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(NASA)   Dimmest twin stars ever discovered. Surprisingly, not an article about Mary-Kate and Ashley   ( divider line
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1625 clicks; posted to Geek » on 11 Dec 2008 at 7:35 PM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2008-12-11 04:00:49 PM  
subby, you rule!
2008-12-11 04:09:56 PM  
I like the cut of your jib subby.
2008-12-11 04:50:22 PM  
Sometimes, the headlines write themselves, don't they, submitter?
2008-12-11 05:12:18 PM  
First: This is my nomination for title of the week (geek category)
Second: Let's tap one of these things and solve our energy problem.
2008-12-11 06:00:38 PM  

Tr0mBoNe: Second: Let's tap one of these things and solve our energy problem.

I dunno, I bet I could wear an Olsen twin out pretty quickly
2008-12-11 06:22:36 PM  
I'm offended!

i150.photobucket.comView Full Size

/considered the dimmest star in several universes
2008-12-11 07:39:25 PM  
Bravo, subby

/somehow didn't see that coming
2008-12-11 09:04:53 PM  
prego mary kate pics?
2008-12-11 09:41:21 PM  
Any mention of a desert planet orbiting them?
2008-12-11 09:47:52 PM  
Ever hear about Lance Armstrong briefly hooking up with that Olson twin? Ever wonder why she'd be into him?

He's half the calories.
2008-12-11 10:40:43 PM  
I think these stars will outlive most of the rest of the Universe, they're on a sort of stellar reduced caloric intake diet. I wonder if in the far future we could adapt ourselves to live on a planet orbiting such stars. Or maybe just take the Earth to a brown dwarf and see how much energy we can harvest from it.
2008-12-11 10:56:30 PM  
In other news, the Olsen twins still brighter than subby.
2008-12-11 11:22:19 PM  

Brockway: In other news, the Olsen twins still brighter than subby.

Whatever. Subby, that was awesome! Brilliant, really. Kudos.
2008-12-11 11:38:35 PM  
+1 Subby

Do I see a future headline of the week?
2008-12-12 01:10:36 AM  


(cool article)
2008-12-12 01:32:51 AM  
Is nice.
2008-12-12 03:51:40 AM  
what about those twins in Evolution?
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