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(Japan Today)   Women not allowed to tour tunnel in Japan to avoid making diety jealous.   ( divider line
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2001-08-28 11:26:21 AM  
A "diety?" What is that? A god that only wants low-fat sacrifices?
2001-08-28 11:30:39 AM  
I think some poor soul misspelled "deity". That is my only guess. C'mon people, put down the crack pipe and PROOFREAD BEFORE YOU CLICK ON THE 'SUBMIT' BUTTON!!!

-he who stacks pork
2001-08-28 11:37:19 AM  
So, only men are allowed to enter the goddess' tunnel?
2001-08-28 11:47:36 AM  
Those crazy deities... always thinking about sex.
2001-08-28 12:05:42 PM  
I think the daily poll on the right is interesting too.
2001-08-28 12:05:48 PM  
I love the part where it says this should not be considered gender discrimination... then what the hell is it?
2001-08-28 12:17:22 PM  
It's a custom from olden days, therefore not discrimination. Yeah, right.
2001-08-28 12:30:13 PM  
WWOT? - What Would OSHA Think?
2001-08-28 12:46:00 PM  
If any young Japanese women would like a tunnel inspection, I can help them out.
2001-08-28 01:02:39 PM  
It's called respecting the religions of others.
2001-08-28 01:04:02 PM  
Respecting the hall of the mountain god?
2001-08-28 01:11:42 PM  
This is hardly relgion. Just worker superstition. Primitive animism at best.

Anyway, who are they to assume the sexual orientation of the mountain goddess? Maybe She _wants_ a little female action, eh? Silly mortals.
2001-08-28 01:54:07 PM  
Troll in mountain = Superstition
God in mountain = Religion
2001-08-28 03:31:16 PM  
Dio- That reminds me of the motto we had at a former employer of mine: "When in doubt, call OSHA."
2001-08-28 03:42:56 PM  
The tag beside this should be STUPID, not HUMOROUS

There are so many things wrong with this:
1. The women can't "inspect" this tunnel. Yet it is a tunnel that will connect 2 towns. So women can't pass through the tunnel in a car, either? I mean, really the logic here is flawed. How is the presence of women as travellers different from the presence of women as inspectors?
2. Attributing a gender to a god is as pointless as saying what color a unicorn's horn is.
3. If it's not gender discrimination then what is it?
4. Does the japanese government routinely prefer to support traditional spookiness over rationality? Wouldn't they be doing a better service to their people by exposing animistic crap and endorsing gender equality?
2001-08-28 03:54:18 PM  

God - superstition.
2001-08-28 05:23:35 PM  
The problem isn't observance of animistic theology - the problem is that women are too damned catty and jealous.
2001-08-28 05:59:51 PM  
um, it's spelled deity......
2001-08-28 06:26:25 PM  
Hey! Trust me - you don't wanna mess with those tunnel gods. Last time it took Ultra-7 hours to beat back all the giant yellow-eyed crab monsters! Keep that kind of racket up and you'll wake Godzilla!
2001-08-29 06:08:48 AM  
I'm in Japan, and trust me, its not a big deal. There are plenty more worthwhile things to get your knickers in a twist about (eg. childcare for working mothers, equal pay for equal work, etc.).
2001-08-29 03:40:50 PM  
Those crazy priests, always thinking about sex.

I can't be a christian because I don't believe in satan.

PS Ultra-7 should have used the 'all' materia, show him the cheatsheet at www.gamesag
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