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(NYPost)   300-pound albino man seduces girl with promises of stardom. Because fat, pink eyed freaks are the true power behind the entertainment industry.   ( divider line
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2003-01-13 04:30:01 PM  
I keep thinking of a gorilla everytime I read that headline.
2003-01-13 04:47:20 PM  
Where does a 300lb. albino sleep?
2003-01-13 05:49:28 PM  
In the shade, I would assume. Aren't they hyper-sensitive to light?
2003-01-13 05:57:06 PM  
GIS for "fat albino"
[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-13 05:57:49 PM  
and the equally disturbing GIS for "albino man"

[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-13 07:24:46 PM  
I knew an albino named Mo. He owned a bar and was an asshole.
2003-01-13 07:25:18 PM  
This is one person I hope ISN'T featured on TSG.
2003-01-13 07:25:49 PM  
Hopes Candypants and that broad from last week will argue again. Was turned on by that for some reason. Seriously though, what was the deal with that?
2003-01-13 07:25:51 PM  
Hey whatever happened to Micahel Keaton?
2003-01-13 07:26:26 PM  
If a 300lb albino man can get laid, there is hope for the rest of us.
2003-01-13 07:27:33 PM  
Yeah, so who here can say that they haven't been sexually taken advantage of by a large albino man with empty promises of stardom. Heh...heheh...right?...guys?
2003-01-13 07:27:48 PM  
Woodstock: I'm still not convinced about me.
2003-01-13 07:27:58 PM  
"She was clad in gray sweat pants, gray sweater and a gray cap"

Don't know why this made me laugh...
2003-01-13 07:28:00 PM  
thats farked up man, she must be on crack
2003-01-13 07:30:36 PM  
Damn Albanians
2003-01-13 07:30:37 PM  
I knew an albino girl once. We called her 'shade'.

Sexiest girl I've ever met too actually, in a weird sort of way.
2003-01-13 07:32:06 PM  
can i just remind u that this 300lb white haired lump, had to pick up a thirteen year old girl...

that is just not cool, regardless of him getting laid..
2003-01-13 07:33:22 PM  
But who hasn't been woo'ed by a 300 pound albino. It's just part of growing up.
2003-01-13 07:33:24 PM  
- Many prisoners surf the web.
- A three-hundred pound albino is easy to spot.
- Many prisoners have thirteen year old daughters out in the world.

QED: This guy is headed for a world of hurt.
2003-01-13 07:34:10 PM  
And here I thought it was Jews.
2003-01-13 07:34:41 PM  
Why is it important that he is a 300lb Albino? This probably wouldn't have been news if he was just a 300lb guy.
2003-01-13 07:35:21 PM  
Cut the guy some slack. Who else, besides a 13-yr old girl, could a 300 pound albino guy sleep with??

That being said, I bet he hit it in the shade.........
2003-01-13 07:35:38 PM  
Albino humans aren't really hypersensitve to light. Their skin burns easily (think redheaded people) and their eyes don't work very well to begin with so, extra light sesitivity doesn't effect much.
2003-01-13 07:35:40 PM  
And by the way, why is it that there aren't bloodthirsty calls for the regulation of phone lines when this kind of story breaks, but if god forbid it was an INTERNET chat room, all hell breaks loose?
2003-01-13 07:36:04 PM  
Where can I get one?
2003-01-13 07:36:21 PM  
Lunatic Tassle makes a good point here, what did happen to Micheal Keaton?
2003-01-13 07:36:41 PM  
I know an albino goth girl, she's quite stunning. But she's not the real power behind the entertainment industry either. Or so she claims.....
2003-01-13 07:37:31 PM  
As president of the Fat Pink Eyed Freak Filmakers Association, I find this headline in bad taste.
2003-01-13 07:37:56 PM  
i always thought it was skinny old man that were the power behind the movie industry
2003-01-13 07:38:09 PM  
01-13-03 07:34:41 PM Absolutben
Why is it important that he is a 300lb Albino? This probably wouldn't have been news if he was just a 300lb guy.

I was thinking the same thing, actually.

I would have been afraid of a 300 lb. albino when I was 13. Brave girl.
2003-01-13 07:38:27 PM  
Albino-Goth? Wow... lucky. She doesn't even have to try to be uber-pale.
2003-01-13 07:38:58 PM  
No picture! CRAP!
2003-01-13 07:39:16 PM  
Was she blind, too?
2003-01-13 07:40:38 PM  
300 pounds, albino and a child molestor..

This story just kept getting creepier. Reads like a cheap horror flick from the king of shlock, S King.
2003-01-13 07:43:11 PM  
I have two uncles that are albino's.I tried to get my mother to ask her brothers to come to my school for show and tell.It would have been memorable.
2003-01-13 07:43:15 PM  
300-pound albino man seduces girl with promises of stardom. Because fat, pink eyed freaks are the true power behind the entertainment industry.

This headline is crap! I read the entire article, and there wasn't a single mention of Harry Knowles!

*re-reads article*

2003-01-13 07:43:34 PM  
What? Still no mention of Duckie in here? I'm surprised.
2003-01-13 07:44:29 PM  
I had a pet albino rabbit once.
2003-01-13 07:45:39 PM  
Sorry Flamegirl, but it's more like stupid girl. I don't understand how these freaks lure these kids away. Are they actually that naive? It seems like I hade more common sense when I was 13.
2003-01-13 07:46:10 PM  
Non-morbidly-obese albinos can be fairly attractive. I have some cousins with a lesser form, they are all white, but with purple eyes. Not gray-violet, purple. Those pretty eyes twitch like mad though.
2003-01-13 07:47:39 PM  
Stupidbrave girl, I guess. Stupid to believe him, brave to shag him.

2003-01-13 07:47:53 PM  
My roommate was trying to convince me that the 300lb albino man might weigh that much because he is a body builder or something, and that we shouldn't judge him. Nevermind the fact that he porked a child.
2003-01-13 07:49:28 PM  
Or 7'5"...
2003-01-13 07:51:05 PM  
But they said the girl was physically unharmed... a 7'5" man should have at least a 10 inch dong, by my reckoning... and that would do some damage to a 13 year old I do be thinking.

And now I'm not thinking anymore, because I grossed myself out.
2003-01-13 07:53:23 PM  
You going to the Seattle Fark party?(Assuming they have one, which they better godammit.) If so, you got any suggestions on places to go? Oh yeah, this is for Flamegirl and anyone else in the area.
2003-01-13 07:54:38 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-13 07:55:02 PM  
Not that this guy should not have his penis shoved down his throat for raping a child, but when are we going to start holding parents and the kids themselves responsible for their actions?

The girl was on a phone chat line, how could her parents not have noticed?

Before the internet, phone chats where *the* place for rapists and the like...they seem to have been forgotten.
2003-01-13 07:56:17 PM  
"I'm ded sexy!" Come on...where are the fat bastard jokes?

Anyways...this girl must have been dumber than usual. Everyone knows that the REAL pedohpiles with money hang out on the internet, not on chat lines from the 80's. DUH!
2003-01-13 07:57:28 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Lets not forget Hanks friend, "Milky", from the film "Me, Myself & Irene"9
2003-01-13 07:59:35 PM  
Common sense seems to have gone out the window. I'm sure it's nothing new, but with the internet it's much easier for the freaks to get in contact with kids. Just seems like kids assume anything they see on the net is ok.
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