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(X-Entertainment)   Remember 'Gloworms?' They also came in the small, squeak-toy variety   ( divider line
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5883 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Jan 2003 at 2:54 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-01-13 12:11:22 PM  
They're quickly replacing porn mags and used condom wrappers as the thing most people try to hide before someone important comes to their house.

Way to take a childhood toy/memory and pervert it with 'used condoms' & 'pr0n mag' imagery. That said, I think glow worms look like ribbed butt plugs.
2003-01-13 12:39:24 PM  
Bump, if I really wanted to pervert your childhood memories of Gloworm, I would've PS'ed one of them as the sole necessary non-living ingredient from Jen Connelly's famed Requiem for a Dream A2A scene.

But they do kinda look like what you mentioned. Poor worms.
2003-01-14 02:41:17 AM  
I used to have a whole bunch of these. I'm a man's man.
2003-01-14 02:57:57 AM  
Nothing like falling asleep humping the ol' GlowWorm.
2003-01-14 02:59:11 AM  
Yeah, I used to eat those things and lead based paint...
2003-01-14 03:01:57 AM  
The big ass banner ad for the movie "Narc", the one with the nifty keen sound, blows goats.
Are gloworms the kind of thing that those plushie people modify and... you know?
2003-01-14 03:03:21 AM  
They work in a pintch, if you don't have a sack of door knobs and the kid next door won't give back your transformers.
2003-01-14 03:04:08 AM  
I had one of the original Glo-Worms when the first came out (c'mon, I was like 2 years old at the time) and I loved the stupid little thing. Then last year my mom found one at a store and bought it for me as a gag Christmas gift. 20 years between Glo-worms. Oh, the memories...
2003-01-14 03:05:51 AM  

2003-01-14 03:09:28 AM  
Jen Connelly's famed Requiem for a Dream A2A scene.

color me interested.. of what matter u speak?

at first i thought that said A2M (some of u know what that means..oh god, ive shared too much)
2003-01-14 03:11:22 AM  
Glo-Worms, Glo-Boobies, G33k pr0n, -- we got it all at Freddies house of Fetish
2003-01-14 03:23:27 AM  
X-E's site kicks ass since he went to new servers awhile back. Good job dude.
2003-01-14 03:32:52 AM  
Dr.Knockboots, I'm guessing it would be the part between the A's. And A stands for ass. Got it? :-)
2003-01-14 03:44:21 AM  
Hey, what were those "eye" balls called? They looked like monster eyes, but were an actual ball. It's bugged me forever. There was one character called "Mary Lou Retina"...

1st person to answer will get their name dropped by me the next time CBS Marketwatch decides to borrow some more wisdom offa me HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
2003-01-14 03:48:53 AM  
I remember those stupid things, I used to torch them.

They'd burn up real well, there faces would melt, and it was cool.

heh-heh huh-huh
2003-01-14 03:50:18 AM  
The author was talking about the cartoon. The Glow-worms cartoon was not that bad. Not compared to Monchichis. Holy crap I want to gouge out my ears and eyes when I think of it.

"Monchichi Monchichi, oh so soft and cuddly
With a thumb in their mouth they're really neat

VH1 has had that "I Love the 80's" special going, it has recapped a few cartoons. The one about He-Man being totally homosexual made me almost pee myself with laughter. They showed him doing a lot of humping of stuff. You have to wonder. That was an awful cartoon. So was Snorks, Care Bears and Strawberry Shortcake, which they covered.

Strawberry Shortcake smelled awful. I was hella allergic to them. OH AND MY LITTLE PONY JESUS H CHRIST. At least the Glow-Worms did something, they lit up and looked alright doing it. Heck, it was better than Droids or Ewoks.

There were a lot of really bad animated informercials crammed on us on Saturdays. Glow-Worms doesn't seem quite so bad in retrospective comparison now does it?
2003-01-14 04:03:45 AM  
Snorks ruled.

