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(ITN)   The Simpsons has been named the best childrens show of all time by British television viewers   ( divider line
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2001-08-28 07:37:12 AM  
2001-08-28 07:41:04 AM  
childrens show?
2001-08-28 07:43:53 AM  
...but all of the 'celebrity' commentators and 'experts' did say it was a show with different levels, perfect for kids and adults.
shiate like Teletubbies and Tweenies placed badly, thank Walken, while the Muppet Show, Dangermouse, Scooby Doo and Bagpuss did well...hurrah!
2001-08-28 07:44:08 AM  
Are kids are very developed ;o)
2001-08-28 07:44:52 AM  
ooops .... Our!
2001-08-28 07:46:19 AM  
Children's show? I don't think the Simpsons has ever been intended for kids - except maybe the merchandise.
2001-08-28 07:49:54 AM  
Best television show ever.
2001-08-28 07:58:09 AM  
Who the fark decided this was a children's show????

I mean yeah, it is the best television show ever. And from the first day I got to college, I've been using the T3 here to download full episodes out the asshole.
2001-08-28 08:05:50 AM  
hey Jumpin jesus: you only get T3?
I get OC3... 155Mbits/sec
2001-08-28 08:08:07 AM  
Where was Mr. Blobbie(sp) on the list?
2001-08-28 08:09:28 AM  
Yea, I went over to ireland for a week, and what they showed for saturday morning cartoons was simpsons, king of the hill, and futurama. I was laughing histericly...
2001-08-28 08:21:19 AM  
The Simpsons are great, indeed. One of my favorite scenes in any Simpsons eipsode is this one:

Willie: I couldn't have shot Mr. Burns. In the 70s, Space Invaders left my index finger crippled!

Cheif Wiggum: Oh yeah, Space Invaders, that was a good game.

Willie: (Shocked) Game?

Ahhh, gotta love those Simpsons.

Oh, and Zlackwar, good one, buddy.
2001-08-28 08:24:43 AM  
[image from too old to be available] Best... show... ever.
2001-08-28 08:25:09 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-08-28 08:32:03 AM  
Mog: "good one, buddy."
WTF? you think i dont get access to swinburne's OC3?
2001-08-28 08:40:55 AM  
You gave us The Simpsons, and we gave you The TeleTubbies.

/hangs head in shame, and goes out to drown sorrows.
2001-08-28 08:50:07 AM  
I love the Simpsons, but it is not a childrens show. I can't even watch it anymore becuase my 4 year old is always around when its on in the evenings. I knew I was in trouble when the first word out of her mouth was 'Doh!. We would ask her what Homer says, and she would say DOH!. /me hangs his head in shame. What a horible parent I am.
2001-08-28 09:14:02 AM  
One of the best sitcoms of all time, but classify is as a kids' show? Those Euros really creep me out sometimes. Maybe Homer and Bart are role models there?
2001-08-28 09:26:36 AM  
He's Terrific! He's Magnific!
2001-08-28 09:39:46 AM  
It's just that the stuff you feed to adults in the US is generally the sort of level that the kids over here work on.
2001-08-28 09:43:33 AM  
Anyone watch spongebob square pants hehehehehe
2001-08-28 09:48:03 AM  
The Simpsons transcend television.

And what do the Brits know about the Simpsons anyway? That's a 'Merican show. There's British humour, then there's American humor. (Notice the British spelling of humour?? Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more, say no more)
2001-08-28 10:01:41 AM  
1. The Simpsons
2. The Muppets
3. Dangermouse

Wow you can't go wrong there!
2001-08-28 10:05:05 AM  
I still think that "Executions" was the best kiddies video I've ever seen.
2001-08-28 10:25:13 AM  
Is Bevis and Butthead #2 over there?
2001-08-28 10:56:54 AM  
It's such a smart show i can imagine it as a kid show, most of the adult portions or jokes would go right over a kids head. Kinda like Shrek.
2001-08-28 10:57:49 AM  
This classification of The Simpsons as a children's show might be yet another unfair assumption that anything animated is automatically deemed to be for children. I don't agree with this, as it's been demonstrated to the point of ridiculousness, that most animated shows are NOT for children. Look at Animaniacs, Looney Toons, Pinky and the Brain, etc. For some reason, I thought the Brits were smarter than the Americans on this subject. Oh well.

