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(MSNBC)   Lisa Rinna says she may have gone too far with injectable cosmetic surgery. Well, she didn't say it, her publicist did because Lisa can't get her two bratwurst-sized lips to form any words   ( divider line
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7118 clicks; posted to Entertainment » on 07 Nov 2008 at 4:04 PM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2008-11-07 12:41:44 PM  
Even back on her stint on Melrose Place (the declining years), her lips bordered on the ridiculous. Now she looks like she could use them as floatation devices in case of a place crash over the ocean.

2008-11-07 12:57:57 PM  
Personally, I like the safety and security that comes with dating a flotation device.
2008-11-07 01:00:36 PM  
FTA: "I saw a picture of myself and thought, 'Uh-oh,'" Rinna admitted. "You have to be careful. I'm a perfect example of that!"

"Uh-oh?" Honestly, my reaction is a little more visceral than that.

I do have to grudgingly give her at least a modicum of credit that she's somewhat aware of the problem on some level. Most of these overblown celebutard pincushions get Botox'd, collagen'd, nip't and tuck't to the point where their faces are completely immobile, and their ears meet on the back of their empty skulls. Witness Melanie Griffith, Meg Ryan, Jenna Jameson, and the snare-drum-tight twin terrors that are the Joans...Rivers and Van Ark.

On second thought, don't. They'll haunt your nightmares.
2008-11-07 01:08:24 PM  
I have been waiting to use this pic!
img.villagephotos.comView Full Size
2008-11-07 01:16:05 PM  
When she and Harry Hamlin kiss, it must sound like clapping two pieces of raw liver together.
2008-11-07 01:30:09 PM  
She was hot once, now she's entering Anderson/Jameson land.
2008-11-07 02:08:41 PM  
Honestly, I don't know that she's had that much done to her lips. I remember WAY BACK when she was on Days of our Lives, and she was already pretty naturally "trout-pouted." It may have been enhanced since then, but not by much.
2008-11-07 03:40:35 PM  
img247.imageshack.usView Full Size

What lips?
2008-11-07 04:10:03 PM  

Tr0mBoNe: What lips?

Snort..."Aids Research". Line forms here...

/jeez, stop farking up your face like that
2008-11-07 04:22:44 PM  

Diogenes: When she and Harry Hamlin kiss, it must sound like clapping two pieces of raw liver together.

I can't decide whether to lol or be grossed out.
2008-11-07 04:25:56 PM  
2008-11-07 04:29:15 PM  

R.A.Danny: I have been waiting to use this pic!

So have I.

/my bunk, I'll be in it.
2008-11-07 04:40:24 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2008-11-07 04:45:28 PM  
Wow those are some DSL's!
2008-11-07 04:52:51 PM  

cchris_39: Wow those are some DSL's!

No these are! Dunno why Marilyn Manson wanted a sex change though.

mtv.comView Full Size

But these take the cake!

awfulplasticsurgery.comView Full Size

/can also look up "Mistress Rhiannon" if you want really really scary, but I'm at work and she's mainly NSFW
2008-11-07 04:57:51 PM  
It's okay. Harry Hamlin knows how to handle this...just don't look directly at her.

sehlhorst.smugmug.comView Full Size
2008-11-07 05:07:48 PM  
I was planning on eating lunch. I think I'll pass.

/plump when you cook 'em
2008-11-07 05:54:44 PM  
Attention, all women:

Do not get lip augmentation surgery. If you're thinking of doing it, stop now. If you have done it already, look into having them drained.

It will not look better. It will not look good. It always looks horrible and in many cases can make an attractive woman repulsive.

Quite honestly, unless you have a very real expectation of one day falling out of a window, and saving yourself miraculously by pressing your mouth to the glass like a suction cup, there is absolutely no reason upon this Earth to get one.

I'm really getting tired of seeing women sabotage their looks.
2008-11-07 06:05:33 PM  
Gordon Bennett I'm really getting tired of seeing women sabotage their looks.

Most of them that do this are "hot chicks" that are getting older and getting replaced by "younger hot chicks". They become very insecure.
2008-11-07 08:09:28 PM  

Lisa Rinna admits that she have gone overboard with her use of Juvéderm, an injectable wrinkle filler

Proofreading is your friend!

/those lips will haunt me
2008-11-07 08:46:44 PM  
Lisa Rinna?

I thought this was gonna be about that chick on
'King of Queens'...

Man, I am disappointed.
2008-11-07 10:17:04 PM  
This makes baby Jesus sad:

skool.usView Full Size

She used to be sooo hot.

These people deserve to look like the freaks they obviously are.
2008-11-08 07:06:10 AM  
Are we sure it's from surgery, or are her lips just allergic to kissing or (!#@*#$ing) Harry Hamling?
2008-11-08 08:37:05 AM  
Yes, I said's a joke.
2008-11-08 10:06:41 AM  
Before inner tube lips:

photos1.blogger.comView Full Size


photos1.blogger.comView Full Size

/flap, flap, flap.
2008-11-08 10:48:37 AM  
Attention all women: it is impossible to recapture your lost youth through these OBVIOUS TO EVERYONE surgeries. Here's a better idea: use your youth to have lots of sex instead of rejecting men. Then you won't feel the need to do these things later on when your physical currency dwindles to zero.
2008-11-08 02:08:38 PM  
I call shenanigans on the Juvederm. That material completely reabsorbs within one year. I suspect she had something more permanent/inert injected, like Gore-tex or silicone, or something else equally as stupid. This isn't the result of juvederm/restylane/perlane.

Anyone who shoots up their lips is an idiot. I've never seen it look better.
2008-11-08 03:22:41 PM  
Rinna doesn't need those oversize lips. She's plenty hot without them.
2008-11-08 04:26:01 PM  

Quantum Apostrophe: Here's a better idea: use your youth to have lots of sex instead of rejecting men.

And posing for Playboy before you're too old for anyone to care.
2008-11-08 05:36:34 PM  
Lisa Rinna has been absurd-looking with those horrific fish lips since the late 80s.

Now that her career has hit the skids, she has no recourse but to begin the attention whoring with her 'narcissism-infused-need-for-rubber-lips' story.

That rates a resounding FAIL, useless biach. Retire gracefully and disappear pls.
2008-11-09 04:12:35 AM  
Damn. Nikki Cox was hot on Las Vegas...if those are more current pics, that makes me weep.
2008-11-10 02:55:55 PM  
I find this threads lack of Masumi Max pictures disturbing.
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