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3724 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Aug 2001 at 8:20 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-08-27 08:31:55 AM  
This is my new homepage.
2001-08-27 08:33:53 AM  
2001-08-27 08:33:54 AM  
I submitted this, but with a different headline.
2001-08-27 08:53:24 AM  
this is sick, twisted, evil, and disturbed. Anyone who submitted this should be ashamed of themselves, now excuse me while I show this to my friends...
2001-08-27 08:56:00 AM  
sorry, just testing
2001-08-27 08:59:54 AM  
How long until the arguing on the internet kid has a dance page?
2001-08-27 09:10:25 AM  
Oh, that's just too cool. Would have been even better timing if someone had posted that one when the link came out about him wanting his artificial voice to have a english accent or some crap like that. I liked the idea someone came out with to make his voice ONLY say "Timmy!" no matter what it was he was trying to say.
2001-08-27 09:23:23 AM  
What sick mind thought this was amusing?
2001-08-27 09:23:41 AM  
This is very uncool. Since when are paralyzing diseases funny? Maybe we should sever your spinal chord so you can't move anymore. Then we can all have a big laugh. Dicks!
2001-08-27 09:27:20 AM  
No, this is not cool.
2001-08-27 09:43:37 AM  
Stupid page.
2001-08-27 09:52:33 AM  
so mean!

but you know i can't get enough of the music!!
2001-08-27 10:10:58 AM  
I have a lot of respect for this man. His research in black holes and other space anomalies have totally revolutionalized that field of science.
And he is still a hardcore scientist now. Tell me, what would you be doing if you couldn't speak, or move, or express yourself in any way? (You'd be wishing you were dead)
2001-08-27 10:12:05 AM  
Sacrilege!!! Sacrilege!!!!
2001-08-27 10:15:49 AM  
Can someone please PS the running mongoloid track star into a dance page? I would like that.
2001-08-27 10:21:59 AM  
The Shatner Acting Simulator was pretty good, so this page did serve a purpose... sort of...
2001-08-27 10:40:00 AM  
pardon me for being a tard, who the hell is stephen hawking?
2001-08-27 10:45:32 AM  
2001-08-27 10:55:36 AM  
this is not funny. Not in a way that is like offensive or anything, but in a way that lacks humor. Boring, bland and lame, in my opinion. stupid stupid stupid.
2001-08-27 10:56:58 AM  
2001-08-27 10:58:10 AM What, pray tell, is to become of this generation. My head hangs.
2001-08-27 11:18:21 AM  
This is cool, but nothing can top the hammer cow!


[image from too old to be available]
2001-08-27 11:22:17 AM  
Gusfo0 Thank you... that is the coolest thing that I have ever seen. :P
2001-08-27 11:33:32 AM  
being a quadraplegic myself i didn't quite see the humor in it.
the music however was quite entertaining and the hammercow is a nice touch.
i'd give it one thumb if i could move my thumb.

p.s. i don't twitch
2001-08-27 12:02:02 PM  
Ermmm..there's already a tard dance...In color even!

It was a fark link from a couple weeks ago, but I keep my history clear, so I don't know the URL...

2001-08-27 12:05:38 PM  
And this page still isn't nearly as funny as, which unfortunately seems to be down...


(glad I saved the MP3s while I could)
2001-08-27 12:10:10 PM  
I was just curious as to whether Hecklers even updates their content anymore -- ANT is dead, and Zealot was never really that popular anyway.

Look at the links at the bottom: Christina Aguilera's Very XXXMas, Bust a Bra - Win a Prize, and Sim-Shatner. Those have been on Hecklers for what feels like years now. So, after all this time, the best they could com up with was the Stephen Hawking Dance?
2001-08-27 12:13:22 PM  
*Closes the shutters and hides under a blanket in the corner, taking comfort in the fact that Tim Allen will come soon to save him*

My hero:

[image from too old to be available]

I love PhotoIsland!

2001-08-27 12:58:22 PM  
Seeing as I love physics, I have a great admiration for Hawking. I still found this hilarioius, nonetheless.
2001-08-27 01:16:22 PM  
sad and disturbing.. the man is an absolute genius...

2001-08-27 01:18:25 PM  
Stephen Hawking's disease has slowly claimed almost every physical movement of his body. Just about the only thing he can do now is blink, and move his hand. The little things you and I take for granted will never be attainable for him, for the rest of his life. He would probably give anything just to mow his front lawn. Or wipe his ass. In the detached medium of the internet, that website is humorous. In the real world, where many people are living the rest of their lives in that condition, there is no humor at all.
2001-08-27 01:45:50 PM  
I like how most people laughed at first, then started to boo like someone farted during an audience with the Pope (to quote Dennis Miller.)
2001-08-27 01:53:17 PM  
Wrong, so very wrong...
Still not as wrong as "who the hell is stephen hawking?", but wrong.
2001-08-27 02:12:15 PM  
atleast he is not dead.

so jokes about dead people are ok, but handicapped no.....

he'd laugh at this site... if he could.
2001-08-27 02:46:22 PM  
wow, completely tasteless, AND poorly done. this is the only dance page i've seen (and i've seen a lot of them) that only has one picture.
2001-08-27 02:47:18 PM  
"Sever your spinal chord"

... I wonder what kind of sound that would make. Probably something flat.
2001-08-27 03:34:54 PM  
Man, I didn't really need to click on that. And none of you noticed that you may be hurting paraplegics? Amazing how to slander someone based on race is heinous, but feel free to go ahead and make fun of someone's physical handicaps.

Hawking is someone to be admired, and we could only hope to be more like him in spirit and mind then we ever can be.

He details how he went from being as "normal" as you and I, to being a paraplegic who is doomed physically.
2001-08-27 03:36:33 PM  
sorry, in the above post this link was supposed to be above it:

2001-08-27 03:40:28 PM  
ObURL: MC Stephen Hawking -- his genius extends to hip hop.

And: the "Tard Dance" (not my title) page is currently broken, I'm informed.
2001-08-27 04:16:07 PM  
they could of at least had him doing little circles in the wheelchair or something . . .
2001-08-27 05:34:28 PM  
FRKBOY: But there's only one Stephen Hawking. Duhhh...
2001-08-27 06:37:03 PM  
Sorry. I didn't find it funny at all. Not because of it being in bad taste (which it IS), but its just copies of one caricature. Why is that funny? Also, does anyone else think "dance" pages have been overdone?
HPZ [TotalFark]
2001-08-27 07:09:55 PM  
If it was a dignified caricature, it would have been a completely different page. A photo would have been fine.
2001-08-27 07:12:42 PM  
Stephen Hawking is the best psychic since Miss Cleo.
2001-08-28 12:00:16 AM  
2001-08-28 11:43:19 AM  
That was just plain evil. Even if I did laugh a bit, I can still see how tasteless that was. Hammmer cow on the other hand, that's all class.
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