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(ESPN)   Soccer player beats up burglar who was trying to rob his house. Burglar sues him for assault   ( divider line
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2003-01-15 01:24:06 PM  
First they take away the firearms. Now the right to defend one's property. It's official. England's gone mad.
2003-01-15 02:08:20 PM  
"I'm a right good strika - I am"

2003-01-15 02:20:10 PM  
What's a burgler?
2003-01-15 03:42:43 PM  

that's why you pop a cap or three in his ass, make sure he's not breathing, then slip a knife from your kitchen in his cold dead hands. Of course your prints are on the knife, it's from your kitchen!!

*bang!! bang!!

2003-01-15 04:32:37 PM  
Bubbaprog: It's one of those "hamburger on a bagle" things.
2003-01-15 04:37:40 PM  
Hold on. This is about a soccer player? Oh. Well than who really cares about a bunch of finger-up-the-rectum limies anyway.
2003-01-15 06:20:02 PM  
What would a cricket player have done?
2003-01-15 06:20:07 PM  
should've killed the burglar and burry or chop up his body. stupid cops wont know, then there's no problem.
2003-01-15 06:20:16 PM  
fark that shiat

always remember shoot to kill. dead people cant sue.
2003-01-15 06:20:16 PM  
"The break-in came two years and a day after Ferguson tackled two burglars at his former home in Rufford, Lancashire."

Hehe.... don't these damn criminals learn not to mess with this guy? ;)

2003-01-15 06:22:12 PM  
I can't believe the type of lawsuits they get away with in the USA......oh wait....
2003-01-15 06:22:33 PM  
yeah, but did he beat him up with a FLAIL????

huh? huh?
2003-01-15 06:22:47 PM  
Believe me, this guy is a notorious hard man who has been to prison for assualting a player during a game.Breaking into his house is the stupidest thing to do.
2003-01-15 06:22:51 PM  
The world needs tort reform RIGHT NOW.
2003-01-15 06:23:18 PM  
2003-01-15 06:23:32 PM  
He probably spilled hot coffee on the burglar.
2003-01-15 06:23:47 PM  
Sick sick sick.
2003-01-15 06:23:56 PM  
As a cop once told me...always fire twice, the first time into the burglar, the second into the ceiling.

Warning shot.
2003-01-15 06:24:16 PM  
I have no experience in breaking into houses but wouldn't you kind of expect to get the shiat beaten out of you if you get caught? It should be an accepted hazzard of that line of work.
2003-01-15 06:24:23 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Heres the Soccer Player in question
2003-01-15 06:24:37 PM  
01-15-03 06:20:16 PM Patssle
fark that shiat

always remember shoot to kill. dead people cant sue.

No, but their families can.
2003-01-15 06:24:40 PM  
Note: This isn't the thread to make known your arrogant, ugly-American attitudes towards soccer.
2003-01-15 06:26:24 PM  
I may be arrogant...and i may have an ugly attitude...but i am definitely not...wait what was the last thing?
2003-01-15 06:26:29 PM  
and their families will have a much harder time prooving what happened.
2003-01-15 06:27:13 PM  
Oooooh- better get out the asbestos suit and scrounge up a
summer-type umbrella drink- gonna get hot around here...
2003-01-15 06:27:27 PM  
Partisan...who needs an excuse to start a soccer flame war?!? Wheee!!!
2003-01-15 06:28:37 PM  

I like that name, funny!
2003-01-15 06:29:15 PM  
True story: Our neighbours' farmyard was visited several times by local dorks, stealing gas from their farm-sized tanks. When the neighbour had had enough, he laced the gastank with sugar. Guess who got sued (and won) for damages?
2003-01-15 06:29:50 PM  
"and their families will have a much harder time prooving what happened."

True, but try telling that to them.
2003-01-15 06:30:35 PM  
dont have to, you sit back and let them supply proof and take a nice long nap
2003-01-15 06:30:45 PM  

I try...
2003-01-15 06:31:11 PM  
ProvenItchFighter Hey you short lil Japanese stalking FIB!! Did you see my post in the bank thread?! Didn't think I'd catch ya, did ya?!

Uh oh..customer coming up to me......
2003-01-15 06:32:29 PM  
Soccer? Flame? hmm...
2003-01-15 06:32:36 PM  
Note: This isn't the thread to make known your arrogant, ugly-American attitudes towards soccer.

Yeah, don't mess with those soccer players...

[image from too old to be available]

You are shrinking, and your two little balls are shrinking with ya. The fact that you've got "Replica" written down the side of your gun. (withdraws his gun) And the fact that I've got "Desert Eagle point five O" written on the side of mine, should precipitate your balls into shrinking, along with your presence. Now... fark off!
2003-01-15 06:33:02 PM  
Should have sued him for being a queer little soccer player.

(Take that, Partisan)
2003-01-15 06:33:02 PM  
only in america could someething so stupid be allowed.

2003-01-15 06:34:09 PM  
"" "he ass ualted me."""
2003-01-15 06:34:17 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-15 06:34:47 PM  
True story: My cousins house got broken into while he was asleep upstairs. He heard the little bastards and got up to see what was going on. Thery heard him and bolted. When the cops got there he told them he was buying a bat and keeping it by his door because this is the second time he's been broken into and next time the little shiat isn't getting away. The cop told him (no word of a lie here) If you do it make sure you kill him. If he's still alive he'll sue you and press charges. If you kill him during a break-in the most you'll see is six month in jail.
2003-01-15 06:34:47 PM  

duh, i didn't see your post :p
2003-01-15 06:34:50 PM  
God damnit

british accent

"he ass ualted me"

/british accent
2003-01-15 06:36:29 PM  
Those damn sue happy Americans Brits. Only in a nation like America Britian would someone think of sueing for this.
2003-01-15 06:37:52 PM  
If ya can't kick someone's ass in your own house, where can ya. Oh right, this in England, ass kicking must be reserved for soccer matches. You aren't allowed to harm a poor innocent robber.
2003-01-15 06:39:44 PM  
For the Reading-Deficient Farkers:

There is no civil lawsuit. The soccer player is being investigated for assault, criminally... (i.e., maybe he stuck a plunger in the burgler's arse whilst waiting for the cops to arrive).

So, the Asinine tag applies to the poster and those who are whining about civil lawsuits.

By the way, in the U.S., if someone breaks into your home, you are allowed to use deadly force... have at it.
2003-01-15 06:40:26 PM  
"Everton striker Duncan Ferguson is being investigated by police over allegations that he assaulted an intruder who was burgling his home, it has emerged."
DID ANYONE EVEN READ THE ARTICLE? The burglar accused him of assault, it mentions nowhere that he's suing the guy.
2003-01-15 06:43:03 PM  
If someone broke into my house, I'd shoot a burglar dead and stab myself somewhere non-vital with my own kitchen knife. Self-defense ya know.
2003-01-15 06:44:22 PM  
I'd just like to point out that there have no boobies links on (regular, cheap-ass bastard, non-paying) FARK today. This sucks.
2003-01-15 06:46:53 PM  
There are countries where criminals have no rights.
I would not want to live in any of them.

That being said, I'll jack-up anybody I find breaking into my place.
Bad. Real bad.
2003-01-15 06:47:16 PM  
Those damn American Euro-trash wanna bes. Always quick to jump to Canadas Britians defense, but isn't heard from to defend Britian Swaziland.

I checked, no where under the Terms and Conditions does it say anyone has to actually read an article before posting.

Besides, it was his house, he shouldn't be investigated for anything.
2003-01-15 06:47:20 PM  
espn thinks im from the 'other' region. participates in geography surveys. disgusting.
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