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(   Wilt Chamberlin is closing in on becoming the NBA's all-time leading scorer again. Not bad since Wilt died in 1999   ( divider line
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17986 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Jan 2003 at 2:58 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-01-14 01:39:08 PM  
of course he's the leading scorer... Didn't he score with something like 20,000 different women?


2003-01-14 02:42:20 PM  
It must be nice to have problems like that.
2003-01-14 03:01:43 PM  
site down already...
2003-01-14 03:02:05 PM  
156 clicks and FARKED!

That must be a record.
2003-01-14 03:02:42 PM  
Jeebus H. Has Maller fixed the broken HTML on that site yet?
2003-01-14 03:03:05 PM  
Try this link
2003-01-14 03:03:06 PM  

What Djezin8 said.
2003-01-14 03:03:34 PM  
Hmm, must be running one of those Packard Bell servers.....farked!!
2003-01-14 03:04:40 PM  
farken "A"
2003-01-14 03:04:44 PM  

Scoring AVERAGE ! Not leading scorer, which is misleading and I think wrong.

Misleading headlines like this makes all of Wilt's 10,000 mistresses cry.

2003-01-14 03:06:14 PM  
ATTN: Ben Maller: Drop the goddamn Front Page! We non-IE users don't find it very funny that your HTML is non-stanadard. That is all.
2003-01-14 03:06:21 PM  
I know somebody who is very confused about this headline...

<img src=""
2003-01-14 03:06:40 PM  
Can someone tell me again why Benmaller is linked on this site? The site looks like it's been done by a junior-high school kid!

/obligatory Benmaller rant fated to appear in every benmaller comment thread
2003-01-14 03:06:42 PM  
Jordan should quite while hes ahead.
2003-01-14 03:07:21 PM  
2003-01-14 03:07:21 PM  
Hmm...I am quizzical about HTML...

Ah hell, you all know who it was, anyway.
2003-01-14 03:08:25 PM  
that's a little misleading... it's referring to average points per game, not total career points.. it still would be pretty cool though, wilt was the man. his influence on the game is absolutely undeniable.
2003-01-14 03:14:40 PM  
Opposing coach on the night Wilt scored 100 points:

"Ok, who's covering Wilt?"

2003-01-14 03:15:19 PM  
Wilt Chamberlain is dead?!?!

Stupid living in the college dorms (AKA a dungeon) for 1999 where I had no realy contact with the outside world.
2003-01-14 03:33:14 PM  
it's still weird to me that Walter Payton and Tom Landry are also dead
2003-01-14 03:38:10 PM  
Robbie - If it's weird to you, imagine what it is to them.
2003-01-14 03:42:39 PM  
DJrezin, I think he claimed to have slept with 3 women everyday during his NBA career. Man, how did he even manage to play ball?

BTW, Jordan sucks now... his shot% blows. (That outta start a flame war =)
2003-01-14 03:44:29 PM  
Why can't the link just take me to the story in question...I don't want to search the entire website for the story.
Also, why would I want to get sports info from this amateurish site when ESPN, Sporting News, etc...are all so much better and FREE?

No offense...just wondered.
2003-01-14 03:45:59 PM  
let's get this out of the way...

"who cares! the nba sucks!"

karl malone isn't very far from kareem's record.

2003-01-14 03:51:39 PM  
I still can't believe Larry Bird is dead.
2003-01-14 03:58:08 PM  
larry bird isn't dead is he? I thought he was an nba coach somewhere!
2003-01-14 04:09:14 PM  
ryan stiles can be a stand-in larry bird.
2003-01-14 04:10:11 PM  
Exsqueeze me? Come again? A rotting corpse is making his way to being the best all-time scorer? I'm buying front-row-goddamn-seats, baby!
2003-01-14 04:14:56 PM  
Advice to sports legends: quit while you are ahead.
2003-01-14 04:16:18 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

The next champ.
2003-01-14 04:17:29 PM  
Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead! And evidently, so is Chevy's career.
2003-01-14 04:21:08 PM  
Larry Bird is alive. I was just being an evil fark.
2003-01-14 04:33:24 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-14 04:35:12 PM  
Wilt is dead? WTF? Where the hell have I been.
2003-01-14 04:41:42 PM  
wilt died of a heart attack didn't he and the math doesn't work on his sex "scoring" claim but that doesnt mean he didnt sleep with a lot of women
2003-01-14 05:42:09 PM  
Awwww.....just about points scored while playing. With all of the Pete T links today, I figured we'd get a story concerning necrophilia with Wilt's corpse...
2003-01-14 06:18:32 PM  
Who cares about the Wilt story, what about Alf???
2003-01-14 06:18:33 PM  
Wilt tried to count every woman that was involved in his post game dog piles as a woman he "slept" with. Farking Liar.....
2003-01-14 06:19:32 PM  
this just in: Magic Johnson still has aids
2003-01-14 06:41:17 PM  
Another reason Jordan should have just stayed retired.
2003-01-14 07:08:49 PM  
I think Jordan should be frozen right next to who should we have for the 2050 super bowl....aikman or mcnabb....decisions decisions...
2003-01-14 07:14:12 PM  
Yet another reason why MJ is not the greatest basketball player ever.

Top 5, but not #1 (gotta be either Wilt or Bill Russell).
2003-01-14 07:22:10 PM  
There goes Jordan's Hall of Fame bid!
2003-01-14 07:34:02 PM  
2003-01-14 07:53:24 PM  
ok *ToAd*...who?
2003-01-14 08:34:38 PM  

Muggsy Bogues. As if there were any other choice.

2003-01-14 09:15:14 PM  
shame on me... I thought they found more women...
2003-01-14 10:13:11 PM  
IIRC, Wilts claim worked out mathematically to something like 5 women everyday since he was 8 until he published the book.
2003-01-14 11:00:24 PM  
Well it seems that the majority agree that MJ sucks now... there goes the flame I was hoping for...
2003-01-14 11:06:04 PM  
Actually, it would come out to three broads a day -- every day -- for 18 years.

How long did he play for the NBA?
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