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(Some Abolitionist)   Ill. governor commutes Death Row sentences to life in prison   ( divider line
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1876 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Jan 2003 at 7:02 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-01-11 07:04:54 PM  
I do believe that man has made 167 new friends.
2003-01-11 07:05:12 PM  
George Ryan is the most corrupt governor Illinois has had in a long time. He's trying to salvage his image so the Republican party will stop treating him like a pariah.
2003-01-11 07:05:26 PM  
He be illin..........I don't know.
2003-01-11 07:06:12 PM  
Waste of taxpayer dollars.
2003-01-11 07:07:02 PM  
I don't know anything else about his politics, but I agree with him on this.
2003-01-11 07:07:08 PM  
Is the Demon of Error a member of the Axis of Evil?

If so, what are his special powers?

If I had to guess, I'd say his powers involve starting flame wars between the "Let the Scum Die!" and the "Criminals are people too!" people.

God bless the Demon of Error.
2003-01-11 07:07:31 PM  
old news.
2003-01-11 07:07:33 PM  
Ass wipe! He will be going down soon. Corruption. Corruption. Corruption.
2003-01-11 07:07:40 PM  
Well, as this gets kicked off, let me mention that even if you support the death penalty in principle, it costs much much more per prisoner than it would to keep the same man in jail for life. It's because of the lengthy automatic appeals process. So, why not just throw them all in for life instead of bothering with capital punishment at all? Makes sense to my wallet.
2003-01-11 07:08:33 PM  
(sorry about the cliche)

Flame war about capitol (capital?)punishment will start in 5... 4... 3...
2003-01-11 07:08:50 PM  
AmericanPsycho - You are aware that it's cheaper to keep them in jail forever than execute them, I hope.
2003-01-11 07:09:03 PM  
See what happens when you forget to flush?
2003-01-11 07:09:07 PM  
Cool. Make them suffer. Lifetime country club biatch without parole.
2003-01-11 07:09:38 PM  
Draggin' easy fix - end the appeals process. act decisively.
2003-01-11 07:10:11 PM  
Kelbel- he is leaving office on Monday. Is that soon enough for you?;-)
2003-01-11 07:11:07 PM  
Does this mean Cyril and Keller might live?
2003-01-11 07:11:18 PM  
Wutevahdude - NO! Can't wait till he is in prison with all his buddies.
2003-01-11 07:11:58 PM  
2003-01-11 07:12:34 PM  
Didnt this happen a week ago?
2003-01-11 07:12:47 PM  
Ok Kelbel. I am sensing some do tell. What's up with this governor?
2003-01-11 07:13:28 PM  
George Ryan is pro-taxes, anti-gun rights, and anti-death penalty. How he got elected as a Republican escapes my grasp of reason.

Disclaimer: My grasp of reason is not very large.
2003-01-11 07:13:40 PM  
License for bribe scandal ring a bell.
2003-01-11 07:15:47 PM  
While he was governor I know of at least 15 cases where people on death row were proved innocent due by DNA. So a little less than 10 percent of the death-row population had been found innocent so far.

This was the right thing to do. You can't execute innocent people at that rate, even if you do believe in the death penalty.

What's scary is that Texas keeps steamrolling along executing more and more people every year, and they don't have a public defender system or a good appeals process. It's more important to the politicians down there to look "tough on crime" than it is to make sure they are executing the right man.

That's sad.

Vin Diesel breakdancing
2003-01-11 07:16:06 PM  
It's a shame that politicians aren't allowed to act their conscience until they are about to leave office. I guess it shows how shallow most are. Thumbs up to Gov. Ryan.
2003-01-11 07:16:21 PM  
'He's trying to salvage his image so the Republican party will stop treating him like a pariah.'

