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4366 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Sep 2001 at 12:00 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-02 12:05:50 AM  
2001-09-02 12:28:30 AM  
If this page gets farked go to
2001-09-02 12:48:03 AM  
Anyone have a version without shiat ass audio
2001-09-02 04:04:49 AM  
Those files are way too big for such crappy audio.
2001-09-02 08:04:20 AM  
Didnt work damn. Stupid downloads wont download!
2001-09-02 01:26:22 PM

ok.. you can't even hear what you are saying, and you can tell you are 12.

2001-09-02 01:43:13 PM  
..."The FAQ that can be read is not the True FAQ
The answers that can be posted are not the True Answers.
The Superior Man hears not the whining of newbies
and is not singed by the flames of the Net.
Belts do not bind him, nor trophies burden him.
Discarding all, he gains all, and follows the Way.
Got any spare change, pal?"
-- Lao-tzu, as paraphrased on rec.martial-arts
2001-09-02 03:19:34 PM  
this sucks shiat- some major major shiat
2001-09-02 05:15:28 PM  
These would have been better if the calls had been made through a phone, rather than (what sounds like) the cups-and-strings system. That, and if they'd been funny.
2001-09-02 07:54:17 PM  
shiat quality audio, for such big downloads. Where are the humourous ones. Because those dumd asred ones certainly weren't!
2001-09-03 02:05:06 AM  
I could get the files, but the shiatty audio made me dump them...........

try again after you get better audio. PLEASE
2001-09-03 06:31:35 PM  
Ha well it sounds like cup and strings system but anyone who calls faggot aol and acts like there a dumb kid wanting to look at porno is cool in my book did they record these on a speaker phone?
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