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2585 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Sep 2001 at 12:00 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-02 12:07:37 AM  
I think this is Lars Ulrich working out, I'm not sure.

[image from too old to be available]
2001-09-02 12:16:01 AM  
What sucks is that other sites apparantly can't reprint things from the members section.. well if you're into Metallica info that is. Or at least Encyclopedia Metallica appears to be unable to
2001-09-02 12:26:21 AM  
"The Premier Membership level is the one for fans who cannot get enough Metallica."

sorry, they all left when you starting acting like assholes
2001-09-02 12:44:31 AM  
Anyone still into Metallica is too braindead from huffing too much paint to realize what a sad cash grab this is, and how much Metallica sucks.
2001-09-02 01:10:19 AM  
2001-09-02 01:13:20 AM  
2001-09-02 01:17:49 AM  
We would like you all to know that James Hetfield has entered a rehabilitation facility to undergo treatment for alcoholism and other addictions.

2001-09-02 01:26:11 AM  
I would like to hear what Hoopyfrood thinks about this matter.

Anyways...looks like they finally got the security issue fixed, you use to be able to put nothing (actually nothing not typing "nothing") for the username and password and you got in.
2001-09-02 01:48:08 AM  
Bigpeeler: Thanks for the view up Richard's shorts. It induced vomiting.
2001-09-02 01:58:34 AM  
I was wondering when and if someone would notice that monstrousity.
2001-09-02 02:05:28 AM  
Luckily, I had my testicular radar on tonight.
2001-09-02 03:46:55 AM  
2001-09-02 03:57:09 AM  





. . .

sorry, but those money grubbing farkwads needed to be eaten by thegrue.
2001-09-02 04:24:25 AM  
No, no, you just don't understand.

"Premier members are the only Metallica Fans in the world who can buy those one of a kind Fan Cans and other custom club items. The opportunities are endless!"

Come on, only $45 for endless opportunities! We could all be superman, or batman, or maybe even super-batman!

Ooh, and we'd have the magazine thingy too.
2001-09-02 04:34:21 AM  
Gotta love this:

Premier members get a "printed autographed band photo"
2001-09-02 04:37:10 AM  
metallica was good when i was a lil kid. now, well, they suck. making money is one thing, compromizing artistic integrity is another.
but i suppose 45 bucks for endless opportunities may lead to getting that genie i've always wanted, and i'll be damned if he's not commanded to make metallica not suck.

*the ill*
2001-09-02 05:19:28 AM  
And, the magazine thingy.
2001-09-02 05:30:23 AM  
You know, I just realized that super-batman would be like if Christopher Reeves was batman, only without the wheelchair.
Of course, I suppose he'd just lay there, so, scratch that.

Man, I got to get some sleep.
2001-09-02 06:35:49 AM  
Please tell me that's not Richard Simmons' nutsack.
2001-09-02 08:16:22 AM  
Metallica - subscribtion to SO WHAT, THATS ALL, WHO GIVES A FARK, YOU AINT GETTING ANTHING ELSE - Metallica better off broken up.
2001-09-02 08:41:21 AM  
You never thought we'd sell out this way.
This site is ours, you'll have to pay.
All these sales and I must say........
That nothing else matters

Money I seek, and I take it from you....
you don't know because you sniff glue...
You'll never know as to what is true.....
That nothing else matters....
2001-09-02 09:19:21 AM  
That my friends, IS Richard Simmon's nutsack. It's the least I could do for my fellow Farkers. You're welcome. Sweet dreams.
2001-09-02 10:15:16 AM  
Brilliant Waldo !!!!!!!
2001-09-02 10:42:41 AM  
I think I'll sign up using the account info from Piazza's paycheck, then put up a website with my name and password...

