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(NewsMax)   Condit says the media had made Levy story a "soap-opera scandal to keep their ratings up."   ( divider line
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2001-08-27 08:29:05 AM  
He killed that chick.
2001-08-27 08:38:53 AM  
This guy was MAJORLY unlucky to have his story land in August. This is the traditionally the slowest news coverage time of the year.
2001-08-27 08:41:30 AM  
If he would answer a question rather than dodging questions, than maybe, JUST MAYBE the news channels would be a whole lot less willing to lead off their news coverage with the story.
2001-08-27 08:50:26 AM  
I hate to say it, but I kind of agree with OJ Clinton there. The media are getting worse and worse. They were probably so excited when this broke. Never mind that someone's missing and likely dead. There's SEX and POLITICs! Ohhhh, the SCANDAL! Goddamn vultures.
2001-08-27 09:08:18 AM  
Well, no one forced Condit to give this interview. What he's pissed off about is that he failed to present himself as the victim. He blatantly was lying and babbled his way thru the entire interview. Before I saw this interview I thought 'Poor bastard, he got caught farking around and now the media's going to crucify him for it.'. Now, after seeing the piece, I'm not so sure that he didn't have anything to do with Chandra Levy's disapearance. He'd have done better just to go ahead and admit to the affair and not tried to dodge the questions behind that lame ass excuse that he was respecting the Levy's wishes that he not talk about it. They only person Condit was trying to protect in the interview was Condit. I frankly was amazed that Connie Chung kept trying to pin him on it. I figured she'd try to help present him in a better light. He should've 'fessed up and taken it on the chin, it would've done him more good than that little dance around the issues did him.
2001-08-27 09:15:00 AM  
"Never mind that someone's missing and likely dead."

No, that's precisely what's on their mind that makes it a circus. The fact that she was banging a congressman ain't so much of a big deal. That activity is all but listed on the job description of the job of intern these days.

Anyone who knows much about the fictional character of Captain Queeg could certainly see the resemblence between him and Gary Condom during that interview. All that was missing were the steel balls to roll around.
2001-08-27 09:15:03 AM  
Why does this remind me of Hitler?

[image from too old to be available]
2001-08-27 09:17:56 AM  
Fb, posting that makes you the world's dumbest person.
2001-08-27 09:18:44 AM  
Because you're stupid, that's why.
2001-08-27 09:22:07 AM  
Vincenzosi ^5!

If he wasn't so deceitful, and would just be honest already, this would be over for him!

He may or may not have had anything to do with her dissappearance... there are tons of people missing from DC. He did however OBSTRUCT JUSTICE by not being more forthcoming in the beginning of the investigation.

He had LIED to the public, and the Levy's on more than one occasion to cover his own ass. He isn't concerned that she is missing....
2001-08-27 09:27:53 AM  
"Fb" = "farking baboon".
2001-08-27 09:33:28 AM  
What a scumbag.
2001-08-27 09:52:06 AM  
Farking Bush lovers.
2001-08-27 09:54:32 AM  
Fb: I didn't vote for the guy but to call him Hitler is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. You're a moron.
2001-08-27 10:04:58 AM  
Chandra is in about 10,000 cans of Alpo right now.
2001-08-27 10:05:28 AM  
You schumcks take this shiat too seriously. I was referencing it to a Hitler photo with the nazi flag in the background with Hitler pounding his fists and yelling. I never said Bush was Hitler. Get a farking sense of humor. If not, at least try to lighten up a little. Take that angry crap to plastic.
2001-08-27 10:13:21 AM  
Please leave Mr.Condit alone. He's innocent.


