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(Drudge)   Man in England makes world's first church for dogs.   ( divider line
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913 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Aug 2001 at 1:29 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-08-26 01:24:58 AM  
dude, fix the page. I mean come on.
2001-08-26 01:32:14 AM  
A first? You know what that means...


(I finally went skydiving today. It's in me again.)
2001-08-26 01:35:30 AM  
oops, this is in vermont. just reported in the uk. my bad :(
2001-08-26 03:04:36 AM  
Word has it that Rosie O'Dumbass will be a church elder!
2001-08-26 03:31:07 AM  
Too late for my pooch,he died a couple months ago.I wonder if he's in hell because he wasn't saved....doubt it.Sounds stupid to me.
2001-08-26 03:56:49 AM  
The British are just as bad as the French. Case closed.
2001-08-26 06:14:45 AM  
Why do I doubt that this is the FIRST TIME EVER that someone has created a church for dogs. Someone in California had to think this stupid shiat up at least once before.
2001-08-26 08:34:51 AM  
I remember one episode of the Simpsons where Homer "creates" "Doggie Heaven" to comfort Bart and Lisa...
2001-08-26 11:59:42 AM  
I'm taking my dog with me to hell
2001-08-26 12:37:45 PM  
I can't wait to see Chick's tract for this. I mean if Catholics are supposed to end up in hell, then where do blasphemous dogs go?

"You shalt not bow-wow before another god!"
2001-08-26 04:40:20 PM  
they go to Doggie Hell, joining Hitler's Dog, the Lassie that bit Timmie, and a few other bad dogs Homer mentions I can't remember.
2001-08-26 04:53:04 PM  

read the first paragraph.. this church is in VERMONT..!!

Are the Americans as bad as the French??
2001-08-26 05:54:51 PM  
I was making a statement... I read it.. thanks... come again and bring a friend next time
2001-08-26 06:01:42 PM  
AntiNorm: I can recall two or three times when I accidentally said, "that's the first time I ever..." at the DZ. whoops.

BTW, for those of you who don't know, a skydiver who does his "first" of anything (jump, ballon jump, naked dive, cutaway, anything really) has to buy beer for the other jumpers. It's a law.
2001-08-26 08:26:11 PM  
Vermont rocks, but there are some seriously farked up people up there...
2001-08-26 09:51:19 PM  

you are as rude as the Cap guy...

2001-08-27 01:30:24 AM  
Finally! A church where sniffing butts and licking your balls is totally appropriate. Wonder if they are forced into immersion baptism? Hope not, 'cause dogs seem to love sprinklers.
2001-08-27 03:02:19 AM  
When were black labs better then other dogs?
Im still not sure why noone thought of a dog church before. I mean it makes perfect sense...
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