...On second thought, why bother...
2001-09-02 10:53:06 AM  
you do realize that by paying all that, you get a magazine subscription, a paint can (how stupid is that) with a shirt, a video and a CD every month or two. That's not a bad deal. I love Metallica, but not even I would sign up for such a great "deal".

oh yes, Hoopyfrood is a farking moron. and whoever thinks it's cool to not help yourself and die while choking on your own vomite is cool, is also a farking moron.
2001-09-02 10:54:39 AM  
and this membership thing has been going on for like 2-3 years now, but since it's such the cool thing to make fun of metallica, I guess nonoe of you need to know that.
2001-09-02 11:56:32 AM  
Yea this is bullshiat I posted this once b4
2001-09-02 12:20:24 PM  
What can stop on a dime and pick it up too: A Metallica Tour bus.....greedy farks
2001-09-02 01:00:35 PM  
Waldo rocks and I would sooner join his fan club than Metallica's money grubbing so called club for fans..

beware Waldo in case Meatllica sees how you changed their lyrics there in sort and tries to sue you for it !!! Its ALL ABOUT the MONEY for them ....
2001-09-02 01:01:47 PM  
YIKES !!! MEAT-allica... damn that Richard pic must have still been in my mind when I made that comment.. GAWD !!!
2001-09-02 01:14:14 PM  
this was posted months ago
2001-09-02 01:49:28 PM  
Someone needs to hack the priemer level and post it on FARK.
2001-09-02 03:00:10 PM  
Who cares anyway? They have sucked for a long time. Metallica is OVER. Anyone who still likes them is a sap.
2001-09-02 03:11:36 PM  
You guys are hating them for the napster issue. Basically, they took something away from you which wasn't suppose to be free, and so you act like little kids and biatch. I support MP3s as much as the next person, but don't biatch when the illegal act you are doing, gets you in trouble. Don't biatch when it gets big and they crack down on it. God, some people need to grow up.

This is for the fan club.. many bands have an official fan club and charge fees for membership. Only reason people care, is because they want to take cheap shots at the band for taking away something they wanted really really bad. You know, they would have bought the records, but that takes money!

Basically - hate a band because of their music, not because they crack down on your actions which are more or less, illegal. I like MP3s - I was mad when napster was shut down but biatching about it won't solve anything. So I shut up, and buy music I like or find another p2p service to use illegally until they crack down on that too. I've done both the former and the latter.

I would like to restate that you guys really brought it upon yourselves. I support metallica's action, and the only person making it worse is you - now they have to add anti-ripping technology into cds so we can't even convert it on our own computer to listen to on the go. Don't biatch when your selfish actions come back and bite you in the ass.
2001-09-02 03:30:47 PM  
ummm..i dont know if neone noticed..but this is just a fanclub site..its not the official band site or official band magazine..the autographs are printed copies of and autograph the guy has already..this is just some fan not the band..
2001-09-02 03:45:19 PM  
FifthColumn: That's not the issue at all; no one even mentioned the Napster debacle...except you, of course! All other anti-Metallica comments were in regards to their selling out and compromising their "artistic integrity" to grab buck. And charging too much for poopoo via their fanclub. And just being generally sucky all around.

There are two Metallicas: the post-Justice Metallica, and the pussies that call themselves Metallica now. It pains me to look back at old yearbooks and see their logo all over them...
2001-09-02 03:46:03 PM  
Whoa, make thet the PRE-Justice Metallica.
2001-09-02 04:04:22 PM  
Yeah. When I said they suck I meant their attitude AND their music. The shiat they pinch out now sounds more like country music than rock & roll. They need to go live with Ted Nugent.
2001-09-02 04:57:09 PM  
FITHCOLUMN your a knob. Metallica sux not because they cried like babies about napster (even though Napster wasnt affecting their record sales) but because their music is just crap. Your probably a minority case anyway still in love with the shiatty music and being a premiere member of that lame ass fanclub you have to defend your right to wasting money on washed up musicians autographs.