Chuck & Betsy Ramsey
2001-08-27 10:14:07 AM  
FB. Because you're a chad counting Democrat.
2001-08-27 10:14:40 AM  
Fb, there are somethings money just can't buy. A sense of humor being near the top of the list.
If we could buy shiat like that, Condit could go out and buy himself a set of ethics and a conscience.
2001-08-27 10:36:10 AM  
Fb: Great sense of humor. You should take a road trip to the Holocaust Museum in NY. It's sooo funny there, all the dead bodies and shiat.
2001-08-27 10:42:56 AM  
Hey, now. Before you start painting all Democrats with that "no ethics, no character" charge, let's take a look at the opposition who weren't forced to resign in spite of a questionable past:

- Indiana congressman Dan Burton who fathered a child out of wedlock and still pays child support.
- Helen Chenoweth, who copped to having an affair with former Senator Steve Symms.
- J.C. Watts, who fathered a child in high school that was taken in by his uncle.

I think there's plenty of sins to go around; Condit is just the current flavor of the month.
2001-08-27 10:49:53 AM  
Clutch, don't you think you might be a little over-reactionary here. I don't think saying the name Hitler means I like nazi's or I am a hate monger. Lighten up. It's not like Im at your house raping your mother, it's just the internet and it's just a joke. chill the fark out.
2001-08-27 10:51:54 AM  
Fb-: Don't worry, I got it when I first read your post. And, yes, it reminds me of that Hitler photo, too. It's just too damn similar.

The funny part is that y'all don't realize how radical Bush actually is. Take his faith-based initiative. Please, take it.

And, no, I'm not a chad-counting (as if calling me someone who actually COUNTED people's votes is an insult) Democrat. I'm not a Republican either. And my third-party vote a waste of a vote. It's the ignorant shiats like Xprezbillclinton (what's with the name if you're insulting Democrats?) that wasted their vote on either Bush or Gore, the worthless candidates our greatest political parties pushed forth on us. WHAT THE fark WERE THEY THINKING?

On a final note, yes, it'shiatler-esque.
2001-08-27 10:58:56 AM  
Fb: Ok, it was a joke. You have a sick sense of humor. Kids joke about blowing up their schools on the Internet and they go to jail for being so funny.
2001-08-27 11:02:25 AM  
Clutch: Funny, how you're suppression of Fb-'s first amendment right to free speech is Hitler-esque, too.

2001-08-27 11:05:18 AM  
I don't think the full extent of my insult was communicated when I was auto-censored. Let's try it again....

fark F A C E.

Did that work?
2001-08-27 11:13:15 AM  
Cluth, I'm not going to bother, you clearly don't understand.
2001-08-27 11:33:03 AM  
MisterSym: Anyone who wants to make jokes about Hitler can do so. I also have the 1st amendment right to tell them how stupid they/you sound.
2001-08-27 11:34:31 AM  
Clutch, you are a douchebag. the picture was similar to one of Hitler with a Nazi flag in the background when he was talking to his people. for you to misconstrue things and so totally miss the point, you need to slam the beer can you are drinking from on your forehead. hard. i can't stand this crap where people just go looking for a cause, and they flip out when they think they have one. Holocaust Museum? c'mon now. its a damn picture. this is Fark. and you are STEWWWWPID.
2001-08-27 11:34:33 AM  
Sorry man but I think Bush is doing a decent job and I also think that he lacks the panache that Clinton exhibited which makes his media coverage deplorable. . . Sym, I think that you are . . . um . . . let's just say a little too excited about this one . . . and what's so wrong with a little faith-based initiative, isn't that how we got here.
2001-08-27 11:34:34 AM  

Forgive me for interjecting here... but what does a picture of Mr. Bush (Hitleresque or not) have to do with the Condit scandal? Any reasoning behind your posting of that picture, Fb-? Or are you trolling again?

MisterSym - I actually appreciate the auto-censoring when I am at work. Why? Because the word fark doesn't stand out half as much. A boss can spot the f-word from across an office easier than they can spot pornography. Not just that, but many auto-blockers used by companies scan frequently visited pages for that word, and then block the sites with a "hate" or "foul language" rating.

2001-08-27 11:38:27 AM  
That is a good point, CO2, what DOES that have to do with Condit . . . I'll admit it, I got hooked . . .
2001-08-27 11:51:12 AM  
This place is not as fun loving as it used to be. Lighten up.