Next, the Brits will start awarding Urotsukidoji as Best Family Show...
2001-08-28 11:02:57 AM  
i wouldn't classify this as a kids me sesame street would be a perfect example...

my favorite episode was when homer was playin softball n was hittin homeruns...n bart n lisa ...homer let me get u something.. homer u can get me a beer...lisa n bart argue cuz they wanna be the one to get him one... homer WAIT you both can get me a beer... :)
2001-08-28 11:03:58 AM  
I watched Dangermouse religiously when it ran on Nickelodeon. It was their last show before they went off the air at 8:00, unless you count the Bananaman shorts they ran later. (Remember when channels went off the air?)
2001-08-28 11:06:35 AM  
Bart: Vote for Homer for Trash Commissioner, if you don't he'll beat us."
Homer: WHY YOU LITTLE....heh, heh...what are you talking about son? No one's going to beat you. *you are going to get such a beating*
2001-08-28 11:31:27 AM  
Fumanshu: ...Animaniacs, Looney Toons, Pinky and the Brain...

So are you saying are intended for children or not?
2001-08-28 11:39:09 AM  
I agree with everyone who said it is the best show ever.
It is the only show I know of that had the three surviving Beatles as guest stars(albeit their voices).
I'm waiting for an episode with Slayer...........
2001-08-28 11:53:08 AM  
Simpsons are definitely NOT a children's show. And as a matter of fact, in some households in America I suspect that Homer and Bart Simpson are about the only male role models. I have seen such obnoxious, and downright crude behavior from some kids that I can only conclude that they must be immitating Bart. Kind of the way we used to immitate Bugs Bunny, etc.
Also, I loved Dangermouse as well. Top kids cartoon of all time... Looney Toons... classics for generations!!!
2001-08-28 12:02:15 PM  
Hey Brits,

The Simpsons is not a children's show. It is a satire of American life and of the American "nuclear" family.

I guess something got lost in the "translation" from American English to UK English.
2001-08-28 12:27:02 PM  
Soylent: The shows are presented to kids (and supposedly are for them exclusively), but I think they're more suited for adults. Of course, the quick defense I use in this case is "It's a show made by adults, with some references that will clearly go over kids' heads, but yet still retains the ability to entertain the munchkins."

Err...geez, bad answer huh?
2001-08-28 12:50:01 PM  
Hey, I was just pleased that Press Gang and Maid Marian made the list.

Of course, most of you fellas won't know what I'm talking about. Your loss.
2001-08-28 01:08:53 PM  
and it's given us more memorable quotes than monty python and the Tick combined.

Flash, Bart was my role model growing up. There were two choses when i was a kid. Captain Planet, and Bart. the choice wasn't a hard one. but then, i came out relatively normal.
2001-08-28 01:15:35 PM  
Well, as far as I'm concerned, this is cromulent. It embiggens us all.

Lenny: Geez, revenge sure is great for gettin' back at people.

Carl: Yeah, and vengeance is pretty good, too.
2001-08-28 04:30:23 PM  
Homer: White guys have names like Lenny, black guys have names like Carl.
2001-08-28 04:41:15 PM  
A recent survey in UK named Homer as the 'ideal' father because he always supports his kids in the end.

We Brits, you've got to love our sense of humour.
2001-08-28 06:52:56 PM  
Sopranos - Best Family show.
2001-08-28 06:54:28 PM  
Captain Planet was freaking horrible. I didn't know one kid who admitted to watching that but I think we all secretly did.
But even at 9 years old, I knew he was a wuss.

I wonder where I could find the Capt Planet theme song.
2001-08-28 08:10:01 PM  
Im going to name you stitchface.....I call the big one bitey
2001-08-28 08:17:29 PM  
I agree that the Simpsons are the best show ever. The episodes this season have been bad. The plots have been miserable and as i die hard simpsons fan i have felt ashamed and embarassed about them. Does anybody else feel this way and want to express their outrage on the fark message boards
2001-08-28 08:49:51 PM  
"The weak and nerdy are admired for their computer programming abilities!"
Homer Simpson
2001-08-28 11:17:23 PM  
Shows such as Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain (which in my opinion rivals the Simpsons for best cartoon) are full of jokes and inuendo that only adults would understand.

I love the episode of P&tB where they try to figure out what the secret to being a world leader is. They manage to sneak into this summit, where all the world leaders are attending. Finally, they unveil the "secret" to their endless knowledge. You see Clinton et al sitting around a table watching........the Three Stooges!! Brilliant.
2001-08-29 12:33:54 PM  
Homer: There's the right way, the wrong way and the Max Power way!
Bart: Isn't that the wrong way?
Homer: Yes, but faster.
2001-08-30 10:53:23 AM  
The Simpsons are the best children television show. And the best adult television show as well.
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