Actually, it's doing stuff like this that has pissed the GOP off.
2003-01-11 07:16:26 PM  
Regardless of his decision, the manner in which he informed the families of those who were murdered of his "epiphany" was beyond crass. He basically goes the Sister Prejean route, which says that their grief and/or desire for justice/revenge is moot when it comes down to it. I am against the death penalty, but the way Ryan handled this (sending a form letter to the families of those slain instead of, say, calling each family or writing individual letters -- and don't tell me he doesn't have the time to do it; if he's got the grapes to grant blanket clemency he damn sure better make the time to personally inform each family) is going to set the anti-capital punishment movement in this country back 15 years. No compassion demonstrated for the families of those murdered. Stupid corrupt fool.
2003-01-11 07:16:43 PM  
2003-01-11 07:16:54 PM  
Goes to show that even a bad man can do a good deed.
2003-01-11 07:17:30 PM  
Gov George Ryan supports revolving door prisons, Gov Ryan granted clemency to more than 150 inmates and pardoned four of them.
(vote sideshow bob for gov.)
2003-01-11 07:17:31 PM  
He did this because some moron is going to nominate him the Nobel Peace Prize.
2003-01-11 07:18:32 PM  
01-11-03 07:12:34 PM Anti_Freak_Machine
Didnt this happen a week ago?

You might be thinking of 4 deathrow inmates he pardoned earlier in the week. Just today he commuted all deathrow inmates sentences to life in prison. Pardon=you go home. Commute=you get what sentence I give you. I think.
2003-01-11 07:19:39 PM  
Who does he think he is, Ray Blanton?
2003-01-11 07:19:43 PM  
Hipnerd, you start off by making a good case against the death penalty, but then you include a link of Vin Diesel breakdancing. Which is one of the best pieces of evidence for the death penalty. Where do you stand?
2003-01-11 07:20:11 PM  
Those families had to sit through weeks of testimony and retell why the criminals should remain on death row.
2003-01-11 07:20:39 PM  
Another bleeding heart liberal wins again!
2003-01-11 07:21:21 PM  
Is the governor a lawyer or an attorney?? I don't think he is either of them. He is believing their stories of coerced guilty pleas and admissions to their crimes. What does he know??? He is feeling sorry for them, I say burn them all.
2003-01-11 07:21:39 PM  
how can america claim to be a christian government...when it condones the death penalty? jesus taught "love they neighbour as thyself" and in the old teaches "thou shalt not kill". the only place even close is where it says "an eye for an eye" which is traditionally discounted as it contradicts jesus' teachings.
2003-01-11 07:21:44 PM  
He actually pardoned 5 people. Gary Dodson was also pardoned.
2003-01-11 07:23:31 PM  
Yeah, those bleeding-heart Republican liberals suck!
2003-01-11 07:23:32 PM  
Weather you agree with it or not, doesnt it seem cowardly to wait untill you're just out of office to make a huge contraversial decision?
wil [TotalFark]
2003-01-11 07:24:20 PM  
Were any of the convicts on death row profiled on COPS?

Because if they were, and they had their shirts off, they were guilty.

Oh, and I am 100% opposed to the death penalty, and I think this is a really good thing.
2003-01-11 07:24:48 PM  
01-11-03 07:21:21 PM FlashLV
Is the governor a lawyer or an attorney??

He was a pharmacist.
2003-01-11 07:24:49 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-11 07:25:35 PM  
Wow, I can't believe somebody else remembers ol' "pardon me" Ray.

This guy needs a hero tag. I would rather see thousands of guilty killers live out their lives in prison than see one innocent man executed.
2003-01-11 07:25:43 PM  
Just try to keep a political argument out of this thread.

2003-01-11 07:26:07 PM  
As was said on the news.... Who cries for the victims?
2003-01-11 07:26:19 PM  
There's no article more deserving of the hero tag. I wish I knew html.

He's got cojones.
2003-01-11 07:26:36 PM  
wow. i truely don't give a shiat about any bad things he might have done. this is a good good thing.
2003-01-11 07:26:39 PM  

Please, if you hate OT, just skip this post...

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2003-01-11 07:27:30 PM  
Shades of Bill Clinton! Wonder how many of the guys he fixed this for are friends of his or know someone who knows someone...
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