003-01-16 09:26:45 PM  
Jenny Craig works on the flab, but what do you do for the ugly? She has a face that would make a train take a dirt road…gah.
2003-01-16 09:27:05 PM  

"So...if she weighs less than a duck......she's made of wood!"
2003-01-16 09:27:52 PM  
Gorgeous Lashana, 18, has dreamed of appearing on the most famous page in newspapers since she was a girl.

2003-01-16 09:30:52 PM  
So how come "stone" never caught on in the U.S.?
2003-01-16 09:31:01 PM  

Let's build a bridge outta' her!
2003-01-16 09:31:03 PM  
Am I the only one who finds this disturbing?

What better way to reinforce low self-esteem and dangerous crash dieting in women by placing the overly-slender shell of a woman in the buff, along side a picture of the same woman as a fatty, on a website known for its stereotypically attractive women.

They might as well place a "no fat chicks" sign on the index page. ;-P
2003-01-16 09:32:07 PM  
2003-01-16 09:33:18 PM  
Call me a chubby chaser, but I'd rather have snogged her 5 stone ago.
2003-01-16 09:36:13 PM  
Oh, let's make fun of the Brit's system of measuring! Isn't the U.S. the country that dropped converting to the metric system because it was "too hard" for us or something?
2003-01-16 09:36:46 PM  
did anyone notice that all the measurements are very violent in verb form?

Let's Stone her.

I'm gunna pound that kid.

that rat bastard, Let's Kil-o valentino
2003-01-16 09:38:13 PM  
Cryinoutloud: The people making fun of the British system of measurement seem to not realize that most of the American measurements are British in origin. Except for the people from the rest of the world that are complaining. They have a legitimate argument.
2003-01-16 09:39:34 PM  
I just learned this today in Physics

If you want to calculate your weight to kilos.....divide your total weight by 2.2

Now if you want to know how many Newtons you are......multiply your last answer by 9.8.


120/2.2 = 54.5 Kilos

54.5 X 9.8 = 534.5 Newtons
2003-01-16 09:39:42 PM  
Exick:no, i do realize, i'm just sick of Europeans and smartt people making fun of the US system, so i make fun of their cave-man system.
2003-01-16 09:40:25 PM  
heh, you're a dork YahelC.
2003-01-16 09:41:12 PM  
Shouldn't she have stretch marks if she lost that much weight?
2003-01-16 09:42:00 PM  
you guys think she's ugly? oh, come on. she's not that bad looking. hell, i'd hit it.

did any of you ladies follow the "Party Girls: The best bits" link on the right of the page? i found this nice NSFW pic there. yum! :)
2003-01-16 09:43:01 PM  

Heheh, I make fun of that too, this time it just happens to be the Brits.
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