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(Toronto Star)   After 40 years, Girl Guide cookies will never be the same again   ( divider line
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17067 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Jan 2003 at 7:20 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-01-15 12:56:36 PM  
Are they going to stop making them with real Girl Guides?
2003-01-15 12:59:09 PM  
Christie dropped the ball on this one. That's a huge contract to lose.
2003-01-15 01:04:56 PM  
Dare just isn't as good as Christie. Way to go Christie, that's like NBC losing the rights to NFL games. Huge.

And Spin_Doc, why'd you leave Halifax for Toronto? I know there's hope now that Lastman's retiring though so I have one less excuse to hold it against you ;)
2003-01-15 01:23:06 PM  
Chick3_16: I really wish I could have stayed home. But, honestly, there's so many PR grads from the Mount flooding an already tiny PR market that it doesn't leave much opportunity for anyone looking to start a career. You're better off leaving and coming back later. That's my plan, as it stands now. Look for me on Spring Garden sometime after 2005! :-)
2003-01-15 01:25:38 PM  
Look for me at the Mount sometime after mid-2004 (Dal doesn't offer a BEd program, so guess where I'm going when I graduate next year.

Now I'm threadjacking so I'll make another point.

Does this affect the U.S. at all?
2003-01-15 01:56:26 PM  
Who cares if this affects the US at all. 99% of stuff on Fark doesn't affect Canada at all, so we deserve to get our Canadiana content on there!
Anyhoo, I somewhat aree with the Guides dropping Christie. Kraft is a giant American company, and Dare is a smaller Canadian company. Go with the Canadian one, I say.
2003-01-15 06:39:12 PM  
"from a new supplier: Kitchener-based Dare Foods, which won the contract over Christie Brown/Nabisco."

Somebody got 'picked up and kicked out onto the curb' fired for that one. Besides, other than the design which makes no difference at all, they're the same damned cookies. I prefer 'Wilderness Girls' cookies anyways.
2003-01-15 07:23:49 PM  
Ivar the Engine Drive cares.
2003-01-15 07:24:21 PM  
Girl Scouts Lite.....

2003-01-15 07:24:45 PM  
Read: "Driver"
2003-01-15 07:25:37 PM  
Girl Guides? Some sort of ass-backwards Canadian Girl Scout organization?
2003-01-15 07:25:42 PM  
They switched because christie was reaming the guides over the profits; Christie was making a lot more money on them than the girl guides were.
2003-01-15 07:26:46 PM  
"I've always enjoyed eating Girl Guides' cookies." --Pete Townshend
2003-01-15 07:28:01 PM  
Collywobbles, I don't think it was cookies. I think it was muffins.
2003-01-15 07:28:14 PM  
um.. i suppose that Girl Guides is some kind of PC Girl Scout like we have in the US?
2003-01-15 07:29:29 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

I've seen these cookies at Wal-Mart. They're like $1.79 for 200.
2003-01-15 07:29:31 PM  
The PC's didn't have anything to do with it, Magnetbox -- this strictly an NDP joint.
2003-01-15 07:31:05 PM  
Am i seeing things, or is the second news section at the top of this website called "GTA"?
2003-01-15 07:31:17 PM  
"...chose Dare because it was Canadian-owned and had quality products, large production capacity, a nut-free plant ...

Anyone care to explain to me what a nut-free plant is? Anyone? Anyone?

All puns aside, I'm serious here. Replies should be in the proper context. Peas. I mean Please.
2003-01-15 07:31:40 PM  
Greater Toronto Area ... not (sadly) Grand Theft Auto
2003-01-15 07:34:36 PM  

It is a plant that does not process nuts, ever, in any product, and never has. This is very important to those who are deathly allergic to peanuts.
2003-01-15 07:35:34 PM  
What the f##k is a Girl Guide?
2003-01-15 07:36:10 PM  
The Canadian equivalant to Girl Scouts.
2003-01-15 07:36:52 PM  
Darn Canucks!
2003-01-15 07:37:03 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-15 07:37:19 PM  
I'm probably the only person on the planet that thinks girl scout cookies are wayyyyyy overrated. They all taste like cardboard to me.
2003-01-15 07:37:44 PM  
Wow, is it just me or are Mount grads over-represented on Fark? I'm one!
2003-01-15 07:38:27 PM  
None of the cookies described sound tasty. Girl Scout cookies, on the other hand, yummmmmm.....Samoas, Thin Mints, Tagalongs, and Do-si-dos, etc. And they have already started their sales this year. I refuse to open my front door to solicitors unless they are sporting a Girl Scout or Brownie sash.

