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(Fark)   Dbase crashed, all is well now however. I blame the communists -Drew   ( divider line
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6229 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Jan 2003 at 12:36 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-01-10 12:57:02 AM  
Blaming the commies is soooooooooo 1950's McCarthy era.

What's hip now is blaming the terrorists...

Get with the program!

And now, for a word by someone who would now be considered a terrorist instead of just a criminal:

Old news, some of you probably know it, but worth a read once in a while.
2003-01-10 12:57:48 AM  
What did the communists ever do to you?
2003-01-10 12:58:25 AM  
always the commies...

never the druids or witches anymore
2003-01-10 12:59:51 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-10 01:00:31 AM  
I blame lack of 3 Horn kilt pics.
2003-01-10 01:04:52 AM  
shot innocent dogs.

2003-01-10 01:06:39 AM  
Fark database:

[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-10 01:07:06 AM  
We must offer boobie posts to the 'deus ex machina' of the Farkistan server! This will please the Gods Of Fark, and they will show their mercy by not denying us of their enlightenment as they did tonight.
2003-01-10 01:08:06 AM  
fark was down?
2003-01-10 01:08:11 AM  
Dbase? as in Dbase III +? that explains EVERYthing

Damn you, beat me to it.
2003-01-10 01:11:51 AM  
Drew, In case you haven't heard, you can't blame the Communists anymore. Theyr'e dead or dying.
Space Aliens are popular, though.
2003-01-10 01:13:04 AM  
I almost did something productive...
2003-01-10 01:15:44 AM  
"I blame Clinton" --average Republican

(sorry if it's been said)
2003-01-10 01:16:00 AM  
I was able to devote all my brain cells to Fox's new show "The Surreal Life". Ha! What a great way to waste an hour. Thanks Fark!
2003-01-10 01:16:23 AM  
Blame 'W'!
2003-01-10 01:16:39 AM  
Can totalfark plz be run seperately?
2003-01-10 01:18:13 AM  
Leo Dicaprio = Lenin!
Blame Leo!
2003-01-10 01:20:25 AM  
01-10-03 01:16:39 AM Paradoxflux
Can totalfark plz be run seperately

Yeah, I thought us moneyed overlords were gonna have special access while the bourgeois free-loaders suffered out in the cold... BUT NOOOOOOoooooo !
2003-01-10 01:20:58 AM  
Blame the N Koreans!
2003-01-10 01:24:06 AM  
It was obviously monkeys responsible...they are coming for our opposable thumbs!!! RUN!
2003-01-10 01:25:30 AM  
Tappa, tappa, tappa?
2003-01-10 01:27:23 AM  
fark was down?
All of you were waiting for FArK to come back?
Walk outside, people.
2003-01-10 01:27:49 AM  
Dammit, Drew...

When we tell ya to keep your beer three feet away from the server at all times, we don't mean three feet straight above it!

2003-01-10 01:30:12 AM  
Yeah those commies just crashed my database server too. Thank god for fail over. Well back to work :(
2003-01-10 01:30:20 AM  
01-10-03 01:16:39 AM Paradoxflux
Can totalfark plz be run seperately?

Well if you understood the concept of TOTALFark, you'd realize that they were connected... and *gasp* use the same database. Now seeing that they use the same database, and that the database crashed.... follow me now? :)
2003-01-10 01:31:13 AM  
AhGodUSmellThat, BAHAHAHA.... excellent... :)
2003-01-10 01:31:46 AM  
So how many floppies does it take to back up the Fark database?

C:>backup fark.db a:
2003-01-10 01:32:57 AM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
[image from too old to be available] --->[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-10 01:34:23 AM  
I used to have a slashed martini glass sign that said "no drinks!" hanging in my server room. YMMV
2003-01-10 01:34:32 AM  
did fark get farked?
2003-01-10 01:35:10 AM  
I blamed my own network. And I am the sys admin.

But then I realized there are actually other web sites on the interweb! Seriously, I kinda forgot. This is cool.

~ Pinky ~
2003-01-10 01:37:37 AM  
Cscx is a tool. Ignore him.