Metallica = Washed up wanker boys

(some just dont know when their time is up)
2001-09-02 06:05:34 PM  
I liked them too...they still sound good, but the 80s are over. Time to progress and grow.
Pearl Jam's music grew and changed with each CD, as they explored new sounds and concepts. Metallica 2001 sounds just like Metallica 1985.
2001-09-02 06:24:13 PM  
"...and the introductory letter from Jaymz."

Who is "Jaymz"? If it's James Hetfield, then he should start spelling like an adult now, he's all grown up.
2001-09-02 07:07:01 PM  
No no, you don't understand, James is now becoming 1337 and his name is J4ymz!

Thanks for the compliments on my song. I hope Lars will come on and read away and then try and find me, cause that would rock. I can see it in the papers now. "Lars searches for Waldo, the child inside cries out!"


*picks up her shoes and walks away*
2001-09-02 07:08:26 PM  

woops, couldn't keep a bad thing down.

2001-09-02 07:16:19 PM  
Just a quick final thought (Im trying my hand at Html ..... I knew nothing about it until now - does anyone know where a good place to learn Html on the net is?) I think most metallica fans would have already signed up but for any who havent this is............ Where Metallica fans should feel at home
2001-09-02 07:33:26 PM  
Mr Happy, you might want to try Html Goodies They're pretty good for learning html, that's where I learned a lot of stuff. I'm not an expert just yet but who knows, one day I might be. : )
2001-09-02 07:35:02 PM  
2001-09-02 07:51:08 PM  
Thanks Waldo much appreciated.
2001-09-02 10:07:54 PM  
Man, I farking -HATE- Metallica. Too bad I lack the balls to kick the shiat outta Lars myself. Oh well, at least we can make 'im look like a stupid ass :D

God Bless CampChaos and their Napster Bad! series

2001-09-02 10:38:44 PM  
OH PULEEEZE.....Napster is not the first of ANYTHING to "steal" music....who on earth has not borrowed a CD or tape from a friend and/or taped something from the radio before????????.......It took Napster to bring this to the attention of the Music industry.....WHoAOHDUH? You see other bands biatching and whining like they did ??? ....when they didn't have money you can't tell me they didn't belt out someone else's tunes to pay the rent. Every band has done it. I can't even listen to their music anymore....they've cheapened themselves by this behaviour
2001-09-02 10:41:34 PM  
"FITHCOLUMN your a knob. Metallica sux not because they cried like babies about napster (even though Napster wasnt affecting their record sales) but because their music is just crap. Your probably a minority case anyway still in love with the shiatty music and being a premiere member of that lame ass fanclub you have to defend your right to wasting money on washed up musicians autographs."

I see, and people just got REALLY PISSED at Metallica REALLY FAST because one day they realized their music sucks... it just happend to be days after they announced their stance on Napster. Odd.

Metallica's music has changed, but all band music does. Clapton's style has changed and nobody cares, nor do they call it selling out. Then again, he hasn't come out and said "Napster=Bad" (to my knowledge), so people don't call him a sell out.

Thank you for telling me their music is shiatty, and enforcing your belief on me. I do not like Metallica's new stuff, since it has went too alt for me. I like pre-black album mostly. compared to the nu-metal that has flooded the market, I guess you could call them washed up - of course I'd rather be a fan to a washed up band that has songs I like, than fans of some new fad that has no songs I like. Old = Washed up = Sell outs = Pussies. I get it now.

Compared to the number of pirated music files going around, it was affecting their record sales since they should have been paid for those songs and albums people downloaded and never went out to buy. For a "crap music" band, they were selling pretty well. Of course nu-metal "crap" sells just as good.

People trust whatever the media tells them these days - that is why a lot of people think p2p doesn't hurt record sales. Compared to the number of people that pirate the music, to those who buy the album, it does. A greater influx of downloaders should equal a greater number of buyers. Doesn't, when you compare the majorities.

Of course I'm just a knob, so what do I know.
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