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(Local6) Video Complaint filed against city councilman for dropping his Santa pants at last year's Christmas party   ( divider line
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2003-01-08 08:27:29 PM  
The councilman had on shorts under his costume. He didn't do anything out of line. There is no possible way that this woman could have been traumatized by seeing his hairy legs.

Honestly, I am so tired of reading about how these women, who are generally motivated by money or revenge, scream "sexual misconduct" at any and every opportunity.

IMO, when it comes to most sexual harassment/misconduct complaints and lawsuits, the defendant (typically male) is usually the victim not the victimizer and the sleazy asshat lawyers are the winners.
2003-01-09 02:59:48 AM  
What, no florida tag? Come on, we need to keep the florida stuff where it belongs...
2003-01-09 03:08:19 AM  
Just someone trying to monopolize on the media in order to either a.) get money or b.) cause a scandal
2003-01-09 03:09:16 AM  
It really scares me that there seems to be so many people out there looking for any opportunity to be offended.
2003-01-09 03:10:08 AM  
I hope that my comment above didn't offend any of you. Please don't file a complaint.
2003-01-09 03:13:48 AM  
Typical frivolous crud. Women like that are a waste and should be shot by women who have serious legitimate complaints.
2003-01-09 03:13:58 AM  
She must've felt insulted when he said, "Ho ho ho!"
2003-01-09 03:15:52 AM  
Dude, this happens at EVERY Christmas party! Hell, it ain't an office Christmas party if somebody DOESN'T drop trou!
2003-01-09 03:16:51 AM  
Ridiculous. Grow the fark up.
2003-01-09 03:16:56 AM  
Screw that! There are hot jobs awaiting me in my backyard.
2003-01-09 03:18:55 AM  
It's just not a Christmas Party unless a lawsuit is filed. We can look forward to even more suits like this if that asshat ambulance chaser John Edwards gets the Democrat nomination and somehow wins.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-09 03:25:09 AM  
Hearing about people getting offended offends me.
2003-01-09 03:26:03 AM  
At my house...every Christmas, same thing...Uncle Earl wearing his "Mistletoe Cumberbund"
2003-01-09 03:26:14 AM  
Supervillian, your comment offends me. My attorney will be contacting you.
2003-01-09 03:35:04 AM  
These women?

Exactly which are those?
2003-01-09 03:43:05 AM  
GEAH: Your comment is the moral equivalent of rape. I hope you're banned.
2003-01-09 03:45:15 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-01-09 03:51:07 AM  
You know who else liked pictures of a naked santa? Hitler.

How dare you. How dare you.
2003-01-09 05:49:28 AM  
I'm offended that some of you are offended.

Ok..maybe I'm not.
2003-01-09 06:09:19 AM  
Trust FARK's Forums to bring this news story crashing down to the absurd level that it is.... congrats!

2003-01-09 08:04:40 AM  
what about the other video about some kids that rerouted traffic cones. A woman followed them not knowing they were tampered with and drove into traffic and was killed. Now they are asshats.
2003-01-09 08:49:15 AM  
That lady is ridiculous. The guy had shorts on and always has needed help getting in and out of that costume. The city council should be debating whether to banish that lady from St Cloud permanently, not the fate of the city councilman.

Florida Farkers -- post a follow-up on this one!
2003-01-10 03:23:06 AM  
2003-01-10 03:53:25 PM  
2003-01-10 07:03:27 PM  
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