2003-01-10 01:38:18 AM  
Fark went down. Then there was this thing up in the sky that was really bright when I went outside. I don't like it. Glad Fark is back up.
2003-01-10 01:38:22 AM  
in the time of the downing, i made this:

polkaside rocks, er i mean polkas. more beer, more polka.
2003-01-10 01:40:09 AM  
fark was down?
All of you were waiting for FArK to come back?
Walk outside, people.

Like you weren't here waiting with us? LOL
2003-01-10 01:43:38 AM  
Ahem. Super Stupendous Uninterruptable Total Fark ? Kaaaa-Ching.
2003-01-10 01:43:44 AM  
Actually, I was out with a friend.
I guess I missed the drama that wasn't ;)
2003-01-10 01:46:13 AM  
They tried to take my preciousssss....and we WANTS IT BACK!
2003-01-10 01:53:15 AM  
Heh, Drew, the experiment worked. They have become addicted to Fark...they need it, and want it. The clueless ones are mere putty in our hands. See who gleefully they returned, like cubs to a great spoil. The brainwashing test was successful. Soon there will be enough Farkers who will take over the government, military, the beer and porn, then we, the Supreme Ones, will rule as we were destined by Lord Gates. Our time is nigh.

Remember, put up a lame excuse sure to cause some disorder and chaos. While they are distracted, upload the hAx0r program to the satellite laser, set coordinates to Lord Gates domain, and set laser to liquify. After all, we can't trust someone with more money that us, even if he gets a bigger tax break.

Don't forget, in the Overthrow phase, Dattaway, Vishus, WickedWanda, Darkhairedgirl, FLA Chickie, AbbyNormal, AdmiralAddy all shall receive their own fifedom. JOHNDX, his own coutry. All fair maidens are required to dress scantily, think all men are the 'bees knees', beer shall be cheap as water, and the rich shall toil once a week for the poor. Porn will be required reading, MTV shall play music only, housing will be cheap, all surplus food shall feed the home country first, then others. Also, anyone who abuses childern, shoots innocent animals, changes their image only for dollars, or has a movie/tv show so inane your intelligence drops at the mere mention of it's name shall forfeit their life by being trapped in a room with Oprah, roseanne, Dr. Phil, Ellen, Anna Nicole as they have a gangbang/eating session.

Silence=secretcy. Knowledge=power. Boobies=happiness.

2003-01-10 01:54:12 AM  
Let the record show that StinkyPinky "likes robots" and smelling his own fingers. I'm not in the mood for a flame-war, if that's what you are trying to start. Nite folks.
2003-01-10 02:03:58 AM  
Maybe CP/M isn't "enterprise" enough for FARK anymore...
2003-01-10 02:05:37 AM  
I blame mimes.
No, really.
Stinkin mimes.
2003-01-10 02:06:46 AM  
I saw a guy with a bad hairpiece in a jail uniform around the database. Said his name was Traficant. Highly suspicious.

Beam me up!
2003-01-10 02:10:28 AM  
Damn. That was scary. I had to do actual work... while I was at work no less!
2003-01-10 02:12:55 AM  
Yakov Smirnov is on TV!?
2003-01-10 02:13:23 AM  
I blame girls!
They always have to know what us guys are doing and want to come along and end up messing everything up!
2003-01-10 02:13:25 AM  
I blame the liberals. And the lesbians. And the people over at Landover Baptist. I also blame Limp Bizkit. I blame anything else that starts with the letter "L".

Oh yeah, I blame the Grammy nomination comity. Farking idiots.
2003-01-10 02:27:59 AM  
I have proof it was Danny Bonaduce.
2003-01-10 02:31:07 AM  
I thought my life was over,
Then, I thought maybe this has got something to do with
Then I said to myself
"Maybe something got farked up, like GW Bush did at Yale."
2003-01-10 02:32:59 AM  
(from earlier, in the Fark Forum):

*bursts in*
*grabs Farxigen mask*
*inhales deeply*

*eyes roll back in head*
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