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(Some Guy) Video New game allows you to use first-person-view rat bombs to kill other players   ( divider line
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13178 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Jan 2003 at 8:03 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-01-15 08:05:37 AM  
Advertisng, isn't it great!
2003-01-15 08:06:54 AM  
Is that Eminem there?
2003-01-15 08:07:04 AM  
Is it just me, or is the rat shaking its head "NO NO!" before it gets let go?

I felt sorry for his little virtual life...
2003-01-15 08:08:24 AM  
if you're going to post an ad at least give us a demo you cheap farks.
2003-01-15 08:12:27 AM  
And to think I was worried that my favorite part of "Total Recall" would never be recreated except with a rat with a bomb instead of a tracking device, and instead of getting shot and blown all over a laptop with Schwarzenegger endlessly repeating "get your ass to Mars," the rat kills dudes.
2003-01-15 08:13:26 AM  
WTF is a first person view rat-bomb? I'm guessing it's something like Letterman's Monkey-cam.

Y'know, folks do this today in the real world, but they use people instead of rats.

How about a Middle East simulator game?

2003-01-15 08:20:48 AM  
when are they going to make a proper sequel to Pie Eat '94
2003-01-15 08:22:21 AM  
I thought it looked like Marshall Mathers (III) also. Hmmmm.
2003-01-15 08:22:37 AM  
Yeah Karlandtanya, but throwing rocks would get kind of old after a bit.
2003-01-15 08:24:58 AM  
Slim Shady Sims...I'll have to agree.
2003-01-15 08:26:37 AM  
i'm sorrieeee mommaaa!

[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-15 08:26:44 AM  
WOW... just what the gaming world needs.. another quake style rush and gun fps.. I think the only thing that could top this would be a Massive multiplayer online roleplaying game set in a fantasy realm.

2003-01-15 08:28:43 AM  
People are easier to train than rats
2003-01-15 08:29:03 AM  

We can only pray for more boring walk-around-fishing-villages-looking-for-clues-games that continue to eternaly flog the mythos of Lovecraft short stories.
2003-01-15 08:34:16 AM  
Karlandtanya - there is such a game.

2003-01-15 08:41:36 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-15 08:44:43 AM  
I've been a little out-of-touch with video games lately. Will they have this game for the Intellivision platform?

[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-15 08:45:23 AM  
Lovecraft rules!
2003-01-15 09:02:48 AM  
I like the cat silencer in Postal 2, more original.

2003-01-15 09:15:40 AM  
I guess you can never have too many first person shooters.
2003-01-15 09:18:54 AM  
Is it just me, or does that gun look like a camcorder strapped to a paintball gun? :D

[ST paraphrase]
Captain, I'm giving it all she's got, but the paint has dried in the cassette bay!!
(Snottys' voice)

[/ST paraphrase]
2003-01-15 09:26:32 AM  
I would pay for middle east terrorist game. Just like the Chin-Pokemon game. "Trys to bomb de harbor!" Playing the bad guy is cool
2003-01-15 10:11:02 AM  
Do they they have it for Mac? Probly in 6 years...

/Smacks head.
2003-01-15 10:13:52 AM  
children in pet shops must now be considered possible terrorists.
2003-01-15 10:15:02 AM  
Someone call Peta - rats are people too!
2003-01-15 10:17:16 AM  
But what's the story behind the game? I want to know the motivation, I want to know the plot, I want to know the...

What's that? You try to blow the shiat out of each other for no discernable reason?

OK. I can get behind that.
2003-01-15 10:30:59 AM  
I'll play it if only for the fact that I know it will irritate PETA-philes.

The gameplay looks good from the blurbs (but then so did Thing -sigh-). However the tag-line eats monkey offle.
2003-01-15 10:49:21 AM  
I want the game developers to get away from the Half-Life/Unreal engines. I gotta admit, they are pretty good, but a lot of times they're just reruns. I want to see someone utilize the Geo-mod technology (Red Faction), but put it in a game that doesn't suck donkey balls.
2003-01-15 11:35:17 AM  
I'm hearing some positive stuff about this game... It should be a fun one. Not that i'll blow 50 bucks on it, but ya know. I'll get it used offa someone. I do that all the time.
2003-01-15 11:51:40 AM  
I_ate_Jared, they used the Next-generation Unreal® Engine coupled with the MathEngine Karma™.

I still think it looks "Half-Life-ish"
2003-01-15 11:52:42 AM  

On a future devastated Earth, powerful, corrupt corporations control remaining technology and rule what's left of society. Pacification Squads, a brutal private police force, maintain order for the corporate syndicate.

The only hope for freedom is a small group of Resistance fighters made up of gang leaders, mercenaries and ex-military operatives. As the Resistance leader you must assemble your army and travel the globe, restoring peace and sanity in a very dangerous world.
2003-01-15 11:56:04 AM  
Shoot-em-up games reached their apex with Combat on the Atari. Period. Any tank game where you can bounce shots off walls rocks, in my book.
2003-01-15 11:57:08 AM  
Resistance fighters made up of gang leaders, mercenaries and ex-military operatives

These guys are supposed to be authorities on peace and sanity?
2003-01-15 12:06:45 PM  
[image from too old to be available]


[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-15 12:55:25 PM  
Well, that's just a stupid story. I prefer the "for no discernable reason" angle.
2003-01-15 01:01:40 PM  
Well isn't that great! I can't wait to forward that great link to ALL OF MY FRIENDS. It's the best!
2003-01-15 01:22:11 PM  
Karland -- Maybe it has something to do with the remote-control rats (I'm serious. Plant some electrodes in the right places, train it, and you get a remote-control rat. They're meant for rescue recon work, apparently.), put a (presumably VERY small) payload of explosives on it (tiny backpack?) with either a remote or a timed detonator, and a miniature forward-mounted camera... and there you go.
2003-01-15 01:57:30 PM  

Want a good demo? Try No One Lives Forever 2. Thought it was pretty fun, kinda heavy on the graphics card though.

High quality brought my Geforce3 to its knees.

2003-01-15 03:10:55 PM  
Shady's back
2003-01-15 03:58:08 PM  
How lame.. An advertising rep trying to pass as a farker...

Very lame way to try upselling your game...
Death to FPS's..
2003-01-15 05:03:01 PM  
No thanks... I spend all of my spare dough on icy cold Dr. Peppers. It's refreshingly fizzy!
2003-01-15 05:13:36 PM  
I didn't dig the rat clip very much, but I did like the one where you are hitting guys in the head with a big piece of lumber. That was pretty cool.

When does Doom 3 come out, bytheway?
2003-01-15 06:04:24 PM  
looks like some 3rd rate CS ripoff with and Eminem cameo. I'm saving my money for Savage anyways
2003-01-15 06:19:38 PM  
...looks sweet...
2003-01-15 06:27:31 PM  
Reminds me of the roach drone in the Fifth Element.
2003-01-15 08:16:26 PM  
Depafeo its actuallu chim-pokomon but all the same
2003-01-15 09:06:58 PM  
I can totally see this game online, a bunch of grown men afraid of rats.. "omg does THAT one have a bomb? I better get the hell out of here"
2003-01-15 10:27:33 PM  
Rat bombs are cool!
2003-01-16 01:07:38 AM  
I wonder if it will be like those kickass "Bombchu" mouse bombs from Legend of Zelda.

2003-01-16 02:34:08 AM  
I swear thats Eminem.
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