What do Boy Scouts sell? Anything?
2003-01-15 07:38:37 PM  
The cookies are great for precision skeet shooting practice.
2003-01-15 07:38:43 PM  
Lunatic Tassle

even the minty ones?
2003-01-15 07:41:08 PM  
Ummm... what? Girl Guides? Since when did this site become Canadian? Have I been so naive for so long???
2003-01-15 07:41:49 PM  
Anyone care to explain to me what a nut-free plant is? Anyone? Anyone?

All puns aside, I'm serious here. Replies should be in the proper context. Peas. I mean Please.

It means they don't deal with any kinds of nuts...ya know like peanuts. Since so many people these days are popping up with extreme nut allergies.

course it might just mean that everyone working there is sane.

Lunatic Tassle: yeah you probably are the only person who thinks that. I'm waiting anxiously for girl scounts to start popping up outside grocery stores peddling their wares.
2003-01-15 07:42:17 PM  
i'm only familiar with girl SCOUT, not girl guide. are they hot?
2003-01-15 07:42:30 PM  
Lunatic Tassle, how can you bash Girl Scout cookies? They are an American institution.

Why do you hate America so much?
2003-01-15 07:43:57 PM  
The confusion may be over the word "plant", which can mean both an example of flora and a factory in which a product is made.
2003-01-15 07:44:03 PM  
for some confused Farkers:

Girl Guides: Canada: two cookie flavours (gross dark brown, gross light brown)

Girl Scouts: USA: all sorts of cool cookie flavors.
2003-01-15 07:44:12 PM  
the Girl Scouts should sell only thin mints. best cookie ever. I buy a case when I can get'em.

and no, the boy scouts (having been one) don't sell cookies.
old joke here- at least thirty years old...

q: Why don't the boy scouts sell cookies?
a: Would you buy a cookie stamped with the letters B.S.?

that said, they better not fark up on the thin mints....
2003-01-15 07:45:04 PM  
"We've updated the image of the cookie to go along with our updated image of Girl Guides."

I see... so the new cookies sport the image of a clover. This must mean the only thing a girl needs to get through life is luck... perhaps the luck of marrying a doctor or politician?
2003-01-15 07:46:42 PM  
Or does it mean girls are weeds that will steal the life of anything in their way?
2003-01-15 07:46:42 PM  
Boy Scouts go door to door and should sell beer and rent loose women.
2003-01-15 07:48:22 PM  
I've got a girl guide. It's $.50 (Canadian) a ride.
2003-01-15 07:49:20 PM  
"All puns aside, I'm serious here. Replies should be in the proper context. Peas. I mean Please."

Huh, wha?- Did you call me?
2003-01-15 07:49:24 PM  

Popcorn, I think. But most of the food-related responsibilities are left to the Girl Scouts because, you know, a woman's place is in the kitchen.

Good ol' useless Girl Scouts. Thanks to years of training I can now paste googly eyes onto felt with almost no effort! (I'm also adept at singing "Sally the Camel".)
2003-01-15 07:50:46 PM  
Okay, Magnet box, the minty ones taste like rubber. Happy :)

Sudie: I believe the girl scouts REAL motive is to make lots of money while making people fat. And we all know America has too many fat people. Not to mention getting fat on cardboard takes the all fun out of gluttony.
2003-01-15 07:50:46 PM  
As long as Oreos stop changing, I dont give a rats ass...
2003-01-15 07:50:58 PM  

I smell another flame war coming on between US and Canada over Girl Scouts/Guides

only on Fark!
2003-01-15 07:53:02 PM  
LOL, Devotchka, can you still recite the promise?

On my honor, I will try to serve God and my country, to help people at all times, and to live by the Girl Scout Law.
2003-01-15 07:54:55 PM  
Samoas are sweet, sweet cookie crack.
2003-01-15 07:55:28 PM  

I hear of all these kids popping up with deadly allergies to peanuts, so much so that some of them will croak if they're even exposed to the dust from peanut shells.

Personally, I think it's just a sign of kids being soft these days. Back when I was a kid, we'd snort peanuts up our noses for fun :)
2003-01-15 07:56:08 PM  
Isn't that what Peter Brady dressed up as? Crap, that the hell was he called. I remember he rang the bell, a guy answered the door and Peter sang a little song with the name of the organization in it. Crap. SOmeone help me.
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