2003-01-14 05:41:14 AM  
Agreed, Peter_hook. The Gloworms were not worthy of ridicule. And 'Bashfulbug' is sorta cute...
2003-01-14 06:10:02 AM  
They were called Madballs, Peter_hook. Matt did an article on them too. There is a link at the bottom of the Gloworm article. And Matt is on my list of people I want to meet someday.
2003-01-14 06:56:26 AM  
Gelatinous & Moby_Nick

In fact, I don't hate Gloworms either. Heck, I can watch Hamtaro and stomach it. Gloworms was not bad, nor good, just totally bland and inoffensive.

Madballs! Madballs! Fun for one, fun for all, Madballs! (thank you BTW)

I really want an mpeg of the "SmurfBerry Crunch"

SmurfBerry Crunch is fun to eat.
A Smurfy, fruity breakfast treat.
Made by Smurfs so happily,
They taste like crunchy Smurfberries
Something something and crispy too!

What good is recapping old 80's infomercial cartoons without paying homage to the commercials that interrupted the commercial?
2003-01-14 07:30:45 AM  
haha, I still have one of these things kicking around at the folks place - it's probably not worth more than a few cheap laughs though.
2003-01-14 08:50:31 AM  
Gloworms rocked!! I used to hang the little glow-in-the-dark ones from the top of my canopy bed when I was little. One night when I wasn't at my dad's house, my uncle came in drunk and ended up crashing in my bed. Apparently when he woke up and saw all these things glowing above him, he kinda freaked until he figured out where he was. I loved those things.
2003-01-14 10:13:29 AM  
I still have mine. It works. I like it.

Screw you all! I'm not ashamed!
2003-01-14 10:18:58 AM  
i had one when i was 6

i dont even wanna talk about it
2003-01-14 10:35:48 AM  
I had one when i was 6 too, and i still have it on my bed.
2003-01-14 10:46:06 AM  
Hmm, Matt sure has been quite the updater on his site lately. :)
2003-01-14 10:49:43 AM  
I got a popup ad for popup blocking software :/
2003-01-14 10:59:25 AM  
I don't think they've ever stopped selling glow worms.
2003-01-14 11:51:02 AM  
I had a glow worm when I was 7. I put it up against a lamp so it would glow brighter. It melted. I was sad.
2003-01-14 12:09:24 PM  
Well, HereISitSoBrokenHearted, at least yours didn't catch fire and burn the lamp like mine did. Damned traumatizing childhood memories.
2003-01-14 03:30:49 PM  
LMAO, I did the same thing. I set it on top of the light bulb in a lamp, thinking it would store up massive amounts of light and glow for a really long time. Got in big trouble when the parents smelled something burning.

I still have the thing. It didn't melt, but it has a brown backside.
2003-01-14 06:00:07 PM  
i used to have those hanging on my bed frame thing.. any toys you can sneak into bed ruled :D
2003-01-14 11:37:58 PM  
I got a question about X-E.

When is Matt going to have the archives back online? It seems like Matt and whoever helps him maintain the site would have them back online by now.
2003-01-14 11:46:18 PM  
They'll be up real soon. Working on a new design so it would be a lot of extra work to put them back up under the current design and then *again* with the new one. I know, it's annoying. :) If they aren't up by this week though, I'll definitely put up an archive of articles from the past 6-8 months though. Thhhanks fer readin!
2003-01-15 11:58:49 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-15 01:38:41 PM  
2003-01-15 02:58:38 PM  
2003-01-15 02:59:42 PM  
2003-01-15 03:04:47 PM  
2003-01-15 03:06:01 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-15 03:16:16 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-15 03:19:17 PM  
Sorry for anyone who was subjected to my first attempts at posting pics. I just figured no one was using this thread anymomre. I am officially now...

[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-15 03:20:05 PM  
Oh by the way i went to highschool with that chick.
2003-01-15 03:59:11 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
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