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(Something Awful)   What the hell is wrong with the Japanese: Zack reviews Hentai game. Strong content, but safe for work   ( divider line
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16345 clicks; posted to Main » on 09 Jan 2003 at 9:34 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-01-09 09:38:45 AM  
Not zesty.
2003-01-09 09:38:52 AM  
t00n b00b13s
2003-01-09 09:39:28 AM  
This looks hilarious fun to play

for 10 minutes
2003-01-09 09:40:02 AM  
Way to not tell us what platform it's on. Nothing increases my ego more than raping Hentai women!
2003-01-09 09:40:11 AM  
those wacky japanese. They actually have a video game that is connected to a vibrator, and it pulsates according to the music beats and intensity. As the game goes on, the beats get more intense. Its similar to an import playstation game called "baby universe". Saw a pic of a teen japanese girls playing the game, she looked pretty happy to say the least, especially as the game progressed.
2003-01-09 09:47:53 AM  
The special edition probably comes with soiled panties
2003-01-09 09:49:21 AM  
I remember the uproar in the 70's over death race 2000 video games in the arcades.

The world has come a long way. In which direction is up to you.
2003-01-09 09:50:34 AM  
"If you are playing as Zenon you can also "face rape" your opponent in a scene where each time you jam their head down onto Zenon's invisible penis tears stream down their cheeks."

I'm sorry, but this sentance makes me want to buy this game.

"Coming Satan!"
2003-01-09 09:53:32 AM ml --Vibrator game?
2003-01-09 09:55:18 AM  
Yeah Imagine if Joe Lieberman got a copy of this game?
2003-01-09 09:56:08 AM  
And they say GTA (all of em) has no social value...
2003-01-09 09:59:39 AM  
you called it Defaultdave :)
My g/f wants it, save me the trouble and time myself.
Shes one of those crazy feminist gamers writing games for kids... and in her spare time, hmm..
2003-01-09 10:01:11 AM  
Question: What isn't wrong with the Japanese.

2003-01-09 10:02:16 AM  
Btw, did anyone check out "The greatest picture evar" article. There is some pretty damn funny pictures in it.
2003-01-09 10:03:52 AM  
"The strange thing is they make such bloody good cameras."

OK, who gets the reference?
2003-01-09 10:05:27 AM  
Japanese porn generally sucks unless you hate women.

What's wrong with two (or one or three or...) people enjoying a good fark?

Apparently, this is not a turn-on in Japan.
2003-01-09 10:05:29 AM  
My g/f wants to stick to the Rabbit. Now whats really scary is a feminist writing games for kids, but hey, C++ for everyone!
2003-01-09 10:06:32 AM  
Don't think I ever heard the term "face rape" before. Surprised "hate fark" wasn't in there somewhere.
2003-01-09 10:07:36 AM  

To The Submitter of the Article:

To answer your question as to what the hell is wrong with the japanese, in short NOTHING!. I guess you didn't see yesterdays thread about the jaw breaking teacher. Hentai is the obvious product of retared americans and christianity.

Thank You

2003-01-09 10:10:53 AM  
I saw that article, Pornosaur. I was taking calls here at work, and damned near busted out laughing while the customers where crying about something or other. That and the "ePenis" article were hilarious.
2003-01-09 10:11:20 AM  
What are "retared Americans"?

Don't you just hate it when people fark with you because of a typo?
2003-01-09 10:13:47 AM  
I played a demo of Rez (normal version), and I believe that kind of vibrator hookup could definitely work. Yowza. Test subjects wanted. I'm sure I could get a research grant for this.
2003-01-09 10:14:07 AM  
"The strange thing is they make such bloody good cameras."
OK, who gets the reference?

I have shamed my family, because I had to look it up... I thought actually it might have been from Murder by Death... Dr Strangelove - one of my all-time faves.
2003-01-09 10:15:40 AM  
Those Japs are some sick farks, no doubt about it.
2003-01-09 10:16:26 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-09 10:20:17 AM  
"I played a demo of Rez (normal version), and I believe that kind of vibrator hookup could definitely work. Yowza. Test subjects wanted. I'm sure I could get a research grant for this."

I will provide the official photography support, free of charge
2003-01-09 10:25:32 AM  
Damn you Damon_Ryde!
2003-01-09 10:54:20 AM  
Dogfather_jr: Yes, one of the best films ever. I wanted to have FGD 135 as my license plate number, but it was taken. Blast.

Grytpype: Bonus points for posting the image.

-- Yours in Purity of Essence, DocTechnical
2003-01-09 11:06:05 AM  
*Put's hand up for Rez testing*

Does it offer multiplayer mode with other chicks?

Anyway, I don't think of myself as racist, but when you see a game like this, you gotta wonder if there aren't alot of sick people there - they sell used schoolgirl panties in vending machines! I suppose if the girl agreed to spend time with a guy knowing she'd be raped then it wouldn't be rape as such, but maybe he'd still get his power trip?

Sexual abuse isn't abbout sex, it's about power.

Winnie :0)
2003-01-09 11:10:20 AM  
anyone else got a link to that vibrating game w/pics :) that other one isn't working for me
2003-01-09 11:14:44 AM  
Fekkin' sickos.
2003-01-09 11:16:54 AM  
"*Put's hand up for Rez testing*"
"Does it offer multiplayer mode with other chicks?"

Maybey I can modify it a little to provide multi-user support. Of course I will have to document everything firsthand
2003-01-09 11:19:56 AM  
looks like the site has been farked for now or something
2003-01-09 11:36:41 AM  
Allright! My Boobiesed link that got farked...muhaha..muhahaha.muhahahaa!
2003-01-09 11:40:56 AM  
Allright! My Boobiesed link that got farked...muhaha..muhahaha.muhahahaa!

Filter > you.
2003-01-09 11:41:54 AM  
Here is yet another link
Rez Vibrator

Possibly NSFW Banners
2003-01-09 11:44:12 AM  
It's the little stories like this, much like to Texas stories, that remind me why I live where I do. The land of my birth is a strange and wacky place. Yeah, there's the culture, the history, the tradition, the warrior spirit, the birthplace of Zen, but reading this makes me want to go wash myself, and I'm not sure I'll ever be clean.

On the behalf of my people: I'm sorry for all this. The German side also wants to apologize for the Holocaust, and Schiesse videos; the Scottish side for Haggis and golf; the the Irish side for what we did to Boston and whole Celtic revival thing...really, we didn't know that Riverdance would catch on...
2003-01-09 11:45:53 AM  
Prepare for my ultra heavenly dream super fire convoy spinning demon beast tentacle rape attaaaaack!!!
2003-01-09 11:46:11 AM  
Oh, look, someone copied the first site I linked
Site for the Vib
2003-01-09 11:56:07 AM  
DefaultDave you may have just found a way to bridge the gap in many relationships
2003-01-09 11:57:37 AM  
Why do I get the impression the link submitter didn't see SA's review of 'Water Closet'?
2003-01-09 12:03:17 PM  
I quite like hentai, you know. I guess it allows me to satisfying my sick perverted tastes without anyone getting hurt.

Please don't hate me.
2003-01-09 12:03:54 PM  
I was thinking the same thing, you like to play video games, and your g/f can sit there getting off, sometimes literally cheering you on. I am thinking even if you cant find the extra controller for this game(cause its banned in the US of course)you could always find the wires that hook up to the rumble action, and jerryrig a vibrator.
2003-01-09 12:07:17 PM  
"banned in the US" phhhtffb, there's ways of acquiring this attachment.
2003-01-09 12:10:32 PM  
Here ya go ya little horndogs, the official rez site. check out the video's.
official Rez site
Looks like a pretty fun game actually.
2003-01-09 12:11:10 PM  
I was thinking the same thing, you like to play video games, and your g/f can sit there getting off,

Gee, THAT sound like a fun date...
2003-01-09 12:14:15 PM  
Replacement for foreplay...or just a good way to get the girl started up..hmmm.
Check out the official site like above, especially the backstage stuff...note the comments from the females on the team it sounds like they really "enjoyed" developing this game.
2003-01-09 12:20:54 PM  
ooooo, promotional clips
2003-01-09 12:31:02 PM  
Another good quote from best. game. ever. (not really)
"All your base are belong to us"
2003-01-09 12:51:22 PM  
Gee, THAT sound like a fun date...

But, wouldn't that at least be better than the girlfriend sitting there not getting off? I mean, if your boyfriend is going to play video games, might as well enjoy it, right?
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