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12082 clicks; posted to Main » on 07 Jan 2003 at 10:41 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-01-07 10:44:53 AM  
Fruit loops would have been scarier!
2003-01-07 10:45:39 AM  
I'd have left him some bran flakes.... because he is going to sh!t when he sees what Bush has planned for him.
2003-01-07 10:46:49 AM  
Why are crazy people always so stupid? Did he/she say "ooooh, I'm gonna scare Saddam with by putting a box of cheerios in Wal-Mart!" or did they actually think that Saddam was in the store?
2003-01-07 10:46:53 AM  
That's right. Don't fark with the U.S. Government. Just ask Fidel Castro.

2003-01-07 10:48:55 AM  
I guess this guy is kookoo for CocoPuffs.

"State police determined that the box contained nothing but cereal and advised Thomas to throw it out. A Wal-Mart district supervisor inspected the box Sunday and said the same thing."
Wow...That supervisor just had to get a piece of the action instead of just listening to the State Police?
2003-01-07 10:49:25 AM  
10 to 1 the idiot who did this doesn't know the difference between Hebrew and Arabic.
2003-01-07 10:49:59 AM  
I hate Wall-Mart. Why do people shop there?????

Stupid wally-world rednecks.

/end rant
2003-01-07 10:50:05 AM  
I bet Cap'n Crunch could kick his ass.

2003-01-07 10:50:35 AM  
A warning of what? British people?
2003-01-07 10:52:02 AM  
Snap, crackle, BLAM!
2003-01-07 10:52:23 AM  
Now what is he going to do with a box of donut seeds?
2003-01-07 10:52:46 AM  
I'm guessing that this person thinks Saddam lives in Erie...
2003-01-07 10:52:53 AM  
Boo-Berry would have been far scarier, IMHO.
2003-01-07 10:53:01 AM  
your state dollars hard at work. the cereal task force shall never cease in its defense of the public from vile grain opressors.
2003-01-07 10:53:20 AM  
So does anyone have any real theories as to what the hell this was all about, or are we all just assuming whoever did it is a few cheerios short of a box...
2003-01-07 10:54:04 AM  
Perhaps someone should send George some pretzels of mass destruction?
2003-01-07 10:54:39 AM  
"A Wal-Mart district supervisor inspected the box Sunday and said the same thing"

I'm glad that walmart is training its managers as bomb squad agents these days. God I hate walmart.
2003-01-07 10:54:51 AM  
2003-01-07 10:55:06 AM  
Warning, thou hast angered the mighty gods Bush and Cheney. Take heed, foul one. For you shall incur the wrath of the Quaker Oats.
2003-01-07 10:55:12 AM  
"Whoever wrote the note does not share the same beliefs of most Jews or Israeli supporters"

2003-01-07 10:55:21 AM  
In related news, 2 empty 50oz bottles of Listerine were also found in the garbage can...
2003-01-07 10:55:33 AM  
It figures one of America's most famous and loved cereals is named for a poofty Pom greeting.
2003-01-07 10:56:25 AM  
Harmonia Wow, a George Bush chokes on pretzels joke- we expect better more originality from you.

Oh wait, no we don't.

(actually I thought it was funny, but bashing you is much more fashionable)
2003-01-07 10:58:43 AM  
so when do we get a walmart tag?
2003-01-07 10:58:59 AM  
"better more originality????"

How can I rip someone when I possess such terrible English skills?

(actually it's easy, just type it up and push "add comment)
2003-01-07 10:59:16 AM  
"Upon further inspection, authorities reported the contents of the box stayed crunchy in milk, and had a sweet, golden honey taste."
2003-01-07 11:00:19 AM  
Bashing harmonia is the new black LawtalkingGuy.
2003-01-07 11:00:34 AM  
That was pretty funny Harmonia. Good to seen you lightening up.
2003-01-07 11:02:42 AM  
I'd shiat my pants if I received a threatening box of cereal...especially Cap'n always tears the hell outta the lining of my eating sugary brillo pads...
2003-01-07 11:04:32 AM  
They should send sadam a box of max-pads instead...
2003-01-07 11:05:59 AM  
No Albo its me that the agent, not remember Kinghorse and his famous "you are al-queda and I claim my $5" post?
2003-01-07 11:15:12 AM  
That's "goose-stepping bully-boys", BTW.
2003-01-07 11:16:41 AM  
Aint ever called any of you facists albo, I think its an overused word.
2003-01-07 11:18:53 AM  
Maybe this is the work of a...
cereal killer?

2003-01-07 11:19:34 AM  
Oh no... Not a cereal killer!

We could win a war with Cheerios. Dump pallet-loads of the
damn things all over Baghdad, so that no one can do anything
because their buried up to their necks in the fargin' things.

2003-01-07 11:19:56 AM  
Huh? Why did they call the police in the 1st place? I would have checked the box before calling the police and ending this stupid not-newsworthy event.

Then again, if i was the Walmart manager, id sure like the free publicity.

The WalMart manager made up the story about the box of Cherrios because it was a slow news week and the economy was starting to smell. Now where did I see this before?
2003-01-07 11:20:15 AM  
What did Saddam say when she saw a box Cheerios?
"Neato...Doughnut seeds!"
2003-01-07 11:27:02 AM  
"With everything that has happened over the past year, year and a half, you can't be too careful." The economy tanks, new Nukes in Korea and Saddam yet this guy is worried abuot Cheerios? Yes, yes you can be too careful, FREAK.
2003-01-07 11:30:11 AM  
respect man. don't you fark with dat guy... you hear me saddam? DON'T FARCK WITH US!
2003-01-07 11:35:08 AM  
Was it ticking...?
2003-01-07 11:41:33 AM  
"Upon further inspection, authorities reported the contents of the box stayed crunchy in milk, and had a sweet, golden honey taste."

No, that would be the dreaded 'Honey Nut' Cheerios. These look to be the plain, old, drab Cheerios. Which, if Saddam eats three cups a day, would lower his cholesterol (and make him very sick of Cheerios).
2003-01-07 11:46:35 AM  
Maybe Saddam ordered them from Pink Dot.
2003-01-07 11:49:07 AM  
I thought this was very odd, but Sentex explains it beautifully.
2003-01-07 11:53:30 AM  
Local Wal-Mart stores do not sell cereals with Hebrew text...Cereal boxes with Hebrew text are sold in Israel.

Was this really necessary?
2003-01-07 11:54:27 AM  
A bit of a jump in thinking but.....

[image from too old to be available]

Is it wise to steal bandwidth from a site called
2003-01-07 11:59:34 AM  
I think the Williams sisters look much better without the beads.
2003-01-07 12:17:35 PM  
That was an oddly long article for not much of a story.
2003-01-07 12:17:52 PM  
Now I know what I'm doing today.

Getting a box of Cheerios (text in English), writting a note to Saddam in Hebrew, leaving package outside Super Walmart.

Just have to learn Hebrew.
2003-01-07 12:20:53 PM  
The unsinkable taste of Cheerios
Not a lot of sugar to weigh down those, Cheerios

hmm--I think it's a conspiracy. Written in Hebrew, therefore Israel. Who says "Cheerio"? The British. Where was it found? U.S. of A. Reduces cholesterol, therefore the American Heart Association.

Thus, an agent of Britain, Israel and America will cause Saddam to have a heart attack. Hmm...anyone know if Yasmine Bleeth has ever been to England?
2003-01-07 12:23:54 PM  
"With everything that has happened over the past year, year and a half, you can't be too careful."

Yes actually I think you can.
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