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(X-Entertainment)   Add a rare transformer to your toy collection courtesy of XE   ( divider line
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14226 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Jan 2003 at 12:05 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-01-13 12:07:10 PM  
Every time I see this stuff, I wonder wether or not I should start to ebay all my old toys that I still have sitting in the attic?
2003-01-13 12:07:16 PM  
looks like a shoe
2003-01-13 12:08:01 PM  
Kinda gay?
2003-01-13 12:08:22 PM  
just what I want, to be added to yet another mailing list...
2003-01-13 12:08:50 PM  
Thank you Gator8387 took the words right out of my mouth.
2003-01-13 12:09:05 PM  
My wife transforms into a screaming axe-murderer every 28 days.
2003-01-13 12:09:12 PM  
Does the runner-up get a "My Little Pony" or a Penny Racer?
2003-01-13 12:10:01 PM  
2003-01-13 12:10:04 PM  
my roommate got a little flipbook that shows the robot transforming last time she got shoes. I play with it all day.
2003-01-13 12:10:07 PM  
Ummm....shouldn't this have a "plug" tag?

"Win a free transformer from Nike! I get absolutely nothing off this, but I'm going to advertise the hell out of it just for fun! Yeah! Now, how about you give me all your personal information and you'll be entered to win!"

This is so gay it makes my anus sting.
2003-01-13 12:12:35 PM  
I farked Megatron's sister.
2003-01-13 12:13:32 PM  
Shouldn't this be "courtesy of NIKE as plugged by X-E"?

2003-01-13 12:13:34 PM  
But can it do the dishes? I need someone to do the dishes, and the laundry, and windows. Gawd, I hate doing the dishes.
2003-01-13 12:13:49 PM  
I have the Strawberry Shortcake Pregnancy Test Kit. Should I put that on eBay? It's missing one of the test strips.
2003-01-13 12:13:55 PM  

This is cool and all, but will it help me shoot free throws just as good as Shaq-Fu ?

[image from too old to be available]

2003-01-13 12:16:02 PM  
There is a reason that no other Transformer turns into a shoe.

The reason: It is stupid.
2003-01-13 12:16:39 PM  

"I hope you enjoy the toy I made for you. It cost me a finger but it was worth it".

[image from too old to be available]

"Shut up and get back to work kid, Nike needs these soccer balls by Tuesday!"

2003-01-13 12:17:38 PM  
That toy is so cool you barely even notice the giant shoe parts hanging off the robot's back.
2003-01-13 12:19:32 PM  
Heh. "Excuse me Sir, how do you like your job here with Ares?"
child voice: "It's fun. We get to play with knives!"

It's not so much the complete whorage of a beloved part of many people's childhoods so much as the fact that this Nike Transformer idea is DUMB AS ALL HELL!
2003-01-13 12:21:03 PM  

Exactly. That is how we keep costs down. All of my Ralph Lauren Polo shirts are made in 3rd world nations. I know I pay a lot for them but the quality is great, and imagine how much they would cost me if some fat angry american women was making them for me in Tennessee.
2003-01-13 12:21:16 PM  
A shoe.

A farking shoe.

This makes baby alto_reed cry.
2003-01-13 12:21:16 PM  
A shoe.

A farking shoe.

This makes baby alto_reed cry.
2003-01-13 12:22:02 PM  
I thought this was gonna be stupid -but that is actually cool.

Love X-E
2003-01-13 12:26:41 PM  
Um, yeah. This was cool.... When I was elementary school.



2003-01-13 12:27:56 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-13 12:32:28 PM  
Some of you guys sure are cranky on Mondays. Here's some stress-alleviating emoticons: :) =) 8) :D ;0

Hope one of you wins!
2003-01-13 12:32:31 PM  
Gee, is it monday? Lighten up people. Don't like the shoe? Then don't enter the contest.
2003-01-13 12:32:55 PM  
What they need to do is make TWO shoes. Then the pair could be combined to make a super-mega-ultra bot, or something. I hope it comes with some sort launching device. And is an auto-bot, or a decepticon? If it were a decepticon, I could get some auto-bots and watch them tremble with fear at the site of the Evil Shoe Of Death.

God, I miss my old transformers.
2003-01-13 12:33:07 PM  
Reactron: Did she have buns of steel?
2003-01-13 12:34:26 PM  
Okay, I apologize for calling the toy gay.
2003-01-13 12:39:56 PM  
Gator, I think you were correct in callin ghte toy gay. Don't back down. Keep up the good fight.
2003-01-13 12:46:06 PM  
yea!! all you c0ck-knockers who think it sucks don;t have to enter ya know. H8red.... lol... pot meet keetle
2003-01-13 12:47:43 PM  
This world has too many adult children that people can flip out over a new transformer. Boobies seldom are attracted to a man in his 40's playing with a piece of plastic that can be a shoe or a stupid robot. It's fine to have a hobby, but there's a point at which it becomes something that someone should seek therapy to remedy.
2003-01-13 12:48:43 PM  
If all of my clothing could be tranformed into robots they'd probably all gang up on my naked body.
2003-01-13 12:48:59 PM  
Now that you mention it, I guess the toy is neither gay nor lame. It was all just a case of the Mondays! Smile! :P

Excuse me, I have to go kick my own ass now.
2003-01-13 12:55:29 PM  
01-13-03 12:33:07 PM Vejita1975
Reactron: Did she have buns of steel?

Well no, but she didn't sweat too much for a Flabbotoid.
2003-01-13 12:56:18 PM  
Squidloe is speaking in code
2003-01-13 12:58:50 PM  
I entered, not because I really want the thing... might be kinda neat, but I can't really see myself displaying it..

But I can assure you, if I get the email telling me I won, ten minutes later there will be an ad on eBay...
2003-01-13 12:59:04 PM  
Does a gay transformer only `transform' in a closet? (insert Tom Cruise joke here)
2003-01-13 12:59:34 PM  
It's not even a real transformer!
2003-01-13 01:00:20 PM  
Great. Yet another Nike product made in a sweatshop.
2003-01-13 01:02:39 PM  
2003-01-13 01:06:02 PM  

Sorry for the spelling mistake. I forgot that this was the internet and spelling counts. Monday's suck.

Oh yea, and kji33k jshh-kw91ja yywer!

See you there.
2003-01-13 01:06:24 PM  
You can't say "difficult to kill kittens to" anymore?
2003-01-13 01:08:15 PM  
BTW, to the person referencing gay anuses: I don't collect the addresses, Nike does. You don't get spammed, and in fact won't receive any extracurricular e-mail unless you physically check the boxes yourself. Unless it's assumed that Nike has profit woes so great that they're trying to collect e-mail addresses to sell to online casinos and insurance companies, it's completely on the up and up.
2003-01-13 01:16:48 PM  
My shoes magically tranform into lethal weapons of mass destruction when I take them off.
2003-01-13 01:23:40 PM  
MAtt XE, you're such a whore for THE MAN.
2003-01-13 01:24:09 PM  

And ONLY Nike, LivingDeadX.
2003-01-13 01:24:34 PM  
Just playin with ya Squidloe!

I an not a spelling Nazi.

BTW was I just insulted in that code talk you wrote there?

I have no idea what you are saying.

Inernet pig-latin?
2003-01-13 01:24:48 PM  
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