C02 do you really need to biatch about an off-topic attempt at humor. If every off-topic joke was deleted or biatched about, would lose 75% of it's posts.

Again.. lighten up or mod me down -1. Oh yeah.. no mod system.. just lighten up then.
2001-08-27 11:53:58 AM  
It's got nothing to do with Condit and even less to do with Hitler. What kind of scumbag makes jokes about Hitler?

Aren't all leaders photgraphed next to their flag? Why compare him to Hitler instead of Churchill? I'm sure Chruchill had his pic taken next to a flag. His hand isn't even raised like the Nazi salute.
2001-08-27 11:55:35 AM  
Sorry clutch, you made me do this. SUCK IT.

[image from too old to be available]
2001-08-27 11:57:24 AM  
just a suggestion and not a flame - go to the main forum to make regular off-hand posts.
2001-08-27 12:03:36 PM  
As much as I hate to condone the massive trolling going on here, I have to support Fb here...Bush does look like Hitler in that picture....

And if given a choice between what's in the white house now and voting a ficus plant into office, I'd go with the ficus. I'll really vote when there are really candidates.

Oh; Condit? He hasn't done anything that every other senator hasn't. Politicians are all liars.
2001-08-27 12:04:04 PM  
Fb: Is that a joke? Still not funny. You're better off with the Hitler jokes.
2001-08-27 12:10:20 PM  
Hmmm.. I'm sorry for all my posts, one time I thought they were just an off-topic shot at levity on a slow day, but clearly I'm nothing more than a racist, antisemite, trolling, hate monger. I have seen the light. Thank you for leading me to salvation Clutch. I'm going to go cut my hands off so I can never spew my hate messages and trolls again.
2001-08-27 12:12:40 PM  
Now THAT would be funny shiat. I'd love to get nice and stoned and watch you cut off your hands. You have potential.
2001-08-27 12:19:42 PM  
Dr.Washuu: a ficus plant in the white house . . .

There must be a chink in my anti-Bush Armor of Faith-based Initiative because I read that . . . these waters are being over fished my friends.
2001-08-27 12:33:55 PM  
Thats why I don't post much anymore. Everytime you say anything to poke fun at someone or something you get railed immediately. Why does this always have to be so serious?
2001-08-27 12:44:07 PM  
Oh yeah . . .

Um . . . I think that Condit must be referring to FoxNews as they were the only ones to touch it for the longest time . . . and they won't get their hands off either [yawn] which is starting to drive me away . . .
2001-08-27 12:49:32 PM  
Pst: It's Hitler, he killed a bunch of people. Nothing is serious. Not Hitler, not Condit, not Clinton...The only thing people get excited about these days is Bush drilling for oil in Alaska. I find this oddly disturbing.
2001-08-27 12:54:11 PM  
Fb- I never said anything about the picture itself (thus my parenthetic "hitleresque or not"), I just wondering why you posted it. I didn't say I didn't think it was funny, and I didn't ask that you be more serious - you brought that up.

And no, the last thing I'd want would be for FARK to lose it's sense of humor. I just wanted to know why you posted something so utterly off topic? Why didn't you post the picture on a site and submit it as a link?
2001-08-27 12:55:15 PM  
All you uptight sob's need to get a account.
2001-08-27 12:58:56 PM  
condit . . . topic . . . condit . . . topic
2001-08-27 01:05:43 PM  
Oh, now I understand Fb-, thanks for clearing that up...

As far as Condit goes, I'm not surprised he's upset. When you shoot yourself in the foot you tend to get pissed. Now, if he'd wanted fair and impartial reporting, and a moderate and understanding audience - he'd have done his interview with Newsmax...
2001-08-27 01:08:45 PM,8599,167469,00.html

Time's person of the week.
2001-08-27 01:22:13 PM  
Hahahaha... I love their reasoning for making him Person of the Week... har har... What twisted logic. He's person of the week because he's in the center of a scandal! Sure, there are people all over the U.S. who do good every day - but, but, this guy's story